Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Entomalian Fleet, Part 3: Galactic Battlecruisers

The next few weeks should see quite a few posts with newly painted Starships for my Entomalian and Terran fleets, in preparation for some games that I will be ruining at Historicon in July, using the Galactic knights rules. These are, of course the old (vintage 1970's) Superior Starfleet Wars ships, which were acquired by Monday Knight Productions and re branded as the Galactic Knights range. It is great that they are still in production,as they are wonderful ships indeed, as well as an excellent value! I'll start off the cosmic fly-by with a pair of Entomalian Galactic Battlecruisers (GB).

First up is the Scorpion class GB, one of the ships from the initial release of the Starfleet Wars  line.

Marvelously evocative ship design, plus the usual fine details characteristic of this line. 

Here are the stats from the original Starfleet Wars rules for this Scorpion GB ship class:

Power    Max Beam    Max Shield   CIDS Factor    Attack Craft    PW Factor  PW reloads
   80              6                7                 32%                   0                 2                 8

A view from the opposite side of this asymmetrical model.

View of the underside of the Scorpion class GB.

and another view of the underside, showing the engines. 

Next up is one of the 2nd generation models from this series, the Roach class Galactic Battlecruiser.

To me, this ship looks considerably more heavily armed than the Scorpion class ship  seen earlier.

Here are the Starfleet Wars stats for this Roach class Galactic Battlecruiser: 

Power    Max Beam    Max Shield   CIDS Factor    Attack Craft    PW Factor  PW reloads

56              4                6                 28%                   0                 2                 6

As seen above, the stats for this ship are actually worse than the earlier class... not that it maters much.  
Go figure!

Another view of the underside of the Roach; note the fine detailing once again. I used a coat of "Magic Wash" to bring out the fine details of these models. 

More Entomalian Capital ships to come later this week!



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