Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Chariots of Canaan

The first of the Canaanite Chariot rehab units rolls forth from the painting table!

I repainted the cabs of this pair of chariots in more muted colors.

Did touch up work on the horses, horse furniture, and crew ... missed a spot on that spear, now corrected!

Glued the crews back in place as needed, and supplied another missing shield using a wood disc.

And, of course, terrained the bases!

This next pair of chariots got touch up and shading of the crew figures

and touch up of the horses and horse furniture.

The two orange/red clad guys remind me of a pair of actors in a farcical play!

Once again the basing adds a lot, as well as helping to unify the collection. Four down, six mopre to go!


  1. You are making good progress on your rehab project! Who makes you chariots?

    1. As they were all assembled, painted and based that sped things up greatly. Also, without undoing ll that it was hard to gt too fancy repainting the vehicles themselves (hence the somewhat shaky lines on the chariot with the cream colored borders, etc). These were all part of the large gift that Ken set to me, so I have no idea as to the manufacturers!

  2. Amazing chariots...and bases!

    1. Thanks, Phil. I wouldn't say that they're my best work by far. I do love the basing though, especially as it's quick - just glue down some tufts, allow to dry, then paint the bases with slightly thinned white PVA glue, and cat with a mix of scenic sand and fine model railroad talus. The spray acrylic varnish I apply after basing also help hold the basing material on.

  3. Nice to see someone still wargaming the classic period. One of my first ever wargames was with Egyptian and Hittite army's. Great stuff.

  4. Great looking chariots, another successful rehab I'd say.
    Best Iain