Friday, August 18, 2017

Stats for 2nd Quarter 2017

Better Late than Never, as they say!  Having finished all the Historicon related posts, it's time to catch up on the quarterly stats...


April 2017
Share of room for HAVOC  $97.25
Meal $30
Congo $60
Gas and tolls $25
BTD  (Romans, Ribaldequins, Bombards)  34.95
TOTAL: 247.20

May 2017
Old Glory (Sassanid Persians, Palmyrans)   138.60

June 2017
80 Dials for To the strongest from   $85
Bases from Litko 107.93
TOTAL:  192.93

QUARTER TOTAL:  578.73  (Well over budget, and up from Q1... but lead is the minority of expenditures)


April 2017
None completed

May 2017
Assyrian HC (Foundry) 6 figures  = 60 pts
Assyrian Heavy Chariots (Hinchliffe) 4 = 220 pts
June 2017
Palmyran Archers (Old Glory)  12 = 60 pts
4 Units Imperial Roman Infantry (Black tree Designs)  48 = 240 pts

QUARTER TOTAL:  580 points (on track to exceed 2,500 pts this year)


April: Ran Egypt vs Assyria with To the Strongest at HAVOC, Ran and played in Grossbeeren 1813 at HAVOC with Snappy Nappy, Assisted with and played in 1809 Italian Campaign in a Day with Snappy Nappy

May: Battle of Fitchwoods from our Lannes Napoleonic Campaign with Field of Battle, 2nd ed.

June: None

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Wizard Kraft Dry River Beds

Right on schedule, just a few days before I was due to depart for Historicon, William sent me a bunch of  the "Dry River Beds with Desert Flocking" from the Kickstarter, which I was hoping to use (and did!) with my Chariot bash  Saturday night at Historicon.

Here's part of the set on an incongruously green cloth.

The texturing of the beds is really nice. 

The surface I'm displaying them, on isn't perfectly flat, which accounts for the minor mismatches at some of the joins, not the product itself!

Here's more pieces on a different background cloth. 

I didn't reuse any pieces from the first picture on this one. One section has rocks on the bank. 

This set would work well as a waddi in Africa, or a gulch in the American Southwest.

Still more pieces on a third type of cloth. 

You can get sections with pools, with either blue water or muddy water. 

Almost every piece is unique!

Close up of the "swamp"; the flock on the inner portion looks to be short static grass. 

"Midnight at the Oasis?"

All; in all I received 6 x 12" pieces (4 straight, 2 curved), 1 each 2" and 8" straight, 1 "Y", 10 4" angles, 8 6" angles, 1 Swamp, and 2 ends - quite a lot of terrain!  There is still quite a bit yet to come from the rest of my Kickstarter pledge, too!

Note that Wizard Kraft is not accepting new orders until William fulfills all of his obligations from the Kickstarter, which he hopes to do within the month. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Historicon 2017 purchases.

My plans for  Historicon this year including not expecting to buy much of anything, really. However,  to paraphrase a well know  military aphorism, "The gamer's plans seldom survive contact with the Dealer's Area (and/or Flea Markets!). Just as I was doing may last minute organizing and packing, I saw a post on The Miniatures Page that was destined to wreak serious havoc with the budgetary plans.. . a series of new releases by Brigade Games, namely the addition of Spanish Napoleonic Cavalry to their existing infantry.

    Regular readers of this blog will perhaps recall talk on my part about starting a Spanish Napoleonic army for well over a year. Indeed,  I already have on hand lead for at least 4 line and one Grenadier unit. The sticking point has been the Cavalry. Only Front Rank (and Elite) do much in the way of Spanish Cavalry, and neither range would really fit that well with my other troops. So, I have been procrastinating committing myself to buying more infantry from any manufacturer, at least until I was ready to start my Napoleonic Spaniards in earnest.

    After running my Thursday AM game with To the Strongest, I headed out to the dealer area for the obligatory "walk about" through the hall. Scads of great products there as always, but I didn't see anything particularly new or compelling. Until, that is, I arrived at the large Brigade Games set up. As Lon was to tell me in a little while, they had just gotten the first of said Spanish Cavalry figures a few days before the show, but they already had them on display. Hmm, they don't look like giants (like the Front Rank Cavalry can sometimes next to other manufacturers - seriously, they must be about 35mm!), nice sculpts. I peruse the Brigade Games Spanish Napoleonic listing, which is now becoming pretty comprehensive... Line infantry in two poses, Light Infantry in Tarletons, Militia Infantry, Grenadiers, Artillery Crews, Spanish Infantry in later uniforms, and now dragoons and Line cavalry (2 different poses for each), Garochistas, Militia Hussar types, etc. even a portly Spanish General on foot and a female partisan.

   After hemming and hawing for some time, I sought out Lon Weiss, the owner, to see if he has any of the new Spanish Cavalry with him. "Oh yes!", and the rest of the entire Spanish line as well,. In addition, they had some kind of convention deal, something like buy 9 packs, get one free. Not a barn burner, but still a deal!  No shipping, too, of course. About 10 minutes later, I had purchased 30 packs.  :-)

6 figures each Spanish Line and Dragoon Cavalry (the command for these is coming shortly per Lon - lovely Paul Hicks sculpts!)

1 pack each of 6 artillery crew loading and firing; each pack is enough to crew 2 guns in my scheme. 

Spanish Line Marching - 3 packs/15 figutres.

Spanish Line Advancing - 3 packs, 15 fuigures

2 command packs of 4, 8 figures

and enough additional lead for 2 Cazadore (light) and 2 militia infantry units, and of course the fat General and partisan!

I have lead on hand already from Front Rank for a Grenadier unit (in the outrageous bearskins), which is presently AWOL, leaving behind the  above surplus 6 figures, mostly Command types. 

I also have on hand lead for 4 regular units from Miniaturos Dos de Mayo, a Spanish manufacturer (front), which I have just now started to paint. For comparison, the officer and Fifer in the rear are Front Rank, and the infantryman in bicorn in the rear is Brigade Games. 

View form the left - they all seem pretty compatible, especially if used in their own units. 

Rear view (note the great assortment of camp impedimenta hanging of the Dos de Mayo sculpts!) 

Didn't find much in the flea market, but Fredie and Jeff steered me to a guy selling Old Glory Hungarian Infantry for $10/pack of 30. I bought all 300 figures!  What the heck am I going to do with 300 figures (enough for at least 15 units)? Damned if I know, but I just couldn't pass up a deal that good - that's 30 cents a figure, less than half what they cost even with the 40% Army Card Discount!

I also picked up this paper Terrain 15mm Spanish Village kit from Scott Washburn. 

        Why 15 mm, and why Paper? Because the purchase of the Spaniards pretty much sealed my resolve to run Snappy Nappy "Campaign in a Day" event from the early Peninsular War (ie. in the era from 1808 - 1810) at Historicon 2018 in Lancaster. With that game's ground scale, the footprint of the 15 mm buildings works better... not to mention taking up less space in the car and being much lighter to carry! If I like them after I put them together, I will probably get some more of them.

    So there you have it! Between not sharing a hotel room this year for the first time, well, ever, and spending more on lead than ever before, this was easily my most expensive Historicon. Was it worth it?  Heck, yeah!  :-)

A little mood music, Maestro!    "Malagueña
We performed this in  Band in college, an absolute blast to play, although my friend and fellow bandsmen Tom complained it was "too Spanish", LOL!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Historicon: The Pyrates and some leftovers

While not as gobsmacking impressive as the the over the top Pirate extravaganza put on by the "Fistfull of Seamen" (ahem) folks several years ago, special mention has to be given to this game.

Arr, maties!

Star fort on the Horizon, Sir!

Looks like a tough nut to crack, but with derring-do and a touch of luck...

Native encampment, and a nearby town.

Make that a Port, complete with quays.

A rival Port.

Some intriguing ruins to explore.

Blurry shot.... doubtless too much rum consumed by the photographer...

Obviously I wasn't the only one impressed by the set up!

Great attention to detail!

Still more rum...

A variety of crafts were available for embarkation...

And now, a word from our sponsor...

In addition to being beautifully laid out, this game had a very prominent location - if you were in the main hall, even if just to go to the flea market, the tournament areas, the food court, or even the facilities, you couldn't help but walk past it (and gawk). I'd love to hear from some folks who played in the game(s)...

I also found a few more miscellaneous shots from Historicon that didn't make it into my other post, so I have added them here...

JUubilation T. Cornpone, now THAT'S a Cornfield!

ACW action; the rest of the table looks just as good!

One end of the Mr Franklin's War VSF (Voltaire Science Fiction) set up

and the other. 

Very handsome table for a WW2 game, troops standing by on the sidelines!


(note the sea serpent in amongst the ships)

One of many games in the Ancients Tournament area. I took this shot because of the incredible number of camel mounted troops fielded... there are easily over 100 camels on the table.