Friday, July 28, 2017

Battle of Reichenberg at Historicon

Longtime wargames freind Eric Burgess from North Carolina ran this great looking Seven Year's War game, using he 2nd edition of the Cartouche supplement for Piquet. Eric used some house rules, most notably for this convention game, the looser of the impetus roll got half that of the winner, rounded down.

The battle field set up before the troops were laid out.

Now the troops are ready to go as well. I commanded the near half of the Prussian Infantry, a 12 lber battery struggling to make it's way forward to deploy, a Hussar Regiment and a Grenadier battalion in the far distance. We needed to assault and over throw the Austrian defensive position before their reinforcements could intervene. 

An old freind, Dave Sweet, commanded he Austrian Cavalry and reinforcements.

The opposing cavalry soon came to saber cuts.

We Prussians opted to make a somewhat Oblique attack upon the Austrian position, taking heavy casualties in the process.

Our other command closes with the Austrian defenses - the yellow chips indicate declared opportunity fire declared. 

The attack continues - note Austrian reinforcements coming up in the rear.  It seemed like most of the time when the Prussian Infantry was poised to close, the Austrians had an "Infantry Reload" card showing. Ouch!!!

The action becomes general! Don't Eric's figures (15 mm) look grand?

Top down view shows heavy Prussian loses.

The Cavalry action showed the Prussians and Austrians trading honors.Eric uses magnetized markers that attack the metallic bottoms of his stands for hits, dirosrder, rout, blown status (cavalry) and more. Very clever, no issue with the markers not staying with the unit that way!

I finally manage to get the lone Prussian battery in position to fire!

Aftermath of the cavalry clash... a lot of blown cavalry!

Still more Austrian reinforcements march onto the table, this time arriving on the Austrian Left. The presence of the nearby Prussian cavalry with the new arrivals in March column made it effectively impossible for the infantry to deploy without triggering an Opportunity Charge by the Cavalry. 

The Prussian infantry finally achieves several local breakthroughs!

Not all of Frederick's men have the stomach for trading repeated volleys at close range, however!

Somewhat to my surprise, we Prussians ultimately prevailed. 

Eric relaxes after his stint as GM.Note the shirt; I joked with Eric that Stark's Winter Ale was one of those products that was advertised but never delivered;  after all, everyone knows that "Winter is coming..." Turns out the shirts were made for fun by a freind of his - cool (literally) idea!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Historicon: Random shots

A 54mm WW2 game held in one of the club rooms. 

I took this shot because of the use of the "canopy of Trees" woods; doubtless there were some surprises hidden within during the game. 

Big ancients game with rolling terrain in a club room. 

The Aspern-Essling board (10mm); didn't get any pictures with the troops on it. 

The Gemende Au at Aspern

More Aspern-Essling. 

I think the work on this terrain board, as with his others, is superb. Hopefully he will run this game at a number of shows to make it worth the big investment of time and effort (or sell it off!).

La Petit Armee.

Nice terrain board. Don't expect these from me, though!  Just not very practical unless you use them many times. 

Magnificent Frostgrave set up. 

The Harbor. 

Long View

30mm Malburian?

Lovely figures!

Raid on an ? Indian compound

Nice Congo board. I have the rules but haven't even opened them!

Interesting setup, but not sure what it is!

Large Multi set up ? Pulp game. 

The Dungeon/catacombs/Labyrinth/Tomb end. 

"Definitive"  Seriously?

One of the great many extremely well done Flames of War Tournament boards. Not my era or rules, but they do a great job on presentation!

54 mm Ancients... presumably with Commands and Colors. 

Great looking board for ESR games... the yellow might be just a bit too bright for my tastes, but eh, if I could do something that nice myself, I would!

Taking down a game with a lot of depth to it ? Fallen timbers. 

Brian Cantwell's WW2 North Afrika game with FoB WW2. 

Overview - Pico armor. FoB stalwarts Tim, Andy, Sam, Hugh in attendance. 

Talk about Tiny!  Does give the grand sweep, though!

Close up of the village.


Some game markers.

Magnetized smoke markers (for hits, I think). 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Historicon #3: Battle of Raab, 1809

I ran this game Friday night at Historicon, with Field of Battle, 2nd edition rules, by Brent Oman. The scenario is from my book with some minor modifications, as posted here earlier.

View of the set up from the West.

View from the South (French starting positions).

View from the East; the Pancza stream is potentially fordable by artillery from the first tree in the distance to the near edge of the table. 

View from the Austrian defensive positions. The Szabadhegy Heights are in the foreground. I deliberately left the under table area showing on this picture to illustrate all the boxes that held the troops, terrain, and other items needed to stage the game! Not shown - the GM's glass of wine... purchased on site, of course!

The French won the initiative, and seized it big time. Two early MOVE cards and some high Leadership die rolls  brought them quickly up to the edge of the Austrian defensive positions along the Pancza stream, which was passable (with difficulty - Class III terrain!) by infantry only along its Western 2/3. Cavalry and artillery would have to use the bridges. 

The action becomes general. Luke (in Fall In T shirt) is acting as C-in-C for the French, as well as playing Grenier. He would drive his men very hard this day!

The opposing cavalry forces glare at each other across the Pancza. Roger graciously took command of the Austrians, largely composed of raw Hungarian Insurrectio cavalry. For this game, I used Austrian Hussars to represent them, and Cheavu-Legers to represent the Hussars. I have 6 units of Austrian Hussars, and even then I had to press a Uhlan unit into service as well!

I knew that I wouldn't have much time between playing in Eric's 7 Years War game and starting this one, so I had the forces super organized. Each command group had color coded labels for each ubnit and their officer, and I used variable ratings per the rules, instead of my usual fixed ones for convention games. On balance, this helped the Austrians more than the French... at least as far as the troop ratings were concerned!. 

Fortunately, the tables were unused earlier in the day,. so Barry and I were able to set up the terrain and the majority of the troops before Eric's game started. That made me much less hyper while I was playing in Eric's game!

Sahuc's cavalry crosses the Westernmost bridge, whilst Severoli's Italians, ably played by Tim and Noah, close on the other bridge across the Pancza.  

Cavalry charges go to and fro along the Eastern portion of the Pancza. 

Overview of the center of the battle, and the bitter fighting around the strong point of the Austrian defensive position, the Kismeyer farm. 

The Austrians extend their line to the West, hoping to avoid having their flank turned. In the distance, Czar Barry stays hydrated!

Luke hurls the men of Seras' Division (blue labels) at the Farm complex again and again. 

Seras succeeds in penetrating the Pancza line (and knocking out much of the Austrian artillery), but the farm complex proves a very stubborn nut to crack!

View from the West end again. The Pancza stream is Wizard Kraft terrain. 

Seras' Division is largely spent, but Durotte's Division (purple labels) is massed for the neck attack. 

The cavalry of the Insurrectio is still holding the Pancza line.... at least for now!

Pacthod's Division (pink lables) moves up as well, leaving lanes for the many routed units of Seras to pass through!

Sahuc's cavalry and Seroli's Italian infantry are pressuring the Austrian right flank, with Pully's Dragoons moving up in support. 

Austrian infantry in squares backing up Mescery's Hungarian cavalry. Obviously, they have every confidence in their mounted arm...

View from the East, as the cavalry continue to swirl in melee along the banks of the Pancza. tbe Chevau Leger Lanciers are standing in for Chassuers, just as the Cuirassier unit is for Dragoons!

Those Kaiserlicks can't be pried out of the farm complex no matter how many times Luke tries! However, their position is becoming increasingly isolated as the inits on either side of the farm are pushed back. 

Fierce fighting between the Tims on the Western end of the table. Note the Italian Guards d'Honneur in support. 

The French cavalry have broken across the Pancza!

Erzherzog Johan commits the Grenadiers of the Reserve to stabilize the situation alongside the Farm. 

french cavalry pour across the Eastern reaches of the Pancza; those squares are looking like a wise precaution now!

Overview of the table, as the French win a big run of initiative to start the second Turn of the game. Morale points were fairly even on both sides prior to that. 

The Austrian right flank is collapsing under heavy pressure. The White menace is now paying morale chips to the French with regularity. Not long after this shot, the Austrians turn an Army Morale card, and fail the test. The Battle of Raab is over, as the Austrians grudgingly quit the field.