Thursday, June 21, 2018

Officers: Spanish Cavalry and French Intelligence

A trio of Cavalry leaders, painted from the left over figures from the expansion of the Garrochistas and Cavaleria de Linea. 

I used a left over Old Glory Sword arm to harvest a sword for señor Garrochita.

The Dragoon leader has the green facings of the Villaviciosa regiment.

The remaining figure is in a fairly generic Spanish general officer uniform; dark blue coat with red facings piped gold, red breeches. 

With a fairly small Brigade Games order for just the three sets of 3 cavalry each, I threw in their newly released "French Intelligence Officer", who comes as a set - foot and mounted versions. 

The figure is clearly intended to represent Major Pierre Ducos of the Sharpe Television series... famous glasses and all

I figured he'd do nicely as a commander for the foot Gendarmes. 

A short clip from "Sharpe's Enemy, featuring Major Ducos, said to be a protege of Fouche. 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Spanish technical troops: Pontooniers, etc.

I needed some Spanish some pontooniers for my Snappy Nappy game. 

A few extra figures from Threee Armies and Brigade games were put to use. 

The stacks of boards on each base makes their game function clear.

They would serve just as well as sappers or engineers when and if needed. 

It looks like I may need six suuch stands for the revised scenario...

So here's the 5th stand

Maybe a 6th yet to come?

The uniform is the old version of the Engineer General Staff; green coats, violet facings, red turnbacks, silver buttons and lace.  

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A few Spanish Leaders

The final push to complete my Spanish Napoleonic army is painting enough leader stands, and then a few odds and ends.

The mounted officer is by Eagle figures. 

The large dog is from a set of canines I purchased several years ago. 

The foot officer is a left over Thee Armies figure, wearing a green uniform faced violet, with silver buttons and red turnbacks, as worn by the Engineering general staff. 

Rear views.

Another Eagle Figures officer, with some accompanying infantry men by Eagle figures (with blanket) and Miniaturas Dose de Mayo (in the "new" uniform stovepipe shako but an old uniform white coat)

AS few tufts for variety...

and a rock!

Rear views once again. 

Some leaders on foot, shown previously but finally based - the wonderful Brigade Games portly general twirling his mustache, a Brigade Games Guerrilla Leader, and a Three Armies officer.

The Three Armies figure has the silver epaulets of a Brigadier General. 

High fives!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Hills of Iron, Silver and Gold, and Iron Mules

Back in January I backed my second Kickstarter, "Hills of Iron, Silver, and Gold".  I went for one of the biggest pledges, 3 "Hills of Iron" ("small"), and one each of Silver (medium), and Gold (Large). The arrived on my doorstep from the UK last week in a big, well padded box.

Hill of Iron #1. Is that nicely done, or what?!

Hill of Iron #2; each hill is unique. 

Hill of Iron #3; these "small" hills are roughly 15 x 24 cm. 

Hill of Silver; a "medium" hill, approximately 20 x 30 cm

Hill of Gold; a "large" hill, in this case partially with 2 levels. 

View of the escarpment end of the Hill of Gold; approximately 25 x 40 cm.

A week ago we attended the 5th annual antique tractor show at Topland Farms in Roxbury, CT, less than 5 miles from our home. The owner of the farm collects antique tractors and related farm equipment dating from 1911 to 1934. As y6ou can  see, the resmblance3 to locomotive engines can be striking in some of these old machines - at least 20 of which were powered up for the parade.

No rubber tires on these - all cast iron!

The collection includes 100's of these early machines, some weighing m ore than 10 tons!

I would imagine these must have been delivered by rail!

It is hard to see, but this model has a pipe running across the front of the tractor. It carries water from the engine, and has holes in the bottom of the pipe that lets the water cascade down  an open "radiator" of ? Canvas; the water is then piacked up from the pan at the bottom and reciculated to cool the engine!

Note the cast iron "treads"!

A much smaller, later model. 

Note the huge smokestack; this one chugged and backfired regularly, emitting lots of smoke, but drove along smoothly!

Note the enormous fly wheel; this seemed to be used in starting the engine. 

Look at the size of this one; there are far bigger ones in the 5 sheds housing other pieces of equipment. 

The resemblance to an "iron horse" is obvious here!

All of these were manufactured at various sites in the Midwest. It is likely they were only really useful there, where the ground was pretty much flat. 

A later, more compact version. 

Th tans at the back hold gasoline, kerosene, and water.

Note the huger smokestack once again.

Another, more "modern" tractor. 

 Still with the large fly wheel. Don't get your hand caught in that!

 Part of the parade from behind.

 Great for some new "Steampunk:" ideas, eh?

Note the hiuge smokestack again.

Yes, they can back up!

 Looks almost fragile compared to some of the others!

No canopy on this later model, but note the huge spikes for tread!

The Empress, Princess Kate and her husband, Greg, and grandsons Owen and Oliver. Owen (in carriage) LOVES tractors. I must have lifted him up onto the the drivers seat of at least 2 dozen!

There's actually a you-tube video of this year's show...