Saturday, August 31, 2019

Bad-ener Generals

The Murawski Miniatures order that brought the Light Dragoons and the Artillery also included some new mounted officer figures. 

The line infantry officer on foot wears a greatcoat, and is a reassigned figure from the ephemeral Pontoonier miniatures Baden range. 

All the Baden officers wear the silver, red, and gold sash common to their nationality. 

Look sharp men, here comes the "Emperor of Battles"!

The third of the Murawski Baden officers is paired with a Light Dragoon figure wearing the fatigue cap. 

The higher officers all wore dark blue coats with red collars, cuffs, and turnbacks. 

Epaulets, as well as the lace on the collars and cuffs for higher officers, were all silver. 

Dark blue saddle cloths with silver trim were regulation for higher officers as well. 

Both of these are re-based Pontoonier figures.

Note the red within yellow cockade of Baden.

My Baden contingent is thus well supplied with Leaders!

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Lodestone miniature buildings #3: Raised Market and Tower

Another pair of buildings from the Lodestone Kickstarter...

I think this is one of my favorites from the Village set.

The raised Market building...

Carton  contents...


magnetic snap-  on assembly starts and proceeds quickly... very quickly!

Two eave end p[nels attached. 

Third side panel attached.

What goes in the gap?

An extension box!

Final side panel attached. 

Roof attached.

Stairs attached. Total assembly time - less than 1 minute!

Final version with the shutters assembled, then painted, then attached, then black wash applied. Beams painted earlier, as was the external staircase. 

I later sprayed on two coats of matt varnish. 

The "Kickstarter exclusive" Tower. 

Carton contents

Three Small basic boxers in this one. 

Pretty obvious how these go together!

Attaching the skins to the top floor.

Nest the roof sections

are added.

The gables.

Adding more skins to the sides.


Final Tower with shutters and painted items added.

I went with dark grey for the shutters on this building.

All ready for the tabletop!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Baden Artillery Train, 1809

The Baden Artillery contingent needed some transport. of course, no one makes dedicated baden train figures!

Some Bavarian Train figures are close enough, though;  just somewhat different uniform colors. 

These are Lancashire Games Bavarian Train, painted as Badeners - dark blue coats, light blue facings, and red turnbacks. The Limbers and equipment is dark grey with black metal fittings, just like the Artillery carriages themselves. 

Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Lodestone Modular Buildings #2 - Two Storey House

Here's the assembled and paint enhanced 2 storey house from the Lodestone Kisckstarter.

I think I will save these boxes to store the disassembled houses. 

2 Medium basic Boxes and skins.

All of the components laid out.

Assembly is super fast!

Ready for the roof pieces. 


Add the chimney - all one piece.

 This building I painted the shutters Delta CC "Wedgewwod Blue" and the doors Delta CC "Terracotta". It still needs a sign added (painted on or glued on) to the broad beam above the doors. 

 I applied a black wash over the  hinges, doors and shutters, and also over the lattice work of the windows.