Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Davout at Wagram with Field of Battle, 3rd edition

My freind, Jared, recently moved to Torrington, Connecticut. To celebrate his move to a house with basement wargames room, he hosted an inaugural game. 

The scenario was the attack by Davout's Corps against the left flank of the Austrian positions along the Russbach stream.

Austrian defenders at Markgrafneusidl. 

On the day, I commanded the Dragoons and Light Cavalry on the far right of the French positions, plus one of Davout's infantry divisions, with supporting artillery. 

Overview of the table; Thomas commanded the remainder of the French infantry, and eentually a Reserve Cuirassier Division. 

Jared himself had the Austrian defenders on the Austrian right,.

Mike had the Austrians on the far left, opposite me. 

By the terms of the scenario, the Austrians HAD to start with an attack, in accordance with the historical orders from Erzherzog Karl. 

The Kaiserlicks advance!

French artillery commence their bombardment.

Jared and Mike discuss their battle plans. 

Another overview of the table. All the troops are 15 mm Napoleonics from Jared's marvelous collection. 

My cavalry, superior in numbers, engages Mike's, but fails to prevail despite their advantages!

With even more reinforcements arriving, my cavalry charge again! I think we had an 11 card run, the largest possible in Field of Battle.

French infantry moves to the attack. 

Situation near the end of the game. My cavalry have now tuned the Austrian flank, and some lucky artillery and musket fire has devastated some of the best Austrian troops. Thomas gave at least as good as he got, although he did wind up with an Austrian Hussar unit in his backfield, and, when they arrived, his Cuirassier Division underperformed quit\e notably, 

With their morale points almost down to zero, and their right outflanked. the Austrians conceded. The game was very enjoyable, but we concluded that requiring the Austrian to start by attacking just made their situation worse. Jared replayed the scenario a few days later with different players and no mandatory attack for the whitecoats. The game was much closer, although the French did prevail after a tough fight! That game exposed at least one new player to FoB3, and gained another apparent convert!

Sunday, August 28, 2022

40 Years!

WARNING: This post is completely devoid of any History Wargaming content! :-)

Today marks 40 years of marriage for the Empress and myself!

In many ways, it seems like just yesterday! We celebrated with some fine dining. 

Back in July, while at the shore at Cape May, NJ, our daughters gifted us with a boat trip and Dinner in honor of the upcoming event!

Both daughters, both grandsons, champagne in plastic glasses, and the happy couple!

We will return to your regularly scheduled Historical Wargaming content with the next post!  :-)

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Post Historicon Plans

 Typically, Historicon and my plans for same dominates the Spring and Summer of each year from a gaming perspective, and this year was no different. Similarly, it usually takes me a month after I return before everything is packed back away, and I start to give thought to painting and future projects again!

So what is on the (ever subject to change) agenda for the remainder of 2022?

1) Organize the non Napoleonic portion of my collection better, with labels on the Really Useful boxes holding the troops, so as to minimize  time lost searching for the right box.

    Having been home on "stay-cation" last week, very good progress has been made on this project.

2) Finish the additions to my Napoleonic Spanish Army.

   Well underway, with the Horse Grenadier of Fernando 7 and a unit of Cazadores a Caballo in progress. There will then just be a mule drawn limber to complete.

3) Finish the expansion of my Classical (Mauryan) Indian Army.

    The infantry is all done, but there remains Cavalry, Chariots, and Elephants to add.

4) Add more troops to by ECW Scotts Army

   There is plenty of lead on hand; most likely next up are some Highlanders. 

5) Games

    We played a great Napoleonic game with FoB3 at Jared's new home in Torrington, CT, last month; post forthcoming. Hopefully some more games there as schedules allow. 

    Run about 1 game a month at my home, likely on Thursday afternoons

    Assist with he Snappy Nappy Campaign in a Day event the end of October at The Portal in Manchester, CT

   Runa game or two for HMGS Next Gen this Fall

The Dog Days of Summer - Brooke and owner, Dr. Kristie Anderson, DVM, dock diving at the local Bridgewater Country Fair this p[ast weekend. 

Friday, August 19, 2022

Army Review: Bill's Medievals and (my) Teutonic Knights


These Late Medieval figures were a mostly unexpected acquisition, and an indirect consequence of my acquiring part of the collection of the (sadly) late Bill McHugh, which was chiefly focused on his excellent Hittite troops. 

At the time I got them, in all honesty, I had no idea what I would ever do with them!

Then came a great many  play-by Zoom games  set during the Wars pf the Roses with the new Test of Resolve rules, followed by the plans of Tim and David to run a bunch of WotR games at Historicon 2022. 

With the new baggage rules (Airline, not wargames!), it would not be practical for them to bring any troops with them. Thus I found myself, along with long time wargames freind, Ken Baggaley. Essentially all of the infantry are done, and many were used in games last month. There remains about 40 or so Knights on cloth barded horses. Those will need more tough up and lance repairs. They are "small" 25's, and will likely make to core of a French HYW army. I'll just need to find some small 25 mm infantry to go with the, Come to thuink of it I have some that Joe gave me 20 + years ago, that would probably be very suitable. Hmm...

As IO was doing this Review, I realized that I have never done a review of my small Teutonic Knights army.

 It is composed almost entirely of mid 1970's Minifigs. 

The figures were more inspired by the motion picture "Alexander Nevsky" than strictly historical garb, specifically the Battle of the Ice in 1242, where Alexander and his foot soldiers defeated the Teutonic Knights and their Estonian allies. 

Not a large force, but it has seen quite a lot of action over the 40 + years since I painted them!

Sergeants, Knights, and a few members of the Order itself. 

Infantry, including spearmen, crossbowmen, skirmish archers, and axe throwers

More Sergeants and Knights.\

Some Medieval war engines for support and or Castle sieges! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Army Review: Wars of the Roses and Hundred Years War figures

Time for mot one Army review, but two!  First up are the Wars of the Roses fiogures, pretty much a;; painted in 2022.

The additionof the flags adds a lot, as usual. 

Almost all Old Glpory figures with a few Perry thrown in here and there, although mostly form the HYW range. 

Speaking of the Hundred Years War, I already had a small force for English HYW troops. and made a few additions to them as well. 

These are mostly Perry Figures, except most of the cavalry are Old Glory for their Wars of the Roses range! 

I should add some more archers, and I already have plenty of lead for more Cavalry as well. 


Sunday, August 14, 2022

Snappy Nappy Campaign, Russia, 1812: the Northern Flank. To be held Saturday, October 29, 2022

 On June 24th 1812 the Grande Armee invaded RussiaIt is now late July, and on the southern banks of the River Dwina, the fearless French Marshal Oudinot commanding the II Corp has received orders from Napoleon to protect the northern flank of the invasion, particularly the approach possible at Polotskwhile marching on the city of St. Petersburg miles to the north as wellHowever, the  adventurous Count Wittgenstein and his I Russian Corp have been assigned by General Barclay-de-Tolly, and Czar Alexander to protect all the land in which he operates north of the River Dwina, and defeat the enemy.

Join us for this campaign-in-a-day event, using fourteen different tables, and hundreds of bases of 1" high historical miniature figures. Snappy Nappy rules are quick play, will be taught and are easily learned. Adolescents (with parents) and older are welcome to participate. Pre-registration required (see below).

Where: The Portal, 60 Hilliard Street, Manchester, CT, 
When: Saturday, October 29th, 2022, from10 AM until 5 PM, 
Lunch: Pizza and small bottles of water will be provided by the GM. 
Entry Fee: None

GM & Registration: Mark T. – contact via, and be certain to send an email to reserve your spot!

Rules:  Snappy Nappy, by Russ Lockwood (rules will be taught)

Covid Disclosure: We recommend players be vaccinated, boosted, tested the night before, and masking is optional (required if by The Portal or the State of Connecticut at the time of the event).

1st Battle of Polotsk - 
By Wilhelm Kobell - Попов А.И. Первое полоцкое сражение. 2010., Public Domain,

Player commands for 12 players, 2 Overall Commanders, and an option for 2 more commands if needed.

Please take several moments to review the two lists of commands, and the notes towards the end of this email.  When you've decided which command you'd like to have as a player, during the campaign-in-a-day event, then please send an email reply, and let me know what your choice is.  First come, first served.

By the way, the French have 29 infantry units (including 1 engineering), 10 cavalry units, 12 artillery units, and 33 of 51 start on Turn 1, while 18 (the Bavarian Corp) start at some point after Turn 1.  For the Russians, there are 28 infantry units, 12 cavalry units, and 14 artillery units, 42 of 54 start on Turn 1, and 12 (Steinheil's reserves) arrive afterwards.

Also, leader and unit quality will be sent via emails to the teams of French and Russian commanders at another time.

Here are the updated line ups for both the French and Russians for the Snappy Nappy Campaign-In-A-Day 2022: North Flank of 1812 Russian Campaign.

This event is being held on Saturday, October 29th, 10am to 5pm, at The Portal, 60 Hilliard Street, Manchester CT.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

French Marshall Oudinot (+2) ... 1 engineer unit (vet), 1 lt. cav escort (vet), 1 spy ... Mark M.

1.  General Legrand (+2), 6th Division ... James C.
5 Infantry ... 2 Line (vet), 1 Light(vet), 1 Hanseatic (seasoned), 1 Portuguese (seasoned), 2 Foot batteries (vet)

2.  General Verdier (+1), 8th Division (Castex's 5th Lt Cav Brigade attached), ... Mark H.
4 Infantry ... 2 Line(vet), 1 Light(vet), 1 Dutch(seasoned), 1 Foot battery(vet), 1 Horse battery(vet), 2 Chasseurs (elite)

3.  General Merle (+1), 9th Division of Swiss (plus Corbineau's 6th Lt Cav Brigade attached) ... Kevin C.
6 Infantry ... 4 Swiss Line (4 elite), 1 Croatian(vet), 1 Dutch(seasoned), 1 Foot battery(seasoned), 1 Horse battery(vet), 2 Chasseurs(vet)

4.  General Doumerc (+1), 3rd Cuirassiers ... Robert P.
3 Cuirassiers (elite), 2 Light cavalry (vet), 1 Horse artillery (vet)

5.  Von Deroy (+3), 19th Division of St. Cyr's Bavarian 6th Corp ... Frank N. or Alex O.
6 Infantry ... 5 Line (3 vet, 2 seasoned), 1 Light (seasoned), 1 Foot battery (seasoned), 1 Heavy battery (seasoned)

6.  Von Wrede (+1), 20th Division of St. Cyr's Bavarian 6th Corp ... Steve T.
7 Infantry ... 6 Line (3 vet, 3 seasoned), 1 Light (seasoned), 2 Foot batteries (seasoned), 1 Heavy battery (seasoned)

7.  General St. Cyr (+2), starts near the Bavarian 6th Corp ... Frank N. or Alex O.
1 Light Cav escort (vet), 1 Line Inf (vet), 1 Light Inf (vet), 1 Foot battery(vet)

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Russian General Wittgenstein (+2), 1 engineer unit, 1 lt. cav escort, 1 spy ... Peter V.

A.  General Kulnieff (+3), Vanguard/Rearguard ... James S.
Grodno Hussars (elite), 1 Cossack Cav (vet), Jagers (vet), 1 Conv Grens (vet), 1 Combined Depot Cav (vet), 1 Horse battery (vet), 1 Foot battery (seasoned)

B.  General Kazatchkowsky (+2), 1st Line Command of Berg's 5th Division ... Russ L.
2 Jager (vet), 4 Infantry (2 vet, 2 seasoned), 3 Position/hvy Batteries (seasoned)

C.  General Kakhoffski (+1), 2nd Line Command of Berg's 5th Division ... Brendan S.
1 Converged Grens (elite), 2 Depot Gren groups(vet), 2 Dragoons(vet), 2 Foot batteries(seasoned), 1 Horse battery (vet)

D.  General Sazonov (+1), Reserves ... Brian C.
4 Infantry (vet), 1 Depot Jagers (seasoned), 2 Opolochenie (seasoned), 1 Position/hvy battery (seasoned), 1 Light battery (seasoned)

E.  Prince Repnin (+1), Cavalry Reserve ... Karl N.
1 Converged Cuirassiers (elite), 2 Light cavalry (vet), 1 Depot Dragoons (seasoned), 2 Horse batteries (vet)

F.  Count Steinheil (+1), Russian reinforcements ... Mike S.
2 Jagers (vet), 6 Inf (2 vet, 4 seasoned), 1 Position/hvy battery (seasoned), 1 Light battery (seasoned), 1 Engineer unit (vet), 1 Conv. Hussars (vet)

G.  General Berg (+2), Commander of 5th Division ... Vacant (however a player is considering)  
1 Light Cav escort (vet), 1 Line Inf (vet), 1 Jager (vet), 1 Foot battery (vet)

- - - - - - - - - - - -

The French and Russians both have 7 commands, and when including the two overall commanders, there are 16 total commands, 8 per side.

The French have ... 30 infantry units, 11 cavalry units, 13 artillery units, and 1 engineering unit (includes the Bavarian Corp) for a total of  55 units (total quality points of 157).  Of these, the Bavarians have 15 infantry, 1 cavalry, and 6 artillery (54 quality points) not available at the start, and this means the French have 15 infantry, 10 cavalry, 7 artillery, and 1 engineer at the beginning for a starting total of 32 (subtotal of 103 quality points).

The Russians have ... 29 infantry units, 12 cavalry units, 15 artillery units, and 2 engineering units (includes Steinheil's reserves) for a total of 58 units (total quality points of 157).  Of these, Steinheil's reserves have 8 infantry, 1 cavalry, 2 artillery, and 1 engineer (30 quality points) not available at the start, and this means the Russians have 20 infantry, 11 cavalry, 13 artillery, and 1 engineer at the beginning for a starting total of 44 (subtotal quality points of 127).

Also, the Bavarians will come into play before Steinheil's reinforcements, although neither side knows when these two events will happen at the beginning.

Folks will notice that I have added a line unit to the commands of St. Cyr for the French, and Berg for the Russians.  This gives these players the equivalent of a brigade of infantry, a light cavalry unit as escort, and an artillery battery as a Corp/Division reserve.  Although these units didn't exist during the campaign, this provides 2 more players with an opportunity to get involved, yet keep a balance for the over all campaign.  These two generals will also be able to help other units of their actual commands, but not those of other commands.  St. Cyr was commanding the Bavarian Corp, and Berg was commanding the 5th Russian Division.

P.S. Feel free to ask questions, and there will be another email to the players on Monday with additional details.

Other Notes:

I.  Both the overall commanders, Marshall Oudinot and General Wittgenstein, have important roles in helping to co-ordinate and plan with their team of 6 commanders.  They also will be in charge of issuing orders, and receiving messages and reports to the various commanders during the Campaign-in-a-Day event on Saturday October 29th, 10am to 5pm.  These overall commanders could also take a command, yet it is better for these two to be focus on the larger strategic interests and activities of the entire team of their commanders while riding along with one of the other commanders or moving from one to another command accompanied by their cavalry escort unit.  This year we are also introducing some Pre-Game Turns (starting on Sept 5th for perhaps 4 turns/weeks in a row) for the French and Russian command teams to use cavalry Scouting units, and also traveling Spys, on the strategic map previously provided.  The map has been attached again here, and details of how these Pre-Game Turns will work are forthcoming.

II.  Marshall Oudinot and General Wittgenstein will also each have control over which command the engineering units will start, and this can be chosen after the Pre-Game scouting turns occur.  These Engineering units can not be placed with the Vanguard/Rearguard commands nor the Cavalry reserve commands of either army.  The engineer units will be able to build bridges and construct basic redoubts, and rules for these are forthcoming.

III.  Count Steinheil's Russian reinforcements also have an Engineering unit with him, when this command arrives sometime after Turn 1, details forthcoming.

IV.  The two Bavarian commands allied with the French will also arrive sometime after Turn 1, details forthcoming.

V.  There is room for an additional French commander, and another Russian commander as well.  If someone would like to take the role of French General St. Cyr commanding the 2 Bavarian commands, or General Berg commanding the two Russian infantry divisions, then let me know.  If not, these additional commanders will be placed with one of the commands at another time.

VI.  It is possible to add an additional command from forces that eventually arrived in the theater, if 2 more players beyond the initial 14, one on each side, want to be involved.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Feel free to ask questions, although I may or may not wait until a bunch of have been submitted before eventually sending an email answering a group of them together.

I will update command choices and send update emails as soon as possible.


Thursday, August 11, 2022

Historicon 2022: Battle of Marengo with Morschauser style rules


I ran this game Friday afternoon. It was a good thing that I set it up well in advance, as I kept thinking it was at 6 PM! 

Part of the French starting positions. 

The Austtians begin their advance. They had majorn traffic control problems. I really should have used 30 - 50% fewer units! 

Getting into the action! 

The opposing armies close. I didn't take many pictures due to being well engaged in running the game. 
It looked great, and played OK, but I would have been better to have stuck to the twice tested Austerlitz scenario. 

I didn't have nearly enough vineyards for the game, even with all of the new stuff I bought at Hiistoricon in November!

Back home, some Russians model the vineyard pieces, created from purchases from Pastimes on the Square. 

I bought very little again at Historicon this year. One booth had Lucid Eye Productions at 10% off. I had never heard of them, but they are a British company that dopes mostly fantasy stuff, but also has a nice range of Republican Romans and Macedonians. I bought 2 sets of Roman Consuls, as I never seems to have enough figures to use as Generals!

I also bought a pair of Eagle bearers to use as Army Standards for my Roman Army when playing  To the Strongest! I also purchased eight D12's of various different colors, with Test of Resolve games in mind. 

Historicon Special free figure - a female Ukrainian hero from WW2. I spotted these Perry Austrian High Command set and picked it up; I always seem to need more Austrian Command figures, too!

I really wanted some more Poplar trees from Battlefield Terrain Concepts, but they didn't have any. They had their usual show special - buy 12 of these trees, get 3 free. With two $12 GM vouchers in hand, the out of pocket cost for these trees was quite low!

Altogether it was a great show. Attendance seemed down modestly from 2019, but given the ongoing pandemic, that was to be expected. lots of good games and seeing friends old and new!