Friday, August 31, 2018

New Baden Cavalry, Artillery, and Infantry from Murawski

Over the past several months, Murawski has been expanding their 28 mm Baden range. In addition to their existing Line Infantry and Jagers, they now have infantry in campaign dress (including grenadiers with covered bearskins?), a new Baden Foot Artillery set, and, joy of joys, the latest release, the long awaited Baden Light Dragoons.

As has been discussed, the Baden contingent makes a nice "pocket army - the entire army consisted of 1 Light battalion, 8 Line battalions, 3 batteries (one of horse artillery), and a regiment each of Light Dragoons and Hussars. There was also a squadron of Guard du Corps and a battalion of Foot Guards, but I don't believe either of them saw service in the field.

To make a Baden force even more attractive, they have a great deal available now through September 7th:

New Baden cavalry!
Just received the Baden cavalry - They are not on the website yet but are available at a cost of £12 for 3 command, or £12 for 3 troopers. Unit deals as per the website.
As a special introductory offer which I will run until Friday the 7th of September, the following:
Baden - campaign:
2 x 36 battalions
6 x skirmishers
2 x artillery crews and French 8lb guns
3 x mounted officers
12 x cavalry
SPECIAL PRICE (including shipping): £150
If you require a Polish deal the same, then please email and I am sure we can sort something out.
All orders must be placed and paid for in full by the 7th of September.

From posts on their facebook page, a mix and match using Baden and Polish units or all Polish is also possible - just email the owner! 

Baden Light Dragoon troopers

Light Dragoon Command

Pose variants

Rear view of Light Dragoons.

Artillery Crew

Rear view

Infantry in Campaign dress

More Campaign dress


? Covered bearskins?

Grenadier or ? Footguards; note epaulettes. 

Maybe they really mean covered helmets?

For Baden Uniform information, see the following previous blog posts:

Sadly, I have enougbn Baden infantry, so I can't really take advantage of this deal... but I will certainly be buying a unit of  the Light Dragoons and a Battery by the end of the year anyway!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Where there's a Wall there's a Way!

Back in 2016, I bought a number of products from Stonehouse Miniatures, including 2 sets of their 28 mm "Hewn Fieldstone walls". They of course sat around unopened until I realized that I could use these pieces for both the "Fortresses" for my Snappy Nappy campaign game, and also the walled gardens at Talavera.

The two sets combined have a LOT of walls!

A sort of "garden maze" layout.

In the two sets combined there 8 corners, 2 gates, 14  4" straight sections, and 2 each straight sections with "T" and "X" junsctions that can allow the walls to branch.

Here's several more possible layouts with the pieces.

This shot shows the "T" and "X" sections. Handy for something like a series of garden walls abutting houses, such as at Aspern.

This walled area is 16' x 8".

This one is about 8" x 8".

The walls are made of off white resin, so first I spray painted them all flat black.

The walls were then dry brushed with Craftsmart dark grey, followed by Craftsmart  grey (form Michael's - very inexpensive, not great coverage, but that's a bit of an asset when used for dry brushing like this).

To give some more interest, I did the tops of the walls by dry brushing with Craftsmart Brown, followed by Craftsmart Golden Brown. The doors were dry brushed with Golden Brown followed by Craftsmart Kaki. The bases were dry brushed with Craftsmart Shamrock Green. The paths to the gate were painted with Craftsmart Expresso. 

Materials used, minus 1 can of $1.99 flat black paint from Walmart. 

While I was in a Terrain mood, I also cut up the second rubber backed coir mat I had purchased at Home Depot a year or so ago; so now I have twelve 8 x 6 inch "wheat fields", four 6 x  6 inch, and four 8 x 8 inch fields. Surely enough for any conceivable set up!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Historicon 2018 - other games

I had less time than usual to tour the convention snapping shots of interesting looking games, but I did still manage to take quite a few photos of other games.

At least the third year that Joe Swartz has has run his series of different  games on the same massive terrain boards. I have watched him set up, take down, and run some of them each year. This one is Hadrian’s Wall. Good stuff, and much better lighting this year in the foyer to the Ballroom.

"Dried Corn and Swampfoot" - Even without the troops this terrain is very appealing,

Islawanda in 15mmm. David Burton ran this big game at least three times right near our games; it deservedly won a PELA award. 

There is a nice write up of the game here. 

I believe this is DAK and Dragons 2.0, with another PELA award visible. The zone in the foreground is presumably a dungeon/temple complex. 

Zone 1 - North African Desert.

Zone 2 - jungle and Egyptian ruins in a ? hidden valley.

A few prehistoric creatures too, it seems!

A very large, elaborate Necromunda table. 

More of he same.

A second zone of the same table.

Lots of ships!

ww2 naval action on the stage of the amphitheater; same dim lighting as the Flea market, held on the audience portion of the theater.

The siege of St. Elmo (Malta), 1655.

Doug Fisher ran this super looking game on custom boards three times.

Ottoman heavy guns bombard the Fort, held by the Knights of St John and the local Maltese. 

Of course there's no way our own Ken Baggaley could resist such a game! Another well earned PELA award was given to Doug for this one. 

Superb terrain for this ACW game.

Beautiful detail.

28 mm Sash and saber figures were used. 

I believe this fine game won Best of Show, so presumably it was as fun  to play as it was pretty to look at!

The Siege of Minas Tirith - Battle of Pelennor Field. 28 mm.

I believe this terrain is for  The Rescue of Marguerite Boudreaux; 28 mm French andf Indian War with Sharp Practice.

Note the waterfall!

Some shots from the HAWKS room - a Napoleopnic skirmish game in the Peninsula.

An amphibious landing...  Operation Sea Lion Begins.

10mm  American Civil War -  The Battle of Chaffin's Farm, 29 Sept 1864.

? Battle of Medina del Rio Seco.

I believe this is Hares before the Eagle, run by Brian Cantwell. 

Very nice paper (?) galleys and 6 mm troops (?).

One of a number of 15 mm Napoleonic games with ESR, played in the hotel lobby.

Close up, unfortunately quite blurry. Those little men must have been moving really fast!

The terrain in the Ancients competition seemed better than past years, but I only had time to taker a shot of the Return of the Trojan Bunny. Elmer, you'd better check the Fuddland arsenal for missing bunnies...