Thursday, August 31, 2023

More Medieval Knights - Essex figures

Here's another bunch of Knights from the collection of the late and lamented Bill McHugh. 

Once again, the brushwork is very good, especially the barding!

Softy metal lances look good but are bendy!

I just love the barding!

Here's the second group. 

The big metallic blob is supposed to be a great mace (the lance had broken off. Not that successful, but it doesn't stick out that much, I hope!

Look at the detail on the green barding in particular!

Very welcome additions indeed!

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Medieval Sergeants and Knights - Essex figures

These figures are from the collection of the late Bill McHugh. I acquired them in the Spring of 2019, shortly after his rather sudden and untimrly death 

The process of shipping them across the country was not kind to these figures, particularly resulting in many of the lances becoming detached or occasionally, broken. I considered replacing them all with wire versions, but decided against it in the end. 

Much epoxy was deployed, and with a bit of repainting and rebasing, and they are ready for the table.  I chose larger, 60 x 50 mm deep bases for these troops, in attempt to protect the some what fragile (and bendy) lances. I think these guys will get magnetic basing as well! 

Next are quite a few Late Medieval  (? Crecy, 1346) era) Knights in chainmail and pieces of plate.

The Knight are probably the best painted of all of the troops I acquired from Bill's collection. 

Like the bulk of Bill's Late Medieval figures, these appear to be Essex figures. 

The paint jobs on the barding are especially impressive. There quite a few more of these Essex Knights yet to come as well. 

Thursday, August 24, 2023

More vintage Medievals...


This is second lot of figures that Joe gave me quite a few years ago, painted opnce again by Seteve Gallagher in the mid 1970's

These ? Saxon Housecarls are my favorite of this bunch; the shield designs are especially effective.

I have no idea who the manufacturer is.  I think thety are probably mid 1970's 25 mm size. 

The biggest problem with this group is that 2 of the Axes were broken off. I had no idea how to fix that, so I just left them as is. 

These figures are somewhat smaller, perhaps 20mm?

I don't even know what these guys are supposed to be; ? Samurai after a fashion. 

Manufacturer?  I haven't a clue. 

Some skirmish archers.

I think three of them are probably Jack Scruby figures. 

Finally. some skirmishing crossbowmen. 

Once again, ? 20 mm or very small old 25 mm. 

Manufacturer...   Scruby?  I have no idea what's out there these days in ? 20 mm scale that might be suitable companions for these guys. Any ideas? 

Monday, August 21, 2023

French Crosbowmen, Great Italian Wars

I think these figures came to me from my freind, Ken Baggaley, a number of years back, but I am not completely sure.  They were in the box with all the other assorted Late medieval/Renaissance figures given to me by several sources. 

They were pretty well block painted, with a bit of black lining on the plumes, so they just needed some touch up/dry brushing of the red, blue, green, and brown. 

That was followed by a dose of Acrylic "Magic Wash". 

I rebased them and flocked the bases with "Alpine Meadow" mix. 

A welcome addition to my Renaissance/Great Italian Wars collection! I think the figures are Old Glory (not from their Italian Wars range, though), but could be Hinchliffe or Essex in particular, or who who knows what else?!

Friday, August 18, 2023

Crisis on the Danube, 1809 - Snappy Nappy Campaign in a Day, Saturday, October 7, 2023

Napoleon arrives at Abensberg, April 20, 1809

Crisis on the Danube, March/April 1809:

A Snappy Nappy Campaign-in-a-Day Event

Where: The Portal, 60 Hilliard Street, Manchester, CT 

When: Saturday, October 7, 2023 10 AM – 5 PM

Rules: Snappy Nappy, by Russ Lockwood 

GM: Peter Anderson – contact

The event will be played with hundreds of 28 mm miniatures across 15 four by six foot tables, with multiple players. Each player will be commanding roughly half to a full Corps of troops. There will be 8 French/Allied Commands plus Napoleon/Berthier as C-in-C, and 7 -8 Austrian Commands, plus Archduke Charles as C-in-C. Event is free, but we encourage you to make some gaming purchases while you attend to support our host, The Portal.

As of this writing, we have 9 players signed up already. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

More Pete's Flags (and new commanders) for the Wars of the Roses

 I got a second order from Pete's flags a few months back, with a bevy of WotR banners not included in my first order. I've deliberately posted the images in low resolution. the actual flags are a wonder of detail, and perfectly sharp.

Lord Zouche of Harringworth, a staunch Yorkist and  supporter of Richard II, he was captured at Bosworth Field, but his life was spared. Livery Sable and Murrey.

Here's one of the Zouche flags in use. 

Jasper Tudor; Lancastrian Uncle of Henry VII.   Livery colors Argent and Vert. 

Here's Jasper with some of his flags. I had more flags to use than I had figures to carry them, so on my latest set of command bases, I've drilled a hole in the base to take the wire flagpole, and added some rocks (talus) to suggest the flag was stuck in the ground an its stability bolstered by the surrounding rocks. 

Tudor livery colors were Argent and Vert.

Sir Edward Poynings, Lancastrian/Tudor, best known for his actions in Ireland. 

Sir Edward with his banner. 

Livery color is uncertain, possible Gules. 


Sir Thomas Stanley, Yorkist. He fought at Northampton, 2nd St Albans, Towton and Bosworth.  Livery Tawney and Vert.

Here's Sir Thomas. 

The ? Chicken or Eagle leg motif is unusual!
Northampton (Y). Second St Albans (Y). Towton (Y). Bosworth (T).
Northampton (Y). Second St Albans (Y). Towton (Y). Bosworth (T).
Sir William Stanley, Yorkist, fought at Blore Heath, Mortimer's Cross, Towton, Hedgeley Moor, Hexham, Barnet, Tewkesbury, and Bosworth. Livery - Gules.

Here's Sir William with two of his flags.

The Stag's head is prominent. 

For the King (but which one)?

Sir John Howard, Duke of Norfolk. Yorkist, fought at Northampton, 2nd St Albans, Towton, Barnet, Tewkesbury, and Bosworth. 

Here's one of Sir John's flags in use with some longbowmen.