Saturday, December 31, 2022

Yuletide treasures 2022

As usual, our good friends who share my love of history came through with some interesting book gifts. First is this one about the logistical and naval commerce side of the Napoleonic Wars.

By the same author, and expanding the theme.

I have only a very broad concept of the 7YW, so this should prove interesting.... as lomng as it doesn't lead to a new Period the scope of the Napoleonic Wars!

Joe has the Poles and the Ottomans for this conflict!

Some new card decks to use with "To the Strongest!:", and otherwise.

Likewise, product of one of the 2022 Kickstarters. 

I couldn't resist the (nearly unending) sales by Helion. This is another army I know little about. The only problem is that I see that Brigade games has a line of Napoleonic Ottomans. Dangerous!

Well, of course I had to have the third and final volume in this fantastic series by David Wilson! 

I've wanted to own this volume for quite some time, but it was pricey; much better in paperback! 

I needed a 4th book to get the best deal, and this one looked interesting; it includes a bunch of scenarios from the largest battle of the Napoleonic Wars. 

Some new lead, courtesy of the Brigade Games Cyberturkey sale. Here are enough figures for 2 Portuguese Line battalions,

and three battalions of Cacadores

2 mounted command figures and a sapper.

Crews for two Portuguese Artillery batteries. I'll eventually need to add guns for them, plus another unit of Portuguese Dragoons, quite possibly using Brigade games British Light Dragoons in Tarleton. I have lead for 4 more Line infantry units (Old Glory 2nd edition British), plus my existing (Minifigs) Portuguese, totaling 4 Line infantry, one Cacadore, 1 foot battery, and one unit of Dragoons. When will they see time on the painting table? Late 2023 at the earliest. most likely. 

Fruits of another Kickstarter, this time by King's Wild.

Jokers and the court cards for Spades. I gave my older daughter, who likes games and The Lord of the Rings, a deck for herself, and it was her favorite gift! 

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year to one and all! 

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Hessen-Darmstadt: Gross und Erbprinz Brigade

The last of the three regiments/Brigades in the army of Hessen-Darmstadt as of 1809, this is the Gross und Erbprinz.

It was assigned yellow facings. 

While the other 2 Hessian "Brigades" served as part of Massena's Corps in Bavaria and Austria, this regiment was sent to Spain in early 1809. 

There it adopted French organization, the 2 companies of the Green coated Fusilier battalion being added to the 4 musketeer companies of the two line battalions as Grenadier and Voltigeur companies. This caused the Grand Duke to complain to Napoleon that his meticulously uniformed troops were now wearing a hodgepodge of green and blue coats!  Later, French shakos were adopted (and red cords plumes, and epaulettes for the Grenadiers, green for the Voltigeurs), and all the coats became dark blue. While the rest of the infantry of Hessen-Darmstadt infantry theoretically adopted the shako in late 1809, the bicorne was reported to survive in at least partial use as late as 1812. 

I have given this unit both a white Leibfahne carried by the Leib company, and an ordinarfahne, carried by the former first company of the fusiliers. No justification except that I had an extra standard bearer, and thus I could!  :Lucas supplies free flags on his website, but in this case I actually preferred those form Napflag, which were used for all three units. 

Monday, December 26, 2022

Boxing Day Review of my Ancient Indian Army


Of course, we don't observe Boxing Day in the US, but it always seemed very civilized to me to havbe a holiday the day AFTER Christmas as well. With Christmas Day falling on a Sunday this year, most of us in the US had the day off work, myself included. 

Still, a fine day for a parade and review of my recently expanded and now "completed" Indian Army.

Here it is in all its multitudinous glory! 

In total there are 7 Elephants, 2 four horse chariots, 3 two horse chariots, 8 figures of Light Cavalry, 24 Medium cavalry ,and  12 Heavy Cavalry.

The foot troops comprise 24 Light Infantry (mix of Archers and Javelinmen)  and  96 Medium Infantry Archers, 48 Medium Infantry Spearmen, and 12 medium Infantry 2 handed Swordsmen (who could represent either of the two types after falling back upon their secondary weapons!). 

Finally, there are 2 mounted and 7 Foot command figures. Total for the army thus is 180 Foot, 44 Horse, & elephants, 5 Chariots, and 9 command figures; call it about 250 figures depending upon how you count the Chariots and elephants!

Left flank, mostly previously painted Minifigs. 

Left center, mostly previously painted Minifigs again, although they went substantial reorganization, rebasing, and some minor paint updates!

Right Center - mostly recently painted Old Glory and Newline Designs figures.

Right Center - a mix of Minifigs, Old Glory, and Newline Designs figures. 

That should be pretty much a wrap on these Mauryan Indians. They are a bit light in the Elephant arm for an Indian Army, though...

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Planning for the last game of the Year


New Year's Eve morning we are slated to have a multiplayer Napoleonic game, based upon the Battle of Ocaña, November 19, 1809. Historically, the French, facing a much larger Spanish force, inflicted a decisive defeat, chiefly spurred by their cavalry. 

Overview from the Nortwest

One of several maps of the Battle of  Ocaña available on line, for orientation. 

Overview from the Northeast.

Overview from the Southwest.

Overview from the Southeast.

Another map of the Battle of Ocaña.

View from behind the Spanish right,

Spanish right center.

Spanish left center.

Spanish left, with the town of  Ocaña.

French Right; some Guard Grenadier's of the Duchy of Warsaw are standing in for King Joseph's Guards. 

French right center, with Senarmont's Grand battery. 

French center.

French left center.

French left; just look at all those horsemen!

I have in mind to play the game with Brent Oman's new (not FOB-4" rules, Battlefield Command. While not quite Field of Battle, it's lineage is still pretty evident which is a good thing, at least in my opinion. The most obvious difference is a much smaller sequence deck and with it small runs of initiative only, but with more potential flexibility in how it is used if the leaders roll well for their command activations. The French although significantly out numbered, have better quality troops, on average, and definitely better leaders.  I am looking forward to it!

Monday, December 19, 2022

Hessen-Darmstadt: Leibgarde Brigade

The second of three units of infantry from Hessen-Darmstadt, circa 1809, this is the Leibgarde Brigade.

Red facings for the most senior unit, and lots of white lace! These are once again the wonderful metal figures digitally sculpted by Luicas Luber of Piano Wargames in Germany. 

The Leibgarde Brigade, like the other two units, had 2 flags each for the Line battalions. The green coated  Fusilier battalions, as "Light Infantry" were evidently not issued flags. 

In the case of the Leibgarde, all were of the same, "white" pattern.

The other2 regiments had `1 "white Leibfahne, and 3 "colored" Ordinarfahnen per regiment, with 1 each  Leibfahne and 1 Ordinarfahne carried by the first battaion, and 2 Ordinarfahnen carried by the second battalion.