Monday, July 4, 2022

Wars of the Roses: Household Troops of Sir John Digby

These fine lads are the Household of Sir John Digby of Eye-Kettleby.

Bosworth (T). Stoke Field (T).
These are once again Perry HYW troops, and are dressed in his livery of blue (Azure). 

He and his men fought at Bosworth and Stoke Field, for the Tudor cause. 

Bosworth (T). Stoke Field (T).
He was knighted by King Henry VIII for his services at Bosworth. 

Henry also appointed him Knight Marshal of the King's Household. 

An assortment of WotR banners and flags has arrived courtesy of  Pete's Flags; let the flagging begin, and continue until morale improves!

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Wars of the Roses: Household troops of Sir Thomas Fitzalan


These chaps are obviously part of the Garrison of Castle Black.
Sir Thomas Fitzalan of Arundel, Lord Maltravers

Oh wait, A Game of Thrones was inspired by the Wars of the Roses, not the other way around... right? 

These figures are actually supposed to be the Household troops if Sir Thomas Fitzalan of Arundel, 
Lord Maltravers  

His livery was indeed plain black. Sir Thomas supported the Yorkist cause. 

These figures are actually Perry Metals Hundred Years Wars figures. That project never really went too far, so they are being incorporated into the WotR forces. With the HYW ending in 1453, 
and the  WoTR starting in 1455, there's little reason that they can't fight as HYW troops as well!

Fitzalan's men fought at  Second St Albans,. Towton, Barnet, and Tewkesbury.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Wars of the Roses: Retinue Archers of Lord Roos

The final unit of Retinue Archers for the Wars of the Roses project (at least for this year) musters out! 

These men are fighting for Sir Thomas Roos (or Ros) of Rockingham, 9th Lord Roos.


  His livery colors were Azure and Or.

Sir Thomas was a loyal supporter of King Henry VI. His men fought for the Lancastrian cause at the battles of  First St Albans, Wakefield, Second St Albans, Towton, Hedgeley Moor, and Hexham.

Following the disastrous defeat at Hexham, he was found hiding in a woods the day after the battle, and beheaded for treason. Life as a British Lord was nothing if not perilous at this time!

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Spanish Grenadier Companies


Here are the Grenadiers appropriate to the two regiments painted last month.

These are Perry figures, like those of the main units. 

Regiments portrayed are the Guardias Valonas in blue,  

and the Regimiento de Infanteria de Linea "Leon" in white.

The marvelously eccentric "flammes" on the back of the Spanish grenadier bearskins (actually made of seal skin for the Spanish, apparently) are certainly one of the big attractions for painting the Spanish army of this period!

These companies will serve in one of two combined grenadier units in my Spanish army. 

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Bill's Medieval Men at Arms

Before we get to the figures, last month I made a pair of new table coverings; just need to add the dots to make the grid one 6" boxes (150 cm) and the other 8" boxes (200 cm).

A unit of Men at Arms drawn from Bill's figures.

 These don' seem to have "Hinchliffe Noses"!

Good work with Shield transfers (not mine!).

Very limited touch up and basing were all these needed. 

A few polearms had to be replaced; fortunately there were several in the "Bits Box". 

As best I can tell this next unit is mostly composed of Custom Cast figures - Duke's first miniature figure company. 

The night of the round Table (note Pi on his shield!) is one of several given to me by Joe 15 or 20 years ago, and added to fill out the ranks. 

Teacher: "Pi R squared..."
Littler Johnny: No, no teacher, Cake are square, Pie are round!" 

The Knight with the Maltese cross is another add on from Joe. From the style and detail, I am pretty sure this figure (and probably the other, too) was painted by an old freind from our UConn days, Steve Gallagher.

This group required substantial touch up and weapon repairs. 

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Wars of the Roses: Retinue Billmen of Lord Berners

 Yet another unit of Retinue Billmen is added to the growing ranks of troops for the Wars of the Roses!

These men are in the service of Sir John Bouchier of West Horsley, 1st Baron Berners  

They wear his livery, Or and Vert. In this case the colors are derived from the Berners coat of arms, which includes quarterly Or and Vert.

They fought for the Lancastrian cause at  First St Albans and Blore Heath.

Later in the wars of the Roses, Lord Berners supported the Yorkist cause, fighting at  Northampton, Second St Albans, and  Towton

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Bill's Medieval Bills!

More troops from the collection of the late and certainly lamented  Bill McHugh.

These figures required rebasing and minor touch up and paint conversions.

Evidently the broad noses mark them as Essex Medievals; they are certainly not found on their Renaisance era figures. 

Their polearms are a bit thick, but they are sturdy, and for Wargames figures I think that's preferable. 

With their green and white theme, perhaps they are the Irish Brigade! 

Quite nice figures, really, and the bulk of the paint job is Bill's

Here's the second unit of Bill's Bills. 

Once again, rebasing, a little touch up, and some minor paint conversions were all that was needed,

The Yellow and Blur theme surely marks these fellows as the Ukranian Brigade!

Shield transfers!

We will likely press at least some of these chaps into service for the various Test of Resolve Wars of the Roses games Tim and David will be running at Historicon. 

I think this is my favorite unit of the three. 

The Third and final unit of Bills from Bill's collection.

These figures sport a dark red theme. 

Let us them term them the Burgundian Brigade. 

Once again, only rebasing and minor touch up and paint conversions were needed.

The two figures in the left r3ar were equipped with Polearms from the proverbial "Bits Box".

A little mood music - Song of the Vagabonds.