Thursday, March 31, 2022

Wars of the Roses: Oxford Archers

These archers join their pole-armed fellows in the cause of John  de Vere, Earl of Oxford... and whomever he might be supporting this season!

These less well equipped fellows are intended to reflect more hastily armed Levy troops, as opposed to formal "Retinue" of a major Lord. 

Archery was important during the Wars of the Roses, but not the battle winning force it (seemed) to be during the Hundred Years War.

That's probably due to combination of both sides having men so armed, and some degree of exaggeration of the effectiveness of Longbows stemming from the famous battles of Crecy, Potiers, and Agincourt... three major victories over a century of conflict.

They once again are distinguished by the "Tawney" of  Oxford's livery.

"And the multitude of their arrows darkened the sky..." or not; ammunition could be limited. Accounts of battles in this era include the archers foraging for arrows to be re-used. 

Monday, March 28, 2022

Wars of the Roses: Plantagenet Billmen

This unit of "Levy" Billmen is the latest in the swarm of WotR figures to march off the painting table.

Their livery colors are Blue (Azure) and Murrey. Evidently, there's a difference between that and Murrey and Azure, but darned if I know what it is!

Murrey is an interesting heraldic color (technically, it is a :"stain", actually, as opposed to a "tincture", like Azure), and not often seen outside of the Wars of the Roses. 

Murrey is supposedly the color of ripe mulberries, and can range from a dark purple, to a deep crimson, or even maroon. 

I've used a deep Burgundy color for it here. 

King Edward IV and  Richard of Gloucester (later King Richard III) both used Azurte and Murrey for their livery colors. 

Friday, March 25, 2022

Scotts Covenanter Foot #2 - John Forbes of Leslie


This is the second unit of Scotts Covenanter Foot to take the field.

The regiment was raised in and around Aberdeen. 

The motto reads "PER AUGUSTA AD AUGUSTA"

A Roman proverb ,literally translated as "through difficulties to greatness"; many more poetic versions exist, such as, "To high places by narrow roads", or even, "He conquers who conquers himself". 

Simple tartan patterns are painted on the blankets.

These are Old Glory figures once again. 

They will be used with the For King and Parliament and Field of Battle, 3rd edition rules. 

The regiment fought at the battle of Dunbar.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Wars of the Roses: Northumberland Archers

A stalwart unit of Archers to join my growing Wars of the Roses troops. 

They wear the red and black livery of Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland.

The contrasting colors are pretty striking, I think. Of course, that was the idea; a ready way to (hopefully) tell freind from foe on the battlefield!

As usual for Old Glory, some very dynamic poses within the unit. 

Aside from the leaders and a few helmets. not much armor to be seen!

Despite that, it seems the Archers formed the "Reserve" for their battle lines once the shooting phase of a WotR battle was over, and thus were usually equipped with a decent sword for hand to hand combat, although that might be less so for hastily raised levies... such as these! 

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Wars of the Roses: Oxford Billmen


This is the first of fifteen (!) planned unist of Foot for the Wars of the Roses.

These are lesser equipped "Levy" troops.

The dominant color of their costume is Tawney, one of the lesser used colors in heraldry. 

This color is associated with the Earl of Oxford, and is well known from huis command of the Parliamentary asrmies in the early years of the English Civil War. 

I have depicted it as more of a russet color, using Delta Ceramcoat "Terra Coptta" paint. 

The Magic Wash has again worked nicely on these Old Glory figures (from the preceding "Revenge" line of medieval wargames figures). 

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Mauryan Indian Army: Refurbished Infantry Units


The core of my Indian Army is composed of  Minifigs, painted back when I was in Medical School.

The units originally had 2 stands each, and were organized for use with our "Legio Quaternarius" rules. 

There were 4 figures per 60 mm wide stand for for these close order troops, according to the original WRG basing. 

Thus each such unit has now been expanded by adding 4 Newline designs figures - an officer, a standard bearer, a drummer, and a hornist. 

The Archers (and there are LOTS of them), were simpler, being organized again ion 2 stand units, with 3 figures per stand for formed units, and 2 for skirmish units. There were already some units with Minifigs command elements, mostly officers. 

I mostly just needed to paint over the distinctive color of some of the figures to make the numbers come out right. 

Where needed, one or two Newline Designs command figures were added to round out the numbers.

The discrepancy in the size of the figures isn't too great.

I haven't shown any of the units that were just reorganized and rebased, just those that had new figures painted and added. 

In all, 12 Newline Designs figures were added. When the additional cavalry, mounted leaders, and Elephants are done, hopefully later this year, it will be time for a grand review!

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Scotts Covenanter Foot #1 - Earl of Sutherland


The first of a series of Scotts Covenanter regiments of Foot marches off the painting table. 

These are Old Glory figures, and very nice they are!

The flag is from the Project Auldearn 1645 blog, by Walter Morrison.
Many thanks to Keith of the Bydand blog for recommending it!

The inspiration for painting the tartan elements is from the same blog, although I was much more restrained with my use of Tartan patterns, chiefly due to laziness!

The flag is that (conjectural, but highly plausible) of the Earl of Sutherland's regiment, with the Sutherland arms in the center of the Saltire Cross of St. Andrew. 

I have a long time freind with the surname of Sutherland, so this was an apt choice for the first unit of my English Civil War era Scotts Covenanter army. .