Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Tiroler Landsturm #2, "Freiherr Ludwig Sonntag"

The next body of Tiroler Landsturm islead by Freiherr Ludwig Sonntag

This crew wears medium brown coats, with pants in shades of green and hats in shades of grey.

They are wearing their Sunday best in the rebellion against the tyranny of the Kingdom of Bavaria  (and their French masters)

"Erhebe die Flagge unserer Heimat..."

 Ludwig's men wield their scythes with brutal effectiveness.
Wir werden den Feind wie so viele Weizenhalme niederhauen!

The current version of the Arms of Tirol, seen above, date back to 1567.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Tiroler Schützen #2, "Ingo Brenner"

The next band of Tyrolean Rebels is that of Herr Ingo Brenner. 

They wear snazzy yellow suspenders!

Medium brown coats with pants in greens and hats in greys completes their order of dress. 

Herr Brenner's boys wisely take cover behind some  rocks.

Their leader always wears a rose in his hat, and studied law in Vienna, so his men nicknamed him Der Rosenrechtsanwalt. 

Also a lover of music, immediately before the beginning of the War, he attended the Opera in Vienna, seeing the premier of   Die Schweizer Familie by Joseph Weigl. Some say its pastoral themes helped motivate him to lead the men of his district in rebellion against their erstwhile Bavarian masters. Regardless, he has been known to use bits of the music from the opera to inspire his men!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Tiroler Schützen #1 "Günter Arlberg"

In contrast to the Pole-armed Landsturm, the Tiroler Schützen are armed with hunting rifles!

Herr Günter Arlberg is the leader of this band of Tyrolean  rebels.

Light brown coats with hats in various shades of green and Lederhosen in shades of grey are the order of dress for this band. 

They are well supplied with boulders, too! Time for a little "Alpine Thunder"?

Shooting from high above the Alpine passes, they find the Bavarians and their Allies to be easy targets. 

"Sich fertig machen, zielen, schießen!"  
"No, no, Hans, you Arschloch!", bellowed Günter.  "Pull your damn pants back up!"
"Now listen carefully! I said schießen, nicht scheißen!"

Thursday, November 22, 2018

3rd Quarter 2018 statistics

First a very Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!
I am thankful for all of you who follow and comment on this blog!

Quite late yet again, here are the stats for the past (3rd) quarter:


July 2018

Staples $59.94 (more really useful boxes with another $25 of coupon)
Home Depot 22.80 (spay paint,. primer, and varnish)
Historicon: Room 308.58, gas/tolls $30, food $130, HMGS membership $25
Historicon purchases: books $20, Flea market hedges and vines $40, Sash and Saber (6 packs of 2 Napoleonic guns each) 76.85
Vallejo metallics (3) $10.46, Dice and micro files $27, 6 packs of Crusader Punic Wars Cavalry/command $50

August 2018
Staples $55.48 (still MORE really Useful Boxes with $25 off coupon!)

September 2018
Eureka Tyroleans (with some help from Jon!) $231.98

3rd Quarter Totals: $1,088.69  (ouch!)


July 2018
Spanish Command (7 mounted, 4 foot) 90 pts
Nassau Infantry Regiment (18)  90 pts

August 2018
No figures, but 12 feet of walls painted!

September 2018
Gauls (12) 60 pts
Roman Triarii (19)  95 pts
... plus 30" of vineyards!

3rd Quarter:  335 points (much less than the torrid pace of the first half of 2018!)

Talavera playtest with Jared, mike, and John.
Ran three at Historicon (Talavera Campaign in a Day with Snappy Nappy, Battle of Talavera with Field of Battle, and and Geronium with To the Strongest!
Assisted with Tim's three Jacobite Rebellion games.
Ran and played in Great Italian Wars game with Barry and John

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Tiroler Landsturm "Freiherr Johann Freitag"

The first of the Tirolese rebel units rises in revolt!

This unit of Landsturm was raised with funds provided by Freiherr Freitag, and thus bears his name. It has dark brown jackets, with their hats in shades of green, and their pants in shades of grey. 

 They are so newly formed that the glue is still drying on their log barriers. :-)

These great figures are 28 mm Eureka, and are provided with an assortment of polearms.
Freiherr Johann's unit is equipped with Halberds.

They have cut off the alpine passes and are attempting to entrap their Bavarian and French foes. 

Modern day flag of the Tirol province of Austria. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Hills are Alive... with Tyrolean Rebels!

A number of years ago, I purchased the introductory deal for Eureka's 28 mm Tyrolean Militia (Landsturm). They were intended to be the core of a force to be used to do a scenario based upon the 2nd Battle of Berg Isel. With the Spanish Napoleonic project completed for Historicon 2018, a return to the year 1809 in central Europe seemed in order for Historicon 2019. That plan was reinforced by a small "grant"  from Jon over at The Palouse Wargaming Journal, in the form of his 6th Anniversary drawing.

I ultimately wound up buying the remainder of my planned forces in  one order from the very helpful Rob at Eureka Miniatures, USA. The planned forces number 15 units of infantry - 6 units of infantry armed with various pole weapons, each of four stands of three figures, and 9 units of infantry armed with hunting rifles, each of four stands of 2 figures. I decided that they would be divided into three groups of 5 units, based upon the color of their jackets, one in shades green, one in shades of brown, and one in shades of grey. Seen above are three units from the "Green group" in progress - a unit of  riflemen in medium green jackets, a unit of polearms in dark green jackets, and another rifle unit is olive drab jackets. Unfortunately, these pictures seem shifted to the blue spectrum, but as they are all WIP, I'm not going to stress about it. 

Polearms in olive drab coats, and rifles in Dark green. Within a unit, the hats and pants are done in at least three different shades of green, brown, or grey, the color being the same for each. For example,  in the picture above, the polearms men all have hats in shades of brown, and pants in shades of grey. 

Here are three units of the "Browncoat" group. The colors and painting, by the way is inspired by the Tirol Panorama at Innsbruck, as well documented in picture's on Jon's blog earlier this year. 

The rest of the Browncoat group - one Lansdsturm in dark brown coats, and some riflemen in medium brown.

A view of the same group from a different angle.

The first of the Grey coat group - riflemen in medium grey, Landsturm in dark grey, and rifles in light grey. Working on these guys as a group of about 150 figures has kept the posts down in recent weeks!

Landsturm in light grey coats and riflemen in dark grey coats. Obviously, there is a lot of painting yet to be done on all of these figures!

Command figures to the left - "The red-bearded Capuchin" priest, Joachim Haspinger, Josef Speckbacher (rear, in cape), Andreas Hofer, and a standard bearer.  A mountain howitzer and crew are to the right.

Here are some paintings, in addition to the Tiroler Panamorma,  showing the Tyrolean Rebels (all in the public realm):

Tyroleans overcome the Bavarians at the Battle of Sterzi.

Andreas Hofer and the Tyroleans immediately before the 2nd battle of Berg Isel.

Homecoming of the Tyrolean Landsturm

Andreas Hofer leading Tyrolean rebels - the red bearded priest is meant to represent Halspinger... whose favorite tactic was using man made avalanches of boulders rumbling down on French, Wurttemburg, and Bavarian troops moving along the mountain roads!

The Speckbacher Denkmal (Memorial), in Hall, Tyrol.