Sunday, February 26, 2023

ECW Scots Lancers #1

A unit of Scots Lancers prances off the painting table.

In FK&P, Scots cavalry count as "poorly mounted". 

A few simple rules modifications might be needed for some of the more effective Lancers of the Thirty Year War.

Scots Border Lancers were often seen as little more than Highwaymen... at least by the English! 

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Wurttemberg I.R. #4

Here is the first of many new Wurttemberg units from the Piano Wargames Kickstarter in 2021.

I was especially happy to see the Wurttemberg Grenadier companies represented (front right), with their transverse "raupe" and more triangular brass plate on the front. 

This is I.R. #4 with its Rose Pink facings, also known by the name of the regimental Inhaber, Franquemont. Later in the Napoleonic Wars, King Friedrich ordered that the regiments be known only by their number. Note the red within yellow national cockades for Wurttemberg. 

The gorgeous flags are as free download from Lucas' site, printed on my home laser printer, with some Delta Ceramcoat "Old Gold" paint on the edges to eliminate the white lines. The blue coats used Delta Ceramcoat "Pthalo Blue". 

Barely visible is the brass trim on the fore/aft crest on the Grenadier helmets. It has been controversial at times whether these grenadier helmets (worn only by the first company of the first battalion of each regiment were ever actually issued, but the Wurttemberg artillery officer and artist, Faber du Four, has pictures of Grenadiers wearing them during the 1812 campaign in Russia. 

Sunday, February 19, 2023

ECW Scots Dragoons #1

A bunch of Blue Bonnet Dragoons are the next Scots off the painting table. Once again, these are Old Glory figures; note the mounted drummer!

In the ECW, of course, Dragoons served as mounted infantry, and were not expected to fight while mounted, rather they used their mobility to scout or occupy important positions in advance of the main body. 

They often had a reputation for ill discipline and marauding. 

Likely, in most cases, it was well deserved!

Thursday, February 16, 2023

ECW Scots Cavalry #1


The first unit of Scots cavalry gallops off the painting table! They appear 2 scenarios in the FK&P scenario book beyond the one we just played last week.

"Scotland the Brave!"

Old Glory figures; horses painted as "Roan". 

Five bonnie bonnets and 1 helmet amongst them!

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Big Bash at Bisham Abbey

Colonel McIntosh MacLeod whistled to himself, more or less following the wail of the pipers accompanying his three regiments of foot. It was a fine day for a fight, and he had brought 3 experienced regiments of Scots Foote with him to this one. Sir Christopher Grey, the local Parliamentary  Grand Mucky-muck, was paying he and his men well for their participation! MacLeod and his men stepped off towards the enemy in orderly fashion, along with the rest of the Roundhead army. 

The Royalist,. under the command of "Little John" Boulters, had other ideas, and moved swiftly to the attack. The speed of their advance was stunning; Nicolson's Horse running down the Parliamentary Gunnes, who had, perhaps unwisely, deigned to unlimber when they had the chance! 

Situation after the first Cavalier move; note especially how far the pike heavy "Foote Cavallerie" of Sir Stanley Spencer's Brigade have moved; indeed, the 2nd Cookham Militia (white coats), nearly succeeded in charging across the hedges to their front. MacLeod sees the 2nd Cavalier Foote Brigade, under Sir William way, pull up to the line of hedgerows to his front, and load their muskets. 

Never one to shy away from a fight, on the battlefield or off it, MacLeod and his Brigade surge forward to contest the hedge line!

Meanwhile, Nicholson's Horse go gaily galloping off the field in pursuit, flushed with excitement after their bold charge! 

"Thot did nae go well, laddies" observes MacLeod drily, as his 3 Foote battalia  all suffer heavy Disorder from the accurate fire of the cursed Royalists opposite them. 

Meanwhile, all three battalia of the Royalist Cookham militia are now faced with their own contested hedgerow, both sides losing a few men in the exchange of close range musketry. The 3rd Cookham  Militia, Greencoats, though have no opposing unit and could thus turn the flank of the Roundhead position! 

The sole Parliamentary Foote regiment on the Eastern third of the battlefield, the Greycoated  1st Kavan's Foote, has boldly moved up to confront General Derek Derrick, and Derrick's Bluecoated Lifeguard of Horse. While the Foote dare not charge the enemy Horse, it can certainly shoot at them, and pinning them down from the front will make it harder to outflank Kavan's Foote as well. There is also the matter of the three regiments of Parliamentary horse as well; with Nicholson's Horse off in jolly pursuit and looting, the Cavalier mounted arm is suddenly seriously outnumbered. 

With but a single regiment of Horse deployed along the green in Bisham Village, Colonel Sir James Hurst, commanding all the Parliamentary cavalry, launches repeated charges, the Cavaliers duly countercharging! 

On the Western third of the Battlefield, MacLeod is happy to see his boys deal out fire that is just as effective as the enemy's was! The fire of the 3rd MacLeod Foote has dispersed the Oxford Musketeers Commanded Shotte. and the 1st MacLeod has hit the 1st Maidenhythe Foote (bluecoats) hard as well. "Aye, sure an'  'tis a bonnie sight!" remarks Colonel MacLeod. 

In the Centre, the opposing units mostly glare at one another across the hedges, the Greencoated 3rd Cookham Militia, pike heavy like all three of the Cookham units, flatly refuses to try to cross the hedgerow!

Three charges was more than Shafterton's Cavalier Horse could stand, and they were dispersed, the Whitecoated 3rd Grey's horse now thundering hell for leather in pursuit themselves! But what's this? In the interim, Nicholson's  Redcoated Horse has returned from looting the Parliamentary camp! Meanwhile, the 1st Kavan's Foote continues to push back Sir Derek and his troopers, a lucky shot throwing the Horse into Disorder as well! 

The ongoing furious exchange of musket fire is taking a toll; both of the Royalist Maidenhythe Foote are near exhaustion, but so are MacLeod's Scots! Seeking to break the stalemate, the Bluecoated Woddhurst Horse seek to turn the flank of the dour Scots. 

The Whitecoated 2nd Cookham Militia succeeds in skewering the depleted Sunnybank Shotte, thud emperiling the flank of the Yellowcoated 2nd Kavan's Foote. Meanwhile, the Greencoated 3rd Cookham settles down to fry some bacon, seemingly oblivious to the cacophony of battle all around them!

Sire Derek, and his Derrick's Lifeguards, finally manage to put some distance between the troopers and the accursed 1st Kavan's Foote. The Royalist Gunnes take aim at the tempting target made by said body of men, and.... miss! In the distance, one of Grey's Cavallerie is seen to face about to confront the returning (but blown) Nicholson's Horse. 

"What better place for a Hedgehog than amongst the Hedges, boys! " quips General Sire Nelson Kavan, as he takes refuge from the multiple Cavalier threats within!

The 1st Kavan's advances yet again upon Sir Derrick and his troopers, while...

The 3rd Grey's Cavallerie manages to Rally from their pursuit before leaving the battlefield. Their horses are now blown, however, and they are far Out of Command. 

With both sides tiring and low on ammunition, the exchange of musketry has little discernible effect on the Eastern 3rd of the field. 

Sir Derek pulls back and manages to rally his men from Disorder. The Gunne fires at Kavan's Foote and... misses. The gunners are unable to lose a second shot. 

Surrounded on three sides, but it's flanks safe, the 2nd Kavan's Foote stymies the Cavaliers, Sir Kavan enjoying a pinch of snuff as relief from the acrid black smoke that swirls across the field of battle. The 3rd Cookham Militia enjoys some crispy bacon, the men refusing the entreaties of their officers to take the fight to the enemy!

Crow's eye view of the Battlefield at this juncture. 

The 1st Kavan Foote has overrun the Royalist Gunne, even it's point blank cannister fire failing to disrupt the Roundhead infantry. Smelling revenge, Sir Derek and his Derricks charge into the flank thus exposed. Firing their pistols are they attack, their charge is a resounding success, and the 1st Kavan routs from the field!

Bah, two can play at this flank charge game, quips Colonel Hurst, as his cavalry Dash into positions to charge both the the 1st Cookhasm Militia and Nicholson's Horse. Over top the East, MacLeod's men have now scattered both of the opposing Maidenhythe Foote. Their flank threatened by The Woodhurst Cavaliers, the 1st MacLeod calmly forms its own Hedgehog amongst the Hedges". Meanwhile the 3rd Cookham starts frying some eggs to go with their bacon. 

Close up of the collapse of the Cavalier right... and the 3rd Cookham starting on Bangers and Mash next!

Close up of the confused situation in the Centre. 

The 1st Cookham Militia finds itself a Hog amongst the Hedges as well!

With their brekkie all finished, the 3rd Cookham Militia finally bestirs itself to turn to threaten the rear of the Scots line! 

Sir Derek and his Derricks must launch a Pursuit!

Meanwhile,  in the Centre, he 2nd Kavan foot is finally broken, but Lord Grey manages to burrow through the wall of foliage and escape regardless!

The cavaliers come in long range of the Forlorn Hope stationed within Bisham... who have fired narry a shot all day, and with the 2rd Grey Cavallerie trying to hunt them down as well. 

cavaliers charge the Hedgehog; they are beaten off, but in the process, Colonel MacLeaod falls with a Serious Wound! 

Sire Derrick and company are caught in the rear; the General escapes, but the loss of his Horse shatters the morale of the Royalist, and they make haste to quit the field. Sir Christopher Grey and his Roundheads have prevailed... with the aid of a few Scots. MacLeod, delirious from the shock of blood loss, is heard calling for haggis...