Sunday, September 29, 2019

2nd Quarter Statistics - Long Overdue!

Since it is a day away from the end of the 3rd Quarter, I figured I'd better get my stats up for the 2nd Quarter at least!


April 2019
Bill McHugh's troops $445.86  (Hittites, Assyrians, Sea Peoples and Normans) 
Joann's (felt for new gridded cloth, Delta ceramcoat paints) $42
Home Depot (spray paint for cloth, spackling compound for buildings $29
The Portal (Dice) $20.50

May 2019
Staples (really useful Boxes, 15% discount) 131.55
Scenic Express (Lots of Tufts, Plastruct wood shingle sheets)  $91.36

June 2019
Amazon (dice) $12

2nd Quarter Total:   $782.27

Much higher than planned due to the purchase of Bill's troops for essentially $1/figure. 


April 2019
16 ECW Mounted Leaders = 160 pts

May 2019

June 2019
45 ECW Casulaty figures = 225 pts
8 Baden (light) Dragoons = 80 pts
Tony's troops 22 foot + 1 mounted 20mm = 96 pts

2nd Quarter Total:  561 points

Decent, would have been better if I had finished painting something in May!


On the plus side, it was a good quarter for Games - Play tested and then ran Soggy Bottom at Havoc, played in and assisted with setting up the glorious 1814 Campaign in a Day at The Portal, and play tested my Alpine Wagon train scenario. 

Friday, September 20, 2019

Part 2 of the Bill McHugh Collection: The Assyrians

In addition to the Hittites in Bill's collection, there were also some other Chariot era figures. 

In this case Assyrian Medium Infantry Archers. 

22 figures of them - with the addition of 2 command figures, that will be enough to add two units of these archers to my Assyrian Army

There were also some Assyrian Cavalry.

10 figures of these.

With my basing scheme, that will make one unit of Medium Cavalry (6) and one of Light Cavalry (4) added to the Assyrian tally as well

    All of these figures will need some minor refurbishing work and detailing. From my last Old Glory order I also have 3  Assyrian 2-Horse chariots that can eventually be be added to the mighty forces of Ashur. Bill had still more Chariot era figures that I acquired... but they will have to wait for another post!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

The Lodestone Miniature Buildings #5: Extended Two Storey House, Archway, and ???

The final set of buildings from The Lodestone Kisckstarteer includes this "Extended 2 Storey House".

The hanging sign is also magnetic, and will fit several different buildings.

I suitable image will eventually be added to the sign.

Going back to the unboxing of this building.

Two medium basic boxes and an extension box., plus skins. 


Skins added to the ground floor.

Fully assembled without any added paint or shutters.

Note the "supports" for the overhanging 2nd storey.

Other side of the building, no paint applied yet. 

Final item of the Village KS package. 

Opening the box... hmm, what's the rolled up red item? 

Unboxed - to the right is an unrelated set of two variant skins for other buildings. 

As usual assembly is a snap - literally!

Assembled; this irem uses a special archway box for assembly. The applications for a fortress or castle seem obvious. 

Paint applied to the woodwork. 

I have one criticism of this item... no door or windows? 

As for the red rolled up item... leather with brass snaps, which could be put together a couple of different ways. I was baffled about its purpose for a long time, and just now as I am writing this, it occurred to me - a dice tray (for rolling)? 

A nice note from The Lodestone team.

The parts list...

All nine buildings of the Village set, painted.  I (later) hit the completed buildings with a heavy coat of satin acrylic varnish for protection. 

Just add inhabitants, 

opposing armies, 

or adventurers and foes!

    The Lodestone  team says they are working on new ideas for their next Kickstarter, and a webstore.  I look forward to seeing the concepts and products  they come up with!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Part 1 of the Bill McHugh Collection: The Hittites

    Back in the Spring of this year, my freind Jeff Grein wrote to tell me the sad news that our mutual freind, Bill McHugh had passed away rather suddenly, and that he was tasked by his widow with liquidating his collection, with the funds to benefit the choir that Bill sang with. Jeff offered me pretty much first choice of anything from the collection that I was interested in at very reasonable prices. However, even at that, I was already concluding that I was approaching having "nearly enough" troops, and only so much room to store them... as well as a finite amount of funds. I thus wound up acquiring a still very substantial amount of figures that would fit well with some of my existing armies that would benefit from expansion.

    Bill (and Jeff,, and some others) routinely came to Historicon from California. I first met Bill at  in Fredericksburg; I believe the first time was in 2015, when he played in one of my two Ligny games. I remember that game in particular because Bill was in the throws of a nasty stomach virus at the time, and had to hed out to the lavatory between every move!  None the less, he soldiered on, and with the benefit of a little minor medical advice and that potent pharmaceutical, Tincture of Time, he was soon feeling better. Thereafter, Bill played in at least one if not more of my games at every Historicon that followed. I don't have any pictures of Bill from that game, probably because he was away from the table so often. However, there follow some shots of Bill in some of the other games he played in over four conventions:

Bill (in red T-shirt and cap, top right), who played Hannibal's "Ambush" at the Battle of  Geronium, 217 BC, at Historicon 2018.

Bill (in green shirt and cap) commanding a Portuguese Corps (heavily disguised as l815 Brunswickers!) at the Talvera Campaign in a Day, Historicon 2018.

Bill in 2018 once again, here outside of "Lisbon" with his British allies. 

Bill (chartreuse colored shirt and cap) playing in the big Chariot Wars Egypt vs Assyria game (with To the Strongest!) at Historicon 2017.

Bill (blue shirt and cap) playing Sassanid Persians vs Palmyra with TTS at Historicon 2016.

Bill (left foreground) playing at the Battle of Liebertwolkwitz, 1813, at Historicon 2016 (Field of Battle rules).

Bill (yellow shirt and cap) playing in a smaller Egypt vs Assyria game with TTS, Historicon 2015. 

I thought of doing a clever parody of Stevenson's verse, as a Martial Elegy for a Wargamer, but decided the lighthearted tone of the original was better suited to Bill's positive personality. He was a gentleman and a pleasure to play with. We will miss him at wargames to come. However, we will remember him especially when his former miniature soldiers take to the Field of Honor!

A Martial Elegy For Some Lead Soldiers

For certain soldiers lately dead
Our reverent dirge shall here be said.
Them, when their martial leader called,
No dread preparative appalled;
But leaden-hearted, leaden-heeled,
I marked them steadfast in the field.
Death grimly sided with the foe,
And smote each leaden hero low.
Proudly they perished one by one:
The dread Pea-cannon's work was done!
O not for them the tears we shed,
Consigned to their congenial lead;
But while unmoved their sleep they take,
We mourn for their dear Captain's sake,
For their dear Captain, who shall smart
Both in his pocket and his heart,
Who saw his heroes shed their gore,
And lacked a shilling to buy more!

A bit blurry shots of the first lot of Bill's figures, Hittites.

Axemen; I believe these may be the same manufacturer (unknown, ? early Foundry) ) as the Hittites that my freind Ken Baggalye passed along to me a few years back.

 If not, they  are an excellent match for them in size and style. There are enough figures for 2 units of 12 each

Hittite Spearmen. 

Once again, enough for 2 units of 12 each. 

I rather like the 1990's style basing, with looks to be course sand and white glue, stained with browns and greens. 

Single figures, which will probably become Leaders. 

I will have to decide whether to retain this basing style, or convert to my own. Either way, they will need to be glued to my 60 mm element bases. 

Hittite Guardsmen; enough for 2 - 3 units of 12. 

By large, these figures are all very nicely painted.

I may have some spare figures from those that Ken gave me to round out these units. 

A slew of Hittite chariots! These all need some degree of repair and refurbishment. I especially like the basing effect on these, and the bases are already the same size that I use. 

This tray has 14  Chariots by itself! 

Once again, these figures look to be the same or very similar to those that Ken B. gave me a number of years ago. 

They will be a very impressive force when restored!

Some closer shots of 4 additional chariots!

I may need a few more Egyptian vehicles to combat them!

There will surely be a Battle of Qadesh (Kadwesh) at a future Historicon!

Most of these chariots need the wheels reattached, etc.

Masses of LI Slingers.

I will have to add a spot of color to some aspect of these troops to distinguish the different "units" of 2 stands/4 figures each. 

Enough for 7 units.

LI archers.

Once again, need a bit of color to distinguish the individual "units". 

Enough for 4 units.

A swarm of LI Javelinmen. 

38 figures in all.

Enough for 9+ units of 4, or 

1 -  3 Medium units of 12, and  0, 3, or 6 units of 4.