Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Peleset Chariots #1


This is my first pair of Pelset Chariots, raised to support the invasion of Egypt and the Middle East by the Sea Peoples.

Figures by Newline Designs once again. The crew figures actually fit in the cabs fairly easily. 

The reins were made with painted dental tape once again. 

Look out, Ramses!

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Peleset Ox Cart #1

The first of several Peleset (Philistine) Ox carts. 

These are by Newline Designs, about the only manufacturer who does them in 25/28 mm that I could find. 

Whether they were actually used in battle or simply as transport for goods, women, and children is uncertain. 

Still, they are so well known, unique, and cool, you gotta have a few...   right? 

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

106e Ligne

The 106e Ligne had its origins in the Regiment du Cap, first raised in 1772

From 1805 - 1810, the regiment was part of the Army of Italy.

It fought at Sacile. Raab, and Wagram in 1809.

During the1812 Campaign jn in Russia, it was part of the 4th Corps, asnd saw action at Ostrowno, Borodino, and  Maloyaroslavets.

It was back to Italy during 1813 - 1814  Italy, and participated in the battles of   Castagnaro, Barghetto, and  Plaisance.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

1st Quarter 2021 Statistics

The Battle Towton, March 29, 1461 - fought with the snow (and Yorkist arrows) blowing into the faces of the advancing Lancastrians.


January 2021
Newline Designs  $333.03 (Chariot era troops, plus Indians), Old Glory 259.77 (Indians, ECW Cavalry and Guns, British infantry and Rocket battery)    Total  $592.80

February 2021
 Old Glory $168.60 (ECW Artillery crew, Lost African Tribes)  Walmart $105.76 (2 shelf units to assemble), Amazon $56.68 (books)   Total   $331.04

March 2021

1st Quarter Totals:  $923.84 


January 2021
30 Peleset refurbs (75 points), 36 Sardana refurbs (90 points), 6 Eureka Gendarmes (60 points), 36 Old Glory Austrian Line (180 points), 10 Assyrian Cavalry refurbs (50 points)
Total 455 points

February 2021
6 Eureka Gendarmes (60 points), 36 French Line (180 pts), 1 Austrian Line (90 points), Assorted Assyrians and others (70 points)   Total 400 points

March 2021
24 Newline Hittite Archers (120 pts), 24 Foundry Peleset Archers (120 points),  36 Old Glory Austrian Line (180 pts), 18 Foundry French Line (90 points)   Total 510 points

1st Quarter Totals:   1365 Points


January 2021
Eppingham, March 12, 1470, Ferrybridge, March 28, 1461 - Scenario play tests for "Test of Resolve", forthcoming (? this month) rules for The Wars of the Roses and related conflicts. 

February 2021
Blackheath 17 June 1497; Rivoli 1796 multiplayer game hostedby Jon Freitag, extending into March, as General Napoleon Bonaparte

March 2021
Towton, March 29, 1461  with ToR

1st Quarter Totals:  5 games

Crisis at Rivoli - Reuss's powerful column has burst through the Osteria Gorge - Photo by Jonathan Freitag, Palouse Wargaming Journal

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Hittite Archers #2


A second unit of formed archer for a bit of fire support for the Hittites. 

These are Newline Designs figures once again. 

Blue was actually a difficult color to achieve with vegetable dyes, and thus I've used the very grey toned Delta Ceramcoat "Wedgewood Blue" here.  

The rest of the Army has nick-named these guys "The Skinheads"!

Friday, March 26, 2021

I.R. #3, Erzherzog Karl

The White Menace Returns, or the Kaiserlicks Strike Back!
This is Infanterie Regiment No. 3, recruited in Lower (Inner) Austria.

The Inhaber of this Regiment from 1780 - 1847 was none other than Karl-Ludwig-Johann-Josef-Lorenz, Erzherzog von Osterreich, aka Archduke Charles.

This regiment has "sky blue" facings and pewter buttons. It seems that "sky blue" was a considerably deeper blue than we would think today. I therefore used Delta CC  "Bluejay" for the facing color. 

In 1809, the regiment formed part of Ezherzog Ludwig's V Corps. The regiment fought at Landshut, Teugen, Abensberg, Eggmuhl, and Ratisbon.

 Later, it formed part of the I Corps, and fought at Essling, where it was heavily engaged on the 2nd day of the battle, and as part of the IV Corps, at Wagram. It was considered one of the best regiments in the Austrian army. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Birthday Loot!

I had another Birthday Monday, and made out well with hobby related loot!

This one has been on the watch list since the first volume covering the Danish Infantry came out a couple of years ago. Suffice it to say that Mr. Wilson has maintained the exceedingly high standard set with the first volume.  It is packed with details about the organization, uniforms, equipment, and standards of the Danish Cavalry, Artillery and support services. The detail is comprehensive, and illustrated by more than 60 original color plates by the author. Truly an amazing work, and sure to be the definitive source on the subject in any language. A third volume is planned, but what's left to cover?!  Well, the author states it will cover the Norwegian Army and the Danish militias and volunteers!  

The staff at the office went a bit over the top for Birthday recognition; this was the door to my workroom on Monday morning (I used have a spacious office, but I really didn't use it much at all, and with the growth of the office to 5 providers, it now houses 3 support staff instead!)

This one was highly recommended by freind and fellow blogger/Piquet enthusiast, Eric Burgess. Looks great!

The inside of my workroom, usually shared with the Medical student working with me; there's yet another banner attached to the desktop obscured by the chair. No student for another 2 weeks, as yesterday kicks off the start of the 3rd year for the University of Vermont medical school, but we did have a 1 hour Zoom reception for them at 5 PM, which was fun but got me home after 9 PM!

Another fellow blogger recommendation, this time by James Roach. Considering the paucity of information on this fascinating era, this was a must have! Hopefully further books covering the later years of the Great Italian Wars might follow? 

Old Glory and Newline figures for a major expansion of my small Ancient Indian army; had to match the Macedonian expansion, after all!  Enough for another 200 + figures, spread between foot, cavalry, chariots, and, of course, Elephants! 

This one was on sale at Old Glory, plus the Army Card Discount. With all the Chariot era armies I now have, I figures it was worth a look at more era specific rules, especially for under $10!

Kristie's dog, Annie, about age 7, in the "winner's circle" after earing several titles in Agility. There are a couple of great videos of her trials, but so far I haven't been able to figure out how to get them from the iphone format into one that can be used and posted here. 

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Peleset Archers #2


A second unit of Peleset archers takes aim at Ramses II and his army!

Once again,  these fine figures are by Foundry. 

Firepower isn't the strong point of a Peleset army, but it's nice to at least have some!

Painting these troops was very satisfying!

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

53e Ligne

The origins of the 53e Ligne date back to the  Regiment Alsace, first raised in  1656.

It spent 1805 - 1806 as part of the Army of Italy (fighting at Caldiero, Tagliamento,  and in the Tyrol).

1808 - 1809 the Regiment was once again with the Army of Italy ( Battle on the Piave, Tagliamento, San Michele, Raab, Wagram, and Znaim).

The regiment was part of the invasion of Russia in 1812, and fought at Borodino, Maloyaroslavets, and  Krasnoe.

In 1813 - 1814, it returned again to the  Army of Italy, where it was engaged at  Caldiero, San Michele, Boara, and the Mincio.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Casting Call for Castiglione

I finally got around to setting up the Castiglione scenario on the tabletop; overviews from the Northeast,

from the South

and from the East behind the Austrian lines. 

The Deployment map for orientation purposes!

Massena's large command is in the forefront.

French army from their left. 

View from behind the French lines.

Left to right, Kilmaine's command,  Augereau's small Division, and then Massena's large command.

The Austrian left is anchored by Monte Medolano, which has been fortified, with 2 heavy batteries stationed upon it. The cavalry and a cavalry battery guard against outflanking maneuvers. 

View of Sebetendorf's command from the Northwest.

The bulk of Davidovich's large command in the center. 

Some Jagers and Grenzer defend Solferiono and the Austrian right on the heights.

Despinois' troops waiting to enter via the Castiglione road. 

Fiortella's force, which will eventually appear from Guidizzolo.