Thursday, March 30, 2023

ECW Scots Lancers #2

The last of the Scots (for now) gallop forth.

Their cornet (flag) follows a similar pattern to many the infantry standards.

These lancers are, as usual, 25/28 mm Old Glory figures.

I probably won't return to any Scots this year, and certainly not before the Fall.
There is sufficient lead on hand for 4 more regiments of Foote and the High Command, plus maybe a few other odds and ends!

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Wurttemberg I.R. #2

Back to some more terrific Piano Wargames figures, this time IR #2, with the Grenadier figures front and center in this shot!

Herzog Wilhelm von Wurttemberg was the inhaber for this unit in its various forms from 1805 - 1811. 

The drum rims have diagonal stripes in red, black, and yellow. As with all of the Wurttemberg officers, the silver sash is interwoven with threads of black and red. I use my micron ink pens to do those. 

The handsome flags are free downloads from Lucas' site. 

Excellent sculpting, animation, and casting on these figures!

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Birthday Booty, 2023!

Another Birthday came and went yesterday! Along with other more mundane items, there were some hobby goodies as well!

Some Old Glory WotR figures to round out the collection - 30 each Dismounted Knights, Longbowmen, WOTR Command, Peasants (for "Very Inferior" bands), and 20 WOTR artillery crew to serve the many guns I already have.  That should be enough to make 4 units of dismounted knights, 3 of Longbows, and 3-4 of mobs! As to when they will make it onto the painting queue, unclear!

Powercell Games had a closeout sale on their super dice pack - couldn't resist all of these for under $20 postpaid! I figure the assorted black die sets are especially suitable for SCi-Fi naval games!

Then there was this BIG box that arrived last week...

Enough magnificent new figures from Lucas' "Alps Aflame" Kickstarter for:

1 unit of 8 Bavarian Dragoons
4 units of 18 Bavarian Line Infantry 
1 unit of Bavarian Light Infantry
2 Batteries (4 guns and 16 crew) of Bavarian artillery
Bavarian High Command

3 units of Austrian Infantry, Firing Line
1 unit of Austrian Infantry, marching
1 unit of Carinthian Landwehr
1 Austrian Artillery battery
Austrian High Command

2 Tirolese Scutzen
2 Tirolese Landsturm
Tirolese Command
Tirolese Characters
Tirolese Sheep
Tirolese Cows

Plus the Free Kickstarter set of infantry officers, one each Bavarian, Austrian, and Tyrol.

Clearly, I have my painting work cut out for me! Meanwhile, Lucas is hard at work preparing for his NEXT Kickstarter, which will include more Bavarians and Austrians, plus the first of the 1809 French, including Line and Light infantry.

Monday, March 20, 2023

ECW Scots Dragoons #2


A second unit of Dragoons joins the Covenanter forces!

Rather drab and dour looking fellows!

A few helmets in with the bonnets again.

Figures are by Old Glory 25's once again. 

The above picture before cropping shows Brooke, one of our Goldens. She is ball obsessed, and loves it whenever I take photos outside; she gets about 1 ball throw per photo!

Friday, March 17, 2023

Wurttemberg Fussjager Battalion #2

For Saint Patrick's Day, these guys are about as Green as it gets!  :-)

The Fußjäger had their origins as the Fussjager Kompanie, raised in October of 1799. By January of 1801 it had grown to three companies, now titled the Fussjager Corps, and by May of 1801, with the addition of a 4th company, the units was the Fussjager Battaillon. A second Battalion was raised in late 1805.

Originally known by the names of their commanders, by 1807they were now know simply as Fussjager Bataillon Nr 1 and Nr 2. Also in 1807, King Frederick became the Inhaber of the 1st battalion. By 1809, the 1st battalion was now referred to as the Konig Fussjager Bataillon. In 1814, the 2 battalions were united as Infanterie Regiment #9 "Konig Jager", and later in the year,  Fussjager Regiment #9 "Konig". Phew!

The Fussjager wore the shako pretty much as shown from 1802 until 1811; thereafter, along with most the rest of the Wurttemberg infantry, a "double billed shako" resembling the Austrian shako of the time was adopted. Officers had metallic bands to the top of the shako in the lace color. 

The NCO's (Feldwebel, unterfeldwebel) had a border to the dark green turban on the shako edged in the button color (brass/yellow for the 1st Battalion, Pewter/white for the second). Although not p[art opf the Royal Guard, when the King bnecame the Inhaber of the 1st battalion, yellow "guard litzen' (lace) was added to the collars, cuffs, and lapels of the first battalion. From 1811, the lapels became dark green piped white instead of the earlier black piped white. With that change, the litzen disappeared from the lapels of the 1st battalion. 

The hornists had black "swallow's bests" at the shoulders, with piping and a "W" pattern in lace of the button color. Plumes for the musicians were initially red/darkgreen/red, but circa 1808 became the opposite, dark green/red/dark green, as seen here. Later, red tipped dark green and dark green tipped red were evidently used.  Cords on the horns could be either red, or mixed red, yellow, and black. 


Tuesday, March 14, 2023

ECW Scots cavalry #2

A second unit of Scots cavalry joins the Covenanter forces.

A few helmets tossed in with the bonnets once again!

Figures are once again by Old Glory 

Mounts are "light Chestnut" in the scheme that I use. 

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Wurttemberg Light Infantry, 1st Battalion

Two Leichtes Infanterie Bataillone were first raised by Wurttemberg in 1805. They were named for their commanders; Leichtes-Infanterie-Bataillone ‘von Neubronn’ and Leichtes-Infanterie-Bataillone ‘Scheler’. In 1806 they received new commanding officers and became ‘von Bunau’ and ‘von Brusselle’ respectively. The following year they assigned numbers and became Leichtes-Infanterie-Bataillone Nr1 and Nr 2. They were intended to function similarly to the Prussian Fusilier battalions. 

This is the 1st battalion, as it appeared in 1809. The earlier "Rumsfeld" style helmet was rep[laced by the shako in 1807. Both battalions had a dark green cloth turban wrapped around the middle of the shako. The tall plume was red for the 1st battalion, and dark green for the second. White cords and flounders were worn for full dress, as seen here. 

Unusually, all the leather work for both units was buff color, although most drawings depict it as a fairly bright yellow. I used Delta CC "Empire Gold" for the belts (and Delta CC "Christmas Green" for the jackets). 

Combined with the light blue facings piped white, this has to be one of the gaudiest units of the Napoleonic Wars!

Aside from the obvious difference in the color of the plumes, the first battalion had square cuffs and the second pointed "Swedish" cuffs, and the buttons were brass for the first battalion and pewter for the second. By 1809, both units had pointed cuffs. 

These are more of the marvelous figures by Lucas Luber of Piano Wargames in Germany. There was a set of 6 skirmishing figures, so when I supported the 2nd Kickstarter by Lucas, I go that as well. I don't usually use Skirmish stands like this in my games, but I couldn't resist them!

Officer shakos had a broad metallic top band in gold or silver according to the button color of the battalion, thus gold for the first battalion. NCO Shakos had a top band of lace according top the button color (yellow or white); a single wide band of flat lace for the Oberfeldwebel and a double narrow band for the Unterfeldwebel. The green turban was similarly edged in white or yellow lace.

Musicians (Hornists and Drummers) had "swallow's nests" on the shoulders their jackets, light blue piped in white lace for the 1st battalion, and dark green piped in yellow lace for the second. These were decorated with a "W" pattern in the same color as the piping. Plumes for the Hornist and Drummers had three sections,  red/dark green/red for the 1st Battalion and dark green/red/dark green for the 2nd Battalion.

Note that the hitherto successful "cut and paste" of the lead photo, so as to allow the thumbnail to show in Blog reading lists, failed to even be allowed to upload in this post, almost as if Blogger has caught on to our tricks! :-)

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

ECW Scots Artillery


With 4 regiments of Foote, a number of Highlanders, several cavalry units and Dragoons already in my Scots forces, it was clearly time to add some artillery as well. 

The crew yielded opportunities for some more Tartan painting!

If the cannon balls don't suffice, we will fart in your general direction!

Both the crew and guns are once again Old Glory 25's. 

The earlier groups were crewing Sakers, the ECW equivalent of Medium guns (roughly 6 pounders). Here are a pair each of Culverins (heavy guns, probably roughly 12 lbers)), and Falconets (light guns, lijely 1-3 pounders). 

The spare pieces will be used with additional crew figures yet to be painted.  

More tartan opps!

The Scots now have quite a bit of ordnance of their own!

Sunday, March 5, 2023

The Battle of Vyazma, part 1 (?)

     One week ago, Jared hosted a Napoleonic game using the new Battle Command rules by Brent Oman. Thomas fell prey to a last minute minor illness, so it was left to Jared, Nick and I. Nick, playing in his first "Field of Battle" style game, chose to command the French, and I thus commanded the Russians trying to cut off Davout's rear guard. Wikipedia has a good summary of the battle, which was fought on November 3, 1812, as the French were retreating towards Smolensk.


The initial set up; Davout's men, forming the Rear Guard of the retreating Grande Armee, seen in the squarish deployment in the foreground, are in danger of being cut off from the main body. They need to reach Vyazma, the village at the upper right, where Eugene's troops are posted. The troops on the tray are the Russian immediate pursuers, a swarm of cossacks, followed by some infantry and artillery. By the terms of the scenario, the French gain one Morale point for each of Davout's units that make it to the halfway point, and a second for each unit that makes it to Vyazma. The pieces of paper indicate various locations where additional Russian forces may enter during the game. Talk about running the gauntlet! Some limited French reinforcements can also be expected arriving at Vyazma. 

The French get lucky with their card draws and options rolls, and make haste to reach the relative protection of the nearest village and woods, which can mitigate the threat from all of that Russian cavalry! I use the 4 regiments of horsemen (2 Russian Dragons - yuck, pooey pooey blech!) and one each of Hussars and Uhlans. starting on the field to threaten the left of the French advance. My supporting horse artillery gives good service. We Russians do love our Artillery!

Where are those darned Cossacks, who were supposedly "in hot pursuit"?  They are still the box; must have found a stock of Vodka somewhere! Fire from the Horse battery routs one of Davout's regiments with heavy losses (note the 3 rocks), but some of his men have already made it halfway to Vyazma with little other Russian interference. French morale rises a bit!

Some of Eugene's men  (left foreground) move out from Vyazma to succor their brothers in Davout's command.  They have nearly linked up! "Proklyatiye!"

French Chasseurs scoot out of the way of the Russian artillery. They are pretty well out of position now, however. 

French reinforcements in the form of some Poles arrive at Vyazma. 
Gde moi tovarishchi? "And where are *my* comrades?"

My Russian Dragoons charge the wandering Chasseurs in the rear; typical performance for Russian Dragoons - they lose both of the first 2 rounds (where they cannot suffer losses, but do become disordered in the process), and then are thrown back!

Russian Cossacks, emerging from their drunken stupor, finally arrive, chasing Davout's men. 

The second Russian Dragoon unit, seen routing from heavy losses. They were at the edge of the woods, and the French infantry moved forwards and blasted them with point blank musket fire (note the smoke in the woods), and then withdrew. 

Still more French reinforcements arrive in March Columns - some of Eugene's Italians now. 

The Russian Hussars and Uhlans are proving more effective than the despicable Dragoons, but one of the cavalry Brigadiers is hit; his troops cannot move until a replacement is named!

At last, a mass of Russian reinforcements have arrived to the left of Davout's line of advance (retreat). The Dirtbag Dragoons are seen at the edge of the table at the lower left...
Meanwhile, the Hussars, Uhlans, and Cossacks have managed to eliminate most of Davout straggling units, the speed of the weary French  having slackened!

Eugene and Davout continue to act aggressively; they think they may be able to win this battle! Doing so might slow their pursuers, and enable move of the retreating Grande Armee to escape to the West. 

Russian infantry "pursuers" finally make their appearance, having eveidently shared the Vodka with the Cossacks. Wait, Cossacks sharing... ?

A Russian foot battery has gained a position to Eugene's flank; the Viceroy seems unconcerned. He is focused on the chance to defeat the Russian reinforcements that have deployed between the Swamp and the central woods. 

Russian reinforcement advance S-L-O-W-L-Y, while the Russian cavalry reform in the center, one of the Colonels having been assigned as acting Brigadier. 

The French charge, while the Russian guns fire as they advance! 

After the charge is sorted out, one of Davout's units is routed, but the other overruns the Russian battery shrugging off heavy casualties from double cannister fire in the process! The Russian defensive line is looking pretty thin... although help is on the way... sort of!

Eugene's infantry move to the attack; they cannot quite reach the Russian position. The exposed Russian infantry fire at the columns, but evidently their hands were numb and their powder wet, the shooting having little impact upon the determined French!The Russian batter to Eugene's flank fired at the flank of a supporting French foot battery, but evidently was supplied by the same contractor, producing little more than clouds of  dense, black smoke. As for the Dastardly Dragoons; they failed to rally, and have "left the building"!

At this point, time ran out for the real life participants. Hopefully this exciting game can be completed at a future outing! Perhaps the Iron Marshal and the Viceroy can yet prevail? On the Russian side, still more troops are believed to be in waiting. Until then, do svidaniya!