Monday, October 31, 2022

Scots Highlanders #2


Another Highland unit, this one featuring dull yellow jackets. 

ASs usual, the Old Glory sculpts tend to be bold and dramatic. 

More Tartan!

Lots of different color combinations once again. 

Gotta have a Piper!

We're playing the 3rd scenario of the "Marlowe to Maidenhythe" FK&P scenario book next week. I had thought the Scotts showed up here, but it isn't until scenario #5 that they make their appearance, so I am well ahead of schedule with painting my Scots!

Friday, October 28, 2022

Indian Medium Cavalry #2


Here's the second of two units of Indian Medium Cavalry

Figures are once again Old Glory with command figure by Newkline Designs ("trumpeter").

Colors used include Delta Ceramcoat Turquoise, Caribbean Blue, and Azure. 

Not much armor in sight on these guys!

"Sound the Charge!"

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Scots Highlanders #1

This unit represents a return to the era of the English Civil War. 

These are Old Glory Scots Highlanders. 

The addition of the Scots to my ECW forces was prompted by the book of (fictitious) ECW scenarios for use with the For King and Parliament rules. 

Tartan, tartan everywhere!

The scenario book, Marlowe to Maidenhythe, includes a number of scenarios with Scots in them; we have played all of them up that point. so I needed some Scots. Of course, I couldn't limit my self to just a few, so I am working my way through a whole army of them! These troops are now added to the three units of Covenanter foote already completed. 

Saturday, October 22, 2022

15 mm European (paper) buildings for next weeks Snappy Nappy event


A week from today, Saturday October 29th, 10 AM - 5 PM is our next Snappy Nappy Campaign-in-a-Day event, to be held at The Portal in Manchester, CT once again. This time the action centers on the Northern flank of Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812, with Mark T. as GM and myself and Dan assisting. This weekend ids the time for setting up the troops for the various commands, as well as doing a dry run set up of the tables that I will be setting up. 

These buildings are from Scott Washburn's Paper terrain selection.

Not really Russian; I got them for the 1809 campaign that was supposed to run in April 2020; we know how every thing went then, at the height of the Pandemic!

In fairness to Scott and his product, these are the bare bones versions, assembled over a few evenings. 

There are gables, awnings, sheds and garden walls, as well as ruined versions of all the buildings to be completed another time. 

This is "European Village set #2". 

I purchased it at Historicon 2019 direct from Scott's booth. 

It, and set #1, which i will probably purchase at Historicon 2023, come in versions with red or grey roofs; obviously, this is an example of the later!

The second half of the set of 12 buildings. 

A nice variety of sizes and shapes. 

Adding the dormers, chimneys, walls and sheds will add a lot of nice detail. 

For now, the simple versions gets the job done in the time available, thoughj!

A little black ink along the fold lines and cut edges can also kick up the presentation value; tasks for another day as well!

The 15 mm terrain works well with my 28's and Snappy Nappy, where an infantry unit is just 2 bases. 

All of the many tables for the Campaign event will be 4 x 6 feet in size; time to start laying out the tables I am responsible for now!

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Mounted Indian Commanders

A pair of mounted commanders - figures by Newline Designs. 

These "officers"  from the Indian Mounted Command set were conveniently but intentionally extra after using 10 Old Glory and two out of the three Newline Designs figures for the Medium and Heavy cavalry. units 

They cab sever to command the Mounted troops of bothh wings of the army. 

"To the Strongest!"

Saturday, October 15, 2022

3rd Quarter Statistics

The Valknut, an ancient Norse symbol... is a new period in the works?



July 2022
Historicon expenses [gas $70.42, Parking $14, Meals $152.82 , Lodging $354.84}; total $592.08, Historicon Purchases $60 ,Balsa Wood $64.25, Scenic Express (3D brick face sheets) $61.04, Bretwalda Kickstarter $176, Valhalla Playing Cards Kickstarter $48

August 2022
Staples (Really Useful Boxes) $136.81, "it is Warm Work (Napoleonic Naval Rules PDF) $5.95, 

September 2022

3rd Quarter Total:   $1,144.13

Year to Date : $3,589.34

Way over budget; at this rate, the best I can hope for is not to exceed $4,000. The big fly in the ointment would be if Lucas completes his next Piano Games Kickstarter before the end of 2022. 


July 2022
Late medieval refurbs: 45 foot, 2 organ guns:222.5  points, 1 Late Medieval Cannon  10 points, 24 WotR Household troops 120 points, 8 WotR Command Stands (8 fooot, 8 Mounted figures) 120 points

August 2022

September 2022 
3 Indian Chariots 120 points, Granaderos a Caballo 80 points, Cazadores de Olivencza 80 points, Spanish Cavalry Officers 20 points, 2 Renaissance Limbers 40 points

3rd Quarter Total:  812.5 points

Year to Date: 2,762.5 points

I likely won't reach the 3800 mark of the past 2 years, but it will likely be circa 3500 by year's end. 


July 2022
Heraclea, Marengo, Pavia, Caldiero, Epingham - all at Historicon

August 2022
Davout's attack at Wagram

September 2022

3rd Quarter Totals: 6 games (all in person)

Year to Date: 11 games

Well short of goal; the lack of on-line games this year shows! 

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Indian Heavy Cavalry #1

Better protected and/or better trained, these are Indian "Heavy Cavalry"

Once again, the figures are mix of "old and new"; Old Glory, and  Newline Designs (the trumpeter), that is! 

The bronze and purple look is in vogue this year!

Getting the Javelins to glue in place was a nuisance!

"Alpine Meadow" flocking on the bases. 

Sunday, October 9, 2022

Ramses II takes it on the chin; HMGS Next Gen at the Trumbull Library, Lebanon, CT

All set up and ready to play at 10AM; I arrived at 8:30 Am after a roughly 90 minute drive through the stunning fall foliage on a gorgeous October day. An invasion of Egypt by the Sea Peoples must be stopped by the young pharaoh, Ramses II. 

The players all caught on the gist of the rules (To the Strongest!)  fairly quickly, but of course required assistance at times. Note the Egyptian chariots on the far right flank of the Sea Peoples! 

Everyone getting into the action! The library building was just recently constructed, and is a gorgeous facility/ The large, brightly lit room we were in could have handled 2 games easily,  and I understand there is a second room that could accommodate a third game.  

The participants (correct me if I got any names wrong) , starting with Ray in the blue shirt and proceeding clockwise - Peter (moi, GM) . Emmet, Matt (Librarian, but took over a command when one of the players had to leave), Logan, then the Sea Peoples players Shamus, Jayden, and Ryan. When the game ended, the Egyptian left flank chariots had swept around the Sea Peoples rear, taking both camps, but elsewhere the Egyptians suffered the curse of the Mummy or some such, and suffered heavy losses. No commanders failed their save, which was a first for a TTS! game in my experience. I did remember the Morale Test rules,  and in this game, it cost the Egyptians dearly! Thanks to Jim Stanton for the phots; I cleverly forgot my  cell phone! Jim also set up his Gnome Wars castle assault table, which always looks great and garnered plenty of interest as well. Unfortunately there wasn't enough time or players to actually run it,. but it was helpful for Matt and the players to see another example of what was possible. 

Newly assembled and painted for this game was the Egyptian Obelisk I purchased at Historicon in November last year. It was used for atmosphere, well in the center of the table where no one would have to risk impaling themselves upon it 

A youtube video on the enigmatic Sea Peoples...

Friday, October 7, 2022

Indian Medium Cavalry #1

The first of four new units of Indian cavalry trots off the painting desk!

The bulk of the figures are by Old Glory; this unit's shields and the standard bearer are from Newline Designs.

Cavalry were not held in particularly high esteem in the Indian armies of this time. 

In to the Strongest terms, these are Cavalry, Javelin, Raw. 

At very least, they will be cheap!