Pike and Shot Troops

ECW Royalists (Cavaliers)

Sir Thomas Gerard's Regiment of Foote (Bluecoats)         40  Link5
The Kings Lifeguard of Foote (Redcoats)                         40  Link5
Colonel Henry Tillier's Regiment of Foote (Greencoats)    40  Link1
The Earl of Norwich's Regiment of Foote (Whitecoats)     40  Link1
Sir Thomas Blackwell's Regiment of Foote (Blackcoats)   24  Link8
Firelock Train Guard (Yellowcoats)                                 12  Link8
Devonshire Halberdiers (Yellowcoats)                               8  Link8
Highland Swordsmen                                                       10  Link8

Colonel Woolaston's Dragoons (Whitecoats)                    20  Link14

Lord Lucas' Regiment of Horse (Buffcoats)                       18 Link3
Sir Marmaduke Rawdon's Regiment of Horse (Redcoats)  18 Link 3
Lord Capel's Regiment of Horse (Bluecoats)                     20  Link 7
Gentlemen Pensioners (Lobsters)                                      12  Link 7

1st Company, City of Oxford  (Medium)                             4 crew, 1 gun  Link13
2nd Compnay, City of Oxford (Medium)                            4 crew, 1 gun  Link13
1st Company, Cornish Artillery (Light)                                3 crew, 1 gun  Link13
 Royal Company of Artillery  (Heavy)                                 5 crew, 1 gun  Link13

7 figures                                                                             7  Link14

Total Royalists:
214 Infantry, 20 Dragoons, 68 Cavalry, 16 Crew, 4 Guns, 7 Leaders  (325 figures)

ECW Parliamentarians (Roundheads)

Lord Brooke's Regiment of Foote (Purplecoats)               40  Link2
Earl of Essex's Regiment of Foote (Orangecaots)              40  Link2
Earl of Stamford's Regiment of Foote (Bluecoats)             40 Link6
London Trained Bands (redcoats)                                      40 Link6
Sir Thomas Grantham's Regiment of Foote                        24  Link10
Firelock Train Guard (Greencoats)                                   12  Link10
Cornish Halberdiers (Greencoats)                                       8  Link10
Lowlands Swordsmen                                                        8  Link10

Sir John Oakey's Dragoons                                               20 Link12

Alexander Pophams' Regiment of Horse (Yellowcoats)     20  Link4
Earl of Denbigh's Regiment of Horse (Greycoats)              18  Link4
Sir William Tirrell's Regiment of Horse (Whitecoats)          18  Link9
Sir Arthur Hasselrig's Regiment of Horse (Lobsters)           12  Link9

City of London company #1 (medium)                                 4  Link11
City of London company #2 (medium)                                 4  Link11
Newham Artillery company (heavy)                                     5  Link11
Margate Artillery company (light)                                         3  Link11

05 Figures                                                                               Link12

Total Parliamentarians:
212 Infantry, 20 Dragoons, 68 Cavalry, 16 Crew, 4 Guns, 5 Leaders  (321 figures)

ECW Totals:
426 Infantry, 40 Dragoons, 136 Cavalry, 32 Crew, 8 Guns, 12 Leaders  (646 figures)

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