Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Dismounted French Napoleonic Dragoons


My original French Napoleonic Wargames army, mostly painted back when I was in High School, contained a unit of Dismounted Dragoons that I was quite fond of. Those figures were by Hinton Hunt. 

As my current French Army has grown to epic proportions, I can allow myself the indulgence of including some Dismounted Dragoons once again. 

These fine figures are from Brigade Games, and were purchased a number of years ago at the same time as my French Gendarmes a Pied. 

The scarlet facings mark them as belonging to one of the first 6 Dragoon regiments. 

The vertical pockets on the back of the coat further narrow the possibilities down to the 4e, 5e, or 6e regiments. The solid scarlet collars further narrow the possible units to the 4e or 6e. As is often the case for heavier cavalry, the gloves obscure the cuffs so no further refinement is possible. So, let's call it the 4e Dragoon regiment... a pied!

Due to alack of mounts, several regiments fought dismounted during the 1805 campaign. The Dragoons formed the bulk of the French cavalry in Spain, where their capacity to fount dismou8nted was often useful. As a result, the Dragoons were not destroyed in the 1812 Retreat from Moscow debacle, and were thus arguably the best of the French cavalry in 1813 - 1814. 

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Sea Peoples King, and Sardana repurposed

I think this fellow was in with the Old Glory Seda Peoples, but in any event he looked like Royalty to me!

I assume he has outfitted himself with the latest Purple dyed cloak from Tyre.

Probably looted...

A few flowering tufts of suitable colors.

He does look rather determined!

Meanwhile I re-based by Sardanna so that they could be used for or against Egypt.

That freed up a few figures that were used to flesh out the numbers in some of the other Sea Peoples units.

Tremble ye Canaanites!

Your doom is upon you!

Wait, who's this Ramses guy you're Babbling about?

He's big into statuary, eh? Our numbers are like those of the waves of the Sea that we spring from, and we will crash upon his shores!

Monday, June 7, 2021

Sea Peoples - Sardana Warband #3

 Here's the last of the new Warbands. As has been said, Orange is the new Black!  :-)

Supposedly, the Ancients didn't recognize orange as a color; to them it was just a shade of red! 

Once again these are Old Glory figures, with the hornist and leader being by Newline Designs. 

Pumpkins on Parade... better be afraid!
(With apologies to Teddy Ruxpin)

This is the last of the new Sardana Warbands... almost ready for the Army Review!

Thursday, June 3, 2021

IR #44: Bellegarde


The Inhaber of I.R. #44  from 1792-1799 was Ludwig, Feldmarschalleutnant  Belgioso; from 1799-1801, vacant, and from 1801-1845 Heinrich-Josef-Johannes, Feldmarschalleutnant Graf Bellegarde.

The regiment was recruited in Galicia, and had Madder Red  (or Krebsrot - "Crab Red") facings. This natural red die could result in a wide variety of red and orange hues, but it seems that a deep crimson to maroon to even brown color was what the Austrians meant by this; I have used Americana Deep Burgundy. 

In 1809, it fought as part of Hohenlohe's IV Corps at the Battle of Teugen-Hausen. It suffered heavy losses in the actions before during, and after Eggmuhl, thereafter retreating across the Danube at Ratisbon (Regensburg). 

The regiment fought at Essling as part of Rosenbergs''5th Column. 

At Wagram, the regiment fought on the Austrian left as part of Nordman's Advanced Guard. 

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Sea Peoples - Sardana Warband #2


This is the second of three new Sardana Warbands.

Once again, the two "Command" figures (front left) are by Newline Designs, and the rank and file are Old Glory figures. :"Something Old and something New!"

White/Light Grey is the theme here!

Bright sunlight for this shot!

The fine detail on the leader's bronze armor is picked out in silver. 

Thursday, May 27, 2021

French 8e Legere

These Foundry figures provide the Light Infantry contingent for the "Division:" of 4 units of Ligne painted earlier this year.

They differ from my standard Legere units in a number of ways. 

First, they are in "Campaign Dress" wearing grey trousers and having covered shakos - although the elite companies have the flammes of their colpacks proudly deployed! 

A fairly common uniform variation for Legere units was red cuffs piped white with blue cuff flaps, similar to that of the Line regiments, and this unit is painted wearing that variant. 

Epaulettes all around, though! With this unit, my 10th and probably last French Division is complete. 

Monday, May 24, 2021

Sea Peoples - Sardana Warband #1

Having added so many units to the Peleset component of the Sera Peoples, it was only fair tghat I bolster the other major clan I depict, the Sardana. 

These are Old Glory figures. 

I had a few spare Old Glory Egyptian Sherdan Guards from a reorganization of their units, which I used to fill out the numbers a bit. 

are basically similar troops; just a bit heavier leather armor, and a bronze disk in the center of the helmet top. Can you spot them? 

The officer and hornist are by Newline Designs once again.