Sunday, April 18, 2021

IR #26, Hohenlohe

IR #26 had a succession of Inhabers during the Napoleonic Wars.  From 1790-1800: Wilhelm, Feldzugmeister  Freiherr Schroder von Lilienhoff,  from 1800-1803: vacant, from
1803-1814:  Ludwig, Feldzugmeister Furst zu Hohenlohe-Bartenstein, and finally from 1814-1815:  Wilhelm, Prince (later King)  of Orange-Nassau!

It was recruited chiefly in Carinthia (Inner Austria), and the facing color is variably described as "Bright Green", "parrot green", Poplar Green (probably mistranslation). I went with Bright Green (Delta Ceramcoat "Jubilee Green"), as shown in Enrico Acerbi's volum eon the Austrian Army, but likely the somewhat sickly yellow-green of "Parrot Green" would be more correct.  

In 1809 it served in the VII Corps under Chasteler, fighting  at Klagenfurt and a number of other minor actions in the Tyrol. 

These are once again "old" (aside from the command figures) Old Glory figures, part of the "300 Austrians" purchased at Historicon - Valley Forge, in 2011. 

Friday, April 16, 2021

Hittite skirmishers and Leaders


A few more Hittite odds and ends...

A few skirmish Archers, looking for suntan lotion.

Newline Designs figures once again.

"These rocks sure are tough on bare feet!"

Hittite Generals...

or Heroes?

Interesting they are sculpted wielding the khopesh, a weapon we associate more with Ancient Egypt.

Purple dyes doubtless via Tyre!

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Peleset Chariots #1


This is my first pair of Pelset Chariots, raised to support the invasion of Egypt and the Middle East by the Sea Peoples.

Figures by Newline Designs once again. The crew figures actually fit in the cabs fairly easily. 

The reins were made with painted dental tape once again. 

Look out, Ramses!

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Peleset Ox Cart #1

The first of several Peleset (Philistine) Ox carts. 

These are by Newline Designs, about the only manufacturer who does them in 25/28 mm that I could find. 

Whether they were actually used in battle or simply as transport for goods, women, and children is uncertain. 

Still, they are so well known, unique, and cool, you gotta have a few...   right? 

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

106e Ligne

The 106e Ligne had its origins in the Regiment du Cap, first raised in 1772

From 1805 - 1810, the regiment was part of the Army of Italy.

It fought at Sacile. Raab, and Wagram in 1809.

During the1812 Campaign jn in Russia, it was part of the 4th Corps, asnd saw action at Ostrowno, Borodino, and  Maloyaroslavets.

It was back to Italy during 1813 - 1814  Italy, and participated in the battles of   Castagnaro, Barghetto, and  Plaisance.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

1st Quarter 2021 Statistics

The Battle Towton, March 29, 1461 - fought with the snow (and Yorkist arrows) blowing into the faces of the advancing Lancastrians.


January 2021
Newline Designs  $333.03 (Chariot era troops, plus Indians), Old Glory 259.77 (Indians, ECW Cavalry and Guns, British infantry and Rocket battery)    Total  $592.80

February 2021
 Old Glory $168.60 (ECW Artillery crew, Lost African Tribes)  Walmart $105.76 (2 shelf units to assemble), Amazon $56.68 (books)   Total   $331.04

March 2021

1st Quarter Totals:  $923.84 


January 2021
30 Peleset refurbs (75 points), 36 Sardana refurbs (90 points), 6 Eureka Gendarmes (60 points), 36 Old Glory Austrian Line (180 points), 10 Assyrian Cavalry refurbs (50 points)
Total 455 points

February 2021
6 Eureka Gendarmes (60 points), 36 French Line (180 pts), 1 Austrian Line (90 points), Assorted Assyrians and others (70 points)   Total 400 points

March 2021
24 Newline Hittite Archers (120 pts), 24 Foundry Peleset Archers (120 points),  36 Old Glory Austrian Line (180 pts), 18 Foundry French Line (90 points)   Total 510 points

1st Quarter Totals:   1365 Points


January 2021
Eppingham, March 12, 1470, Ferrybridge, March 28, 1461 - Scenario play tests for "Test of Resolve", forthcoming (? this month) rules for The Wars of the Roses and related conflicts. 

February 2021
Blackheath 17 June 1497; Rivoli 1796 multiplayer game hostedby Jon Freitag, extending into March, as General Napoleon Bonaparte

March 2021
Towton, March 29, 1461  with ToR

1st Quarter Totals:  5 games

Crisis at Rivoli - Reuss's powerful column has burst through the Osteria Gorge - Photo by Jonathan Freitag, Palouse Wargaming Journal

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Hittite Archers #2


A second unit of formed archer for a bit of fire support for the Hittites. 

These are Newline Designs figures once again. 

Blue was actually a difficult color to achieve with vegetable dyes, and thus I've used the very grey toned Delta Ceramcoat "Wedgewood Blue" here.  

The rest of the Army has nick-named these guys "The Skinheads"!