Sunday, February 9, 2020

Kurassier Rgiment #7, " Karl Eugen, Prinz von Lothringen"

I have wanted to add a few more regiments of Austrian Cuiraasiers to my collection for some time, so I took advantage of the annual Foundry Christmas Sale this year to acquire the necessary figures. 

The Inhaber for this regiment was General der Kavalerie Karl Eugen, Prinz von Lothringen,. He was a French emigre, better known by the French version of his titles, namely Charles Eugène de Lorraine, prince de Lambesc, duc d'Elbeuf, comte de Brionne. 

As both Inhaber and a GdK, Karl was entitled to wear the handsome uniform of his regiment, white coat with dark blue facings and silver buttons; very nice! He was born at Versailles in 1751.

In the Royal army of France,  Charles  commanded the Royal Allemand Dragoon regiment, and was tasked with the personal protection of the King. On July 12th, 1789, his regiment was part of a force ordered (without the consent of the King) to disperse the crowds assembling on the Placed de la Concorde in reaction to the dismissal of the Finance Minister, Jacques Necker. The resultant turmoil lead to the storming of the Bastile on Jul; 4th, and Charles' later flight to Austria, accompanied by the remnants of his Regiment, which was taken into Austrian service. 

KR #7 began the 1809 campaign as part of the forces in Poland under the command of Ehrzherzog Ferdinand, and fought at the battles of Razyn and Gorchow. 

The regiment's excellent Leibfahne is from Adolfo Ramos. I like to use the white Liebfahnen for my Cuirassiers and (incorrectly, aside from 1805) the Grenadiers; everyone else carries the yellow Ordinarfahnen