Sunday, July 6, 2014

"Bugs, Sir; Millions of 'em!" (Entomalian Fleet Part 7)

The Entiomalian Starlet has long been the weakest of my four fleets of starsgips. As they ought top outnumber everyone else, this situation could not be allowed to continue... and with this large group of smaller ships completed today, it will not! Added to the Fleet today were:

Two more Stellar Destroyer Leaders (underside seen here).

Entomalian SDL's seen on a 2" hex grid.

That will make 4 Entomalian SDL:'s altogether.

2 more Entomalian Cruisers.

Entomalioan SC"s

The detailed undersides typical of the range.

5 new Starbombers.

Entomalian SB's

Added to the three I had already had makes 8 total!

Undersides of the Entomalian SB's. 

Five new Entomalian Destroyers./

Entomalian SD's.

Added to the three existing ships of this class, there will be 8 of these as well. 

Underside of the SD's.

Six new Entomalian Star Armored Pursuit Ships. 

Entomalian SAPS.

SAPS typically have fighter defense as their primary role.

Undersides of the SAPS.

I also added another 16 Entomalian fighters.

These are the "Heavy Fighter" flavor. 

Plus another 10 Entomalian missiles.



  1. Lots of bugs! There could be a very scary double fleet in the making, if both yours and my bug groups get together.

  2. Indeed! According to "cannon", there are supposed to be overwhelming numbers of them "it there

    GK would probably make a good game to run at Elliscon, or the TM (or uist by ourselves).