Monday, July 14, 2014

FoB2 cards arrive, just in time for Historicon!

Brent Oman, at Piquet, Inc., managed to deliver the brand new Field of Battle, 2nd Edition cards (2 decks per set) to me on Friday, just in time to include in my Historicon packing. Here they are, still in their shrink wrap!

FoB2 cards - I have self printed literally dozens of  Piquet/FoB card decks myself over the years, but these are extra nice, and shuffle much better!

I am completely done with painting as of tonight, having finally gotten my printer working by moving it to my old, non Internet connected Windows XP machine. That allowed me to print out the flags for the new 2nd Grenadiers and Chasseurs a Pied of the Guard, so they are finished and packed up for the trip to Fredericksburg, VA on Wednesday AM. The new cards will make their debut appearance at the Battle of Montmirail there!

Happy Bastille Day to our friends in France!



  1. This just does not seem right, you have everything needed for Historicon done before setting out? Signs of the Apocalypse. Next you'll tell us all your unpainted lead is now painted. ;-)

    1. There is still some printing to be done, and of course today would be CRAZY in the office, so I am just preparing to leave there soon.

      I am not foolish enough to apinet *everything*, LOL!

  2. Just in time! Congratulations on getting everything completed and packed away with time to spare.

    You are well organized.

    1. We'll see about ntime to spare, Jon, but hope to be on the ropad by 8:30 AM tomorrow!