Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Galactic Knights at Historicon #2: Raiders from the Lost Rocks

This was the second of the two Galactic Knights games I ran at Historicon on Thursday afternoon. This one pitted the Carnivorans against the Entomalians in a more free form engagement. The Carnivorans are HUNTing some pesky Entomalians. Grant played the Carnivorans, and Tod the Entomalians.

Scenario #2:   Raiders from the Lost Rocks, or "Bad Will Hunting"

Carnivoran Ships

Squadron 1: Cruiser, 2 Destroyer Leaders
Squadron 2: Destroyer, Starbomber, Armored Pursuit Ship
Squadron 3: Destroyer. Starbomber, Armored Pursuit Ship
Squadron 4: Destroyer. Starbomber, Armored Pursuit Ship

Entomalian Ships

Squadron 1: Destroyer, Starbomber, Armored Pursuit Ship
Squadron 2: Destroyer. Starbomber, Armored Pursuit Ship
Squadron 3: Destroyer. Starbomber, Armored Pursuit Ship
Squadron 4: Cruiser, 2 Destroyer Leaders


A nest of Entomalians have been hiding out in an Asteroid Field known locally as "The Lost Rocks". From there, they have been raiding Carnivoran shipping and colonies. Thus far, efforts to track them down have failed. This will change, today! Lesser Claw Grahlis has been dispatched with a task force, and ordered clean out this hornet's nest of Bugs!

Set Up

I used a playing area 5 feet wide by 6 feet deep. There is no DRIFT phase the first turn (only). Will tells me this is a house rule they use for all of their Galactic Knights games, and it makes sense to me - we are essentially picking up the action immediately following the DRIFT phase of the first turn. 

All four of the Carnivoran squadrons enter up to 12" (6 hexes) onto the table anywhere along the Southern edge, with an initial drift of up to 1/2 of the thrust of the slowest ship in the fleet. 

Then Entomalian Squadrons 1, 2, and 3 are deployed randomly, by squadron, on the opposite half of the table, with random facings by squadron (they are surprised by appearance the Carnivoran reprisal force). They start with an initial drift of up to 1/4 of the thrust of the slowest ship in the fleet, in the direction of their facing. 

Deploy six Asteroids randomly on the table. Do not place any in a hex with a ship! Determine the direction of each Asteroid's Drift individually by rolling a D6 for each one, and the magnitude of their Drift by rolling a D4 for each Asteroid. The Asteroids drift in the Drift phase, but AFTER the ships do so. If an Asteroid contacts a ship (or vice versa), it does D4 critical hits to the ship. Asteroids cannot be destroyed. They DO block fire!

After the set up is complete, the Entomalians then designate any location along the three edges on their half of the playing area for their 4th Squadron to enter, along with a facing and an initial Drift (up to 1/2 that of the slowest ship in the Squadron). The 4th Squadron may appear any turn after the Second (The player must decide and write down the above before play starts).

Victory Conditions

The Carnivorans must destroy or drive off all of the Entomalian ships.

The Carnivorans blaze across the Lost Rocks, trying to close with and defeat the Entomalians in detail. The Carnivorans have the Red DRIFT markers. 

The Entomalians struggle to concentrate their forces. Note the scattered green DRIFT markers. DRIFT is a key feature of the movement and maneuver rules in Galactic Knights. 

The fleets close, with the Entomalians still suffering the residual effects of surprise. That one Carnivoran ship had better watch out for the Asteroid on its tail, though!

Entomalian Squadron 4 enters the fray! A Carnivoran Star Bomber and an Entomalian Armored Pursuit Ship are seen venting plasma; their crews are taking to the Life Pods!

Close up of the action

As the action continues, the high DRIFT of some of the Carnivoran ships carries them past the heart of the action, as one of their Destroyers goes critical. 

An Entomalian Destroyer and another Armored Pursuit ship are breaking up. Note the Escape Pods at the site of previously destroyed ships!

Close up of the Action.

At this point, the Entomalians conceded the day, and the Bugs scurried off to safety as best they could. The Kitties are victorious! Lesser Claw Grahlis' status with clans of the Carnivoran Republic is rising...