Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Really Useful Discount

As I have noted in the past, I am a fan of Really Useful Boxes. In particular, the 8.1 L size works great for storing and transporting 25/28mm troops.

The dimensions of the box seem almost made for packing 60mm wide stands!

One of these boxes holds a lot of troops, and the close packing helps them not shift around during off site transport as well (I use color coded shelf liner from Walmart in the bottom of the boxes to further reduce slippage). 

Almost my entire Carthaginian Army fits in just three of these 8.1 L Really Useful Boxes. 

Staples stores in the USA carry them, amomng others, but they are often out of stock, and rarely have more than a couple on hand at any time. However, you can order them on line from them.

The 8.1 L box costs 10.42 on line direct from the manufacturer, and $11.49 from Staples. However, the shipping from the manufacturer adds substantial shipping costs:

For order values up to $10, shipping is $10.00
For orders from $10.01 - $100.00, shipping is $20.00
For orders from $100.01 - $200.00, shipping is $30.00
For orders from $200.01 - $300.00, shipping is $45.00
For orders from $300.01 - $400.00, shipping is $60.00

By contrast, shipping from Staples is free if you are a Rewards member (there's no downside), PLUS you can opt to get their discounts delivered to you by email. This usually doesn't result in anything helpful unless you happen to need what they have on sale that week. However, for the past 7 days, ending today, they have had a Columbus Day deal for a $25 discount off on line orders of $75 or more - a pretty good deal!

I have been wanting more of these boxes, so I placed an order for 8 of them - $91.92, but with the coupon, the price dropped to $66.92 for eight, or $8.37 each, no shipping charges!

By contrast, 9 boxes (to minimize per unit shipping costs) from the manufacturer would have been 94.41, plus $20 shipping = 114.41 or $12.71 per box. In addition, Staples promises delivery with in 2 days, vs ":usually within 7 days" from the manufacturer. 

"That was Easy!"
Sometimes a company's slogan actually seems to be true!
I  believe this deal is still in effect through midnight tonight (October 17th)


  1. The boxes are great, and that was a good deal. The two staples up here (I am spoiled for choice) have them in stock, if not at one then the other.

    1. We have a staples in town and another in Southbury, but if they have them at all it is almost never more than 2 at a time. As long as you need enough for free shipping, it's almost a better deal to have them shipped, even without the discount.

  2. Very useful post!

    My preferred storage box is the Sterilite Large Clip Box with latch (

    Perfect for 15s and 25s although many of my 15s are still in three drawer Plano tackle boxes.

    1. They look to be similar in size, and would doubtless work well. The stacking of the RUB's is very strong, which is important to me when transporting troops away from home!