Monday, September 5, 2016

New Caaanites

     Back about 3 months ago, a huge, heavy package arrived on my doorstep via the USPS. My friend and Band of Brothers 2nd edition co-author Ken Baggaley had emailed me that something was on the way without revealing much more. The contents wound up being a complete Ancient Canaanite army!

Pride of place goes to the TEN chariots, of course - these will need some epoxy/super glue to reattach some of the crew figures, but aside from that, some minor enhancements,  a coat of "Magic Wash",  and finishing the bases in a style similar to my Egyptians, they are pretty much ready to roll!

Another view of the Chariot arm; I have no idea what manufacturer(s) these come from. 

The chariot on the right with the armored horses looks a bit like a Mitanni one

Some shields will need to be reapplied as well - shipping is tough on figures, even though these were quite well packed.

These guys look a bit Celtic to me...

I like the striped designs on the cabs of these chariots.

Once again some spears, bows, and shields will need to be glued back in place.

Rear view of the Chariot Cavalcade.

Top down view.

There was plenty of infantry in the box, too. Some medium infantry archers. 

Once again some bows (included) to reattach, but otherwise just needing minor upgrades to be table ready.

Medium Infantry 2 handed axe guys!

Adding some shading to the folds of their robes will really make these figures pop, I think.

Heavy infantry Spearmen. They need spears and some reattached shields, but still 90% ready to march. These look to be the elites of this army.

You can see some broad strips engaged on their "kilts"; I think painting those on (white, yellow, or red?) and some black lining on the armor will snazz them up some, too. 

Some lightly armored spearmen. Not sure if they have shields. 

There is some detail on the webbing that magic wash or even some dry brushing will bring out nicely, I think.

Light infantry slingers - the way they are reaching into their pouches for sling stones makes them look almost like they have baseball mitts!

Just some magic wash and maybe some yellow slashes on the headbands for these chaps, I think.

Some more lightly armed spearmen - "Bow fodder"?

"What has it got in its nasty, little, pocketetses?"

"But wait, there's more!" some additional figures of the same style.
On census, these are enough figures for another unit of 12 heavy spearmnen, plus 3 slingers and a spearman.

and a second bag, mostly painted. these turned out to be 9 painted figures that look like early mounted archers, or perhaps chariot crew. I may have to look for some small horses for them. 

And a third, likewise mostly painted: 9 painted axemen similar to the other unit depicted, plus 5 command figures - 2 standards, 2 drummers, one trumpeter. More than enough for a second unit. 

and finally a 4th; looks like "Philistines" (Peleset) in this one.
These turned out to be 10 archers and 8 shield bearers/spear or javelin men/chariot drivers. All are "debased", smallish figures, so clearly intended to ride in chariots. They may require some consideration. 

All told, that's 10 chariots, 6 infantry units, and enough figures for several more. Once they are spruced up a bit, they can take the field as enemies or allies to my Egyptians. My enthusiastic thanks again to you, Ken, for your generosity!  Look for them on a battlefield in Palestine before long! Incidentally, my wife is from New Canaan, CT, and we were married in the Congregational Church there 34 years ago last week, so NEW Canaanites are a very suitable addition ton the collection!.


  1. Peter! That is a fantastic and generous windfall!

    1. Indeed it is, Jon. Thanks again to Ken, and I will have to get to work on getting hem table ready!

  2. Looks like you'll be the ancient among us this fall.

  3. Lucky you, they look great and a bit of tlc good to go.
    Best Iain

  4. very colorful painted figures Peter, love chariot armies :o) - Awesome!


    1. I love chariot armies as well, and these will prove a nice expansion!

  5. Replies
    1. No arguments, Garry! A most excellent gift!

  6. A very thoughtful gift, and it's great seeing it come to life.

    1. Thanks, Lawrence. Now I have to get to work on the updastes of the units!

  7. A beautiful army, love these wonderful chariots!

    1. Thanks, Phil! My biggest issue is assigning them slots in the queue so that they get fully table ready in a reasonable period of time.

  8. A very generous gift from your friend.

  9. Glad you like them, Peter. Their nicely painted Hittite opponents were sold, but I figured you would give these auxiliary fellas a good home. They aren't the best of troops, but will make interesting if unreliable allies for someone...

    I did find a few additional loose shields & accoutrements that match the ones on these figs, so expect a supplemental delivery shipped this weekend.


    - K.

    1. They should come in very useful, Ken. They can easily be used as auxiliaries or allies of either my Assyrians or my Egyptians, or as enemies for them for smaller games. Thanks yet again for sending them along to me!

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