Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Crossroads in Time: May 1809 - Snappy Nappy Campaign in a Day: April 23, 2017

Save the date!  Snappy Nappy returns to The Portal in Manchester,. Connecticut for another Campaign in a Day event, to be held Sunday, April 23, 2017. Time will presumably be 10AM - 5PM as in the past. This outing Dan Burkley will be the GM. Dan already has all of the maps, OOB's etc, prepared. We will be using 15mm figures from Dan's collection.

Prince Eugene de Beauharnais, Viceroy of Italy

Prince Eugene vs Archduke John

    On April 10, 1809, Archduke Charles and Archduke John initiated their campaigns against Napoleon on Germany and Italy, respectively. By early May of 1809, the Austrian offensive in Germany had already stalled out. Archduke Charles sent orders to Archduke John to fall back and bring his army in supporting distance of Charles’ army.
     Archduke John had scored one success versus Prince Eugene at Sacile in April. Historically, he pressed his luck by continuing the Italian offensive, but eventually faced reality when he recognized his army of under 30,000 (from leaving behind garrisons and outposts along his advance) was inferior in numbers to Eugene’s Army of Italy after receiving reinforcements as it fell back into Northern Italy. Eugene recognized this as well, and went to the offensive, aggressively bringing the battle to the Austrians as they tried to retire back to Inner Austria, inflicting several defeats and fulfilling all of Napoleon’s orders. 

Erzherzog Johan (Archduke John) in 1805

    This “campaign-in-a-day” explores the options that Prince Eugene and Archduke John have starting in early May 1809, but the players will re-write the history Commands will be division-sized. The playing pieces will represent approximately 1500-2000 men, 500-750 cavalry, or 2 artillery batteries.

It's not too soon to start to let us know who wants to participate, and any preferences for side or command, and if you want or are willing to serve as the C-in-C for either side. 

Email me: GonsalvoATaolDOTcom for questions, or to sign up!

There is abundant information and past accounts of our past Campaigns in a Day on this blog - just Click on the Snappy Nappy Label and work backwards through the posts.

I am considering running a Snappy Nappy 1809 game at the HAVOC convention in Shrewsbury, Mass, probably Saturday April 1st. Likewise with the planned move of Historicon to Somerville, NJ (so much closer for those of us in New England) I am 2018, I am strongly considering running a Campaign in a Day there (July 2018)


  1. Sounds like a great time in progress

    1. Each one to date has bee a great time, Garry!

  2. WOW, I'd love to get your notes for running the campaign.

    1. The notes for our previous campaigns (Winter 1807 in Poland, Waterloo Campaign 1815, Germany August 1813, and Bavaria April 1809 are all on the blog. Use the "Snappy Nappy" label, and work backwards. We have considered producing some booklets about doing each of these Campaign events, but haven't moved forward on it. It would obviously be a labor of love and a niche publication.