Friday, August 18, 2017

Stats for 2nd Quarter 2017

Better Late than Never, as they say!  Having finished all the Historicon related posts, it's time to catch up on the quarterly stats...


April 2017
Share of room for HAVOC  $97.25
Meal $30
Congo $60
Gas and tolls $25
BTD  (Romans, Ribaldequins, Bombards)  34.95
TOTAL: 247.20

May 2017
Old Glory (Sassanid Persians, Palmyrans)   138.60

June 2017
80 Dials for To the strongest from   $85
Bases from Litko 107.93
TOTAL:  192.93

QUARTER TOTAL:  578.73  (Well over budget, and up from Q1... but lead is the minority of expenditures)


April 2017
None completed

May 2017
Assyrian HC (Foundry) 6 figures  = 60 pts
Assyrian Heavy Chariots (Hinchliffe) 4 = 220 pts
June 2017
Palmyran Archers (Old Glory)  12 = 60 pts
4 Units Imperial Roman Infantry (Black tree Designs)  48 = 240 pts

QUARTER TOTAL:  580 points (on track to exceed 2,500 pts this year)


April: Ran Egypt vs Assyria with To the Strongest at HAVOC, Ran and played in Grossbeeren 1813 at HAVOC with Snappy Nappy, Assisted with and played in 1809 Italian Campaign in a Day with Snappy Nappy

May: Battle of Fitchwoods from our Lannes Napoleonic Campaign with Field of Battle, 2nd ed.

June: None


  1. Replies
    1. I was most impressed with the expenses, and not in a good way! :-)

  2. Well, there was Historicon during the quarter. That's bound to cause a "bump".

    1. Actually Q2 is the "Historicon Prep" quarter for both painting and some purchases. I originally had in mind to use my Punic Wars armies (along with the Egypt/Assyrian face off), but Jeff was considering bringing 54mm Punic Wars figures for TtS! as well, so I changed gears to the Palmyran/Sassanid match up, which lead to additional purchases to beef up both armies!

    2. Ah yes of course, wrong quarter. It will be interesting to see how it compares to this quarter then.