Saturday, August 26, 2017

Tehenu Libyan and Philistine Lights and Leaders

The last (at least for now) of the Libyan and Philistine troops, followed by some group shots.

Tehenu Libyan Skirmish Archers

Once again, I drew some simple ink pen decorations on their "towels" 

Gotta make optimum use of those 30 figure bags of Old Glory troops, right?

These guys are clearly followers of "Sheik Yerbuty"!

Philistine  Skirmish Javelinemen

I used yellow feathers on the headpieces for these guys for variety. 

In"To the Strongest", Javelinmen can move forward and shoot as a single activation, which is handy when you're advancing. 

I added some detailing on the torso armor using a brown ink pen.

A Libyan General and a Hero. 

The general is placed upon a larger base, and the hero has flowers on the base to help distinguish them. 

Some red ink pen work on the Hero's robe...

and purple on the robe of the General. 

Philistine (Peleset) Hero and General. 

Same basing conventions as for the Libyans. 

Variations in their head dress and shields as well.

Varied torso armor, too. 

Group shot!

2 units each MI Bowmen and Javelin men.

one unit each Light Infantry Bowmen and Javelinmen.

plus 2 Generals and 2 Heroes; 60 figures in all. 

Tremble at our advance,  you soft men of Egypt!


  1. Excellent work, Peter! I like the yellow-headed Philistines the best. Your work on the Libyans is first rate too! The Old Glory Libyans look like pretty good sculpts for your photos.

    "Sheik Yerbuti?" You kill me! I am a bit surprised that you aren't throwing in the towel on your Libyans...

    1. Thanks, Jon. I liked the contrast with the different colored "feathers", too. Both are quite good sculpts, with lots of animation.
      Glad to give you a chuckle. The Libyans are nearly nekkid to begin with, so throwing in their towels would be... disturbing. :-)
      I actually may paint a few more Tehenu. Old Glory makes Javelinmen and Swordsmen for the Libyans, too, and my Army Card runs until late January. Unfortunately, they do NOT make Spearmen which the WRG book indicates was their predominant troop type. On the other hand Ken sent me a few more leftovers, and in there are a pair of partially painted Philistine War Carts which may get added to the collection.

  2. Wonderful job Peter, love these units, especially the javelinemen...

  3. Dare I say it? An army of Biblical proportions! Excellent work!

  4. I won't stoop to the groaner puns however those are again excellent figures and love the group sex ...... Sorry I mean group shots !!! :-)

  5. Great work as usual, and I especially like the Libyans. A great bunch of lads, and welcome as allies in most armies of that era from memory.

    1. Thanks, Lawrence. Yes the Libyans are "versatile".

  6. Nice big bunch of biblical types and your painting has shown how good the sculpts are!
    Best Iain