Monday, September 4, 2017

Books and Plans for my Spanish Napoleonic Project

I took advantage of Osprey publishing's August sale (30% off most titles) to add some new titles to my collection, mostly focused on my Spanish Napoleonic project.

This was the key item I wanted.

I am planning on running a Peninsular War Snappy Nappy "Campaign in a Day" at Historicon 2018 in Lancaster, PA, and figured this would be an invaluable reference.

I am thinking of doing something set in 1809 or 1810. 

Late 1809 would involve rivalries among the Marshalate, independent Spanish army forces, Guerrillas, some Portuguese, and of course the British. 

Wellesley's landing in Portugal and the subsequent Talavera campaign of 1809 are a reasonable candidate; those plans yet to be finalized . 

Somewhat to my surprise, this book, which I have been trying to get for years, was in print and available, so I snapped it up, too. 

If you're going to do Spain, you have to have at least a few Guerillas!

I needed a 4th book for free shipping (and with the weight of that Atlas, free shipping was a must), so I picked up some inspiration for my 200+ unpainted Macedonian figures.

Another useful book I picked up many years ago, the story told more from the French perspective. 

One of the four plates in the book covering the Spanish.

These new, dark blue uniforms proved unpopular, and were probably never fully adopted. 

#3 out of 4 cpvering the Sopanish; the book includes may more plates covering the French, French Allies, British, and Portuguese troops.

Most of the information in my vintage 1969 French language Funken books holds up reasonably well, also (that in volume 2).

More Funken. 

I already had this book, and also volume 3, covering 1813 - 1814. I also will need to pick up at least 2 volumes of Sir Charles Oman's History of the Peninsular War as well. 

My present plans for my Spanish Napoleonic army (recalling that I call my units "regiments") are:

8 Line Infantry Regiments
One each of which will be Swiss and Irish. I have 4 units on the painting table right now, acquired from Miniaturas Dos de Mayo a few years back. IO have lead for two more from Brigade Games, purchased at Historicon in July. Eventually I will buy lead for the bother two, possible Brigade Games or Three Armies for those. 

2 Light Infantry Regiments
All lead on hand from Brigade Games purchase at Historicon (Tarletons). 

2 Militia Infantry Regiments
All lead on hand from Brigade Games purchase at Historicon. 

1 Grenadier Unit 
24 figures on hand from Front Rank purchase in 2009, enough for one company from each of the 8 Line outfits. That way I can field 2 smaller, 12 figure units if needed. They of course wear the spectacular bearskins!

1 Unit of Guerrillas
This may well be done as 2 small "units" of 12 figures each. 

2 Units of Dragoons
6 figures on hand from Brigade Games purchase, needs command (release pending) and 2nd unit

2 Units of Line Cavalry
6 figures on hand from Brigade Games purchase, needs command (release pending) and 2nd unit

2 - 3 Units of Light Cavalry
Possibilities include Garochistas Lancers, Hussars, and Cazadores a Caballo. No lead on hand.

3 - 4 Artillery Batteries
Lead on Hand from Brigade Games for 2 batteries minus guns. One will presumably be a 12 lber Foot battery

Command for the above
Have 2 figures from brigade games; extra cavalry officers will likely become Generals and/or ADC's (I use 8 figure regiments and Brigade Games cavalry figures come 3 per pack). 

TOTAL: roughly 264 infantry, 56 Cavalry, 26 crew, 8 Guns, 10 - 16 staff. I plan to have them all done by July for Historicon, and will doubtless run a tactical Peninsular War battle there in 2018, too. I have plenty of British and Portuguese painted already, not to mention French and French allies.


  1. Napoleonics, the black hole of wargaming.

  2. Quite a book-buying spree, Peter. The Lipscomb book is a good; full of interesting and useful maps.

    I look forward to watching your Spanish army grow throughout the next ten months.

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Jon! I still have to buy at least a couple of volumes of Oman...

  3. Sounds great, looking forward to seeing it all come together, I ended up taking advantage of the Osprey sale also and the funken 2 volume napoleonic guide has pride of place on my shelves!
    Best Iain

    1. It WAS a good sale. I still love the Funken books. One especially strong point is that they show the horse furniture for most units, something often lacking in other sources.

  4. Not sure of my schedule for July this far out but I'm interested in playing the campaign in a day at Historicon if you do run it. Those were good purchases, I'm envious.

    1. At this point, the probability of my running it seems high. It would most likely be on the Thursday, as it will need a lot of tables, and also that way we can set it up Weds night. It would be great to have you play!

  5. Those are some excellent resources, the atlas especially looks like it will lend itself to campaign development. It should make for an interesting project for the year.

    1. Yes, I should have my hands full with this project...

  6. Looking forward to this, great stuff again Peter!

    1. Thanks, Mark. I am looking forward to it ass well!

  7. Wonderful planning Peter and a sensational post. The Spanish are an absolute must for the Peninsular campaign obviously and you like you will have all things very well in hand. The array of books mirrors mine so I think you will be able to muster a cracking campaign for the boys.

    1. Thanks, Carlo! I need to get the OMan volumes... probably Christmas time!

  8. I think you have it all covered there Peter. I found the first volume of Chartrand's Ospreys to be my most used resource, particularly for the 1809 period for uniform details.

    1. Yes, I think that will do it; there are also a number of on line references I have as well. If my Spanish look half as good as yours, I will be very happy!