Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Puchased at The Time Machine last week...

As I noted in my last post, the Time Machine is a wonderful hobby store, and their gaming space ("The Portal") across the street is amazing in size and features. They have also wisely moved their gaming products inventory into the same space, which made it easy for me to support them by buying a few items. They should really post some pictures of the size and scope of their inventory on line, as the number and breadth  of board games they carry is astounding!

"Space Fighter Ion Tokens"  (Litko Aerosystems).

They also carry a range of gaming products, including dice, markers, paints, tools, and such. I found these nifty markers while browsing their selection of Litko products. I have no idea what they were really designed for, but in my games I like to place a marker when a ship retreats from combat by warping or hypering out, and these looked almost perfect for that (neon green or neon blue might be even better, but these will work fine). So I picked up a bag of ten of them, same price as direct from litko, minus the shipping. Excellent!  Expect to see them in my Galactic Knights games, along with the Litko blast and Fusion explosion markers, etc.

Wrath of Ashardalon
"The Wrath of Ashardalon" Dungeons and Dragons Adventure System board game. I have had my eye on this one for a while, and as they had it in stock at the TM, and as I was in a Fantasy mood after playing Hostile Realms... I bought it!  I could have gotten it cheaper on line, but this is instant gratification, LOL, PLUS  if we want this great space to be here next year and beyond, they need some revenue to support it!

Photo of the components from another blog. One of my daughters likes board games (she's deadly in The Settlers of Catan, taking after her dad in that regard), and I thought she might enjoy this one. Each adventure lasts about an hour, so play time is reasonable. The rules are supposed to be easy to grasp, so I think it's a good gamble. I'll have to play a scenario or two solo. If it really is popular there are three others like it (castle Ravenloft and The Legend of Drzzit, plus some expansion modules.

More information about the game and series:

I have plenty of D20's in my dice collection...



  1. Those ion tokens are meant for the X-Wing minis rules. In that game, if a ship gets hit by an ion cannon, it can't chose a maneuver for that turn.

  2. Thannks, Mack. I'm happy to use them for my own purposes, but good to know what they were developed for!