Sunday, June 1, 2014

Terran Fleet Part 3 - New Additions

In preparation for my upcoming Galactic Knights games. I have added a number of new ships to my Terran Fleet. Ship pictures are certainly a suitabkle post for the Glorious First of June... even if they are Sci-Fi!

A second Constellation class Attack carrier.

Underside of the Constellation.

Five  additional Swiftsure class Stellar Destroyers.

These are once agaion the old Superior Starfleet Wars Miniatutres, now avaialable as the Galactic knights range from Monday Knight Productions

Five new Dauntless class Star Armotred Pursuit Ships (SAPS). There were none of these in my Terran Fleet... until now!

In the Galactic Knight rules, these ships function more like frigates. 

Rear view of the 5 SAPS.

A fistfull of new Comet light Fighters. 

The design of these is a bit suggestive of Colonial Vipers from the original Battlestar Galactica series!

24 new Meteor heavy fighters.

No difficulty telling what *these* are remiscent of!

"The Force is sttrong with this one!"

Also new to my Terran fleet are these Lance class missiles. 

In the original Starfleet Wars rules these were called CAPTACS, a form of towed misiles used by capital ships to add extra long range firepower. 


  1. Amazing set of figs. I am assuming the color coding is a god-send for book keeping.

    1. Thanks!

      Exactly right, Jake. The "facing colors" allow the ships and squadrons to be linked to the roster.