Thursday, July 28, 2016

Miscellaneous games seen at Historicon 2016

The following are  an assortment of random shots that I took during the convention,. I can't say anything much about the games themselves, just that the tables looked interesting!

There were 4 games run on this table over the course of the show, all set in Russia in 1812, using the "Et sans Resultat" (ESR) rules.

I believe this one is the attack on Smolensk, with 15mm figures. 

Skirmish level WW2, I think?

One of several shots of the "Charge of the Light Brigade" at Balaclava.

"Half a League, half a League, half a League onward..."

Russian guns and cavalry await the Light Brigade near the end of the "Valley of Death'.

The 30 foot long table was marked off with the position of the Light Brigade at various time intervals during their famous charge. 

WW2 action. Nice looking table, although an era I have no interest in gaming whatsoever!

More WW2 action. 

A very attractive game, put on, obviously, by the League of Augsburg. 

Ahoy ye swabies!  Arrrr!

A very nice table set up by the Wargames Illustrated table near the entrance to the dealer Area. Northwest Frontier?

15 mm Napoleonics?

The green felt border around the smaller "Wilderness" playing area looks good. 

Alternate History Napoleonic Wars - French intervention in the War of 1812!

Great looking game, if an unusual premise!

Wild and wooly game in  Shangrila (?)

I have no idea what is going on here...  but it's eclectic!

Follow the Red, Red Brick Road.  Looks like a bit of almost everything!

Some kind of Orky types??

Lovely looking table!

Don't recall the era or setting, but I see camels and bowmen.... 

More 15mm Napoleonic action with the ESR guys.

Another nicely done table; ? medieval. 

Great (but rather Late)  Italian Wars; table looks rather more than a bit longer than necessary to me, though. 

Now THAT'S what I call TENTS!

A large scale "Battleship" style game, with miniatutres.

Nicely done terrain here!

Kid friendly game set up, with a cameo of my old wargames freind Dave Sweet. By the time I got a chance to catch up to Dave to chat, he was off to somewhere else!


  1. Good catch finding Dave for a photo.

    1. He really just happened to wander into the shot; then he was gone before I could say hello!

  2. Appreciate the Historicon photos. The Charge of Light Brigade game shows just how long (and hazardous) that ride through the valley would become.

    1. IIRC, they had the losses the Brigade suffered on the markers as well, almost minute by minute!