Saturday, August 20, 2016

Fields of Gold: Tabletop Wheat Fields

    I have seen a number of mentions of using Coir doormats to make wheat fields. but had never come across the type described, and another kind I got proved to be wholly unsuitable. Thus I was very happy to find some of the right kind during a rip to Home Depot last month!

18 x 30'; that should make a fair amount of wheat fields!

And it did! Three 6 x 6",  Two 6 x 9",  Six 6 x 8"
I could base them and put fences, hedges, and or walls around them, but I prefer them like this. That way I can add any enclosure that I want as needed. Must easier to transport that way too. These "Fields" were especially useful in the Klagenfurt game at Historicon last month, and they're on the table now for my Montgomery ECW game. . 

I was trying to work out exactly how I cut up the mat, and just couldn't quite recreate it, but now that I see them this way, I see that it was the other way around - I ruled off five 3" spaced lines the long way down the mat, and then from left to right, cut the two 8 x 9" pieces, then two rows of three 6 x 8" pieces, then finally one row of 6 x 6" pieces - zero waste!

While I was at Home Depot I picked up a new shelf unit - the collection has expanded to the point where my shelf capacity is maxed out!

"Fields of Gold", originally by Sting, but this cover by Eva Cassidy is superlative - beautiful, and full of emotion. It is so sad that her life was cut far too short by cancer, passing only a few months after she recorded this, at the age of 33. 

"Dogs of Gold" - Zoe jumping into the pool. 

Annie at Dock Diving. She really gets into it, and gets a running start off the dock!


  1. Yep, those mats make great wheatfields. With temperatures in the mid 90's out west, I would enjoy a running jump into your pool too!

  2. It has been a long, hot dry summer in New England as well, and the people have made at least as much use of the pool as the dogs, John!

  3. I'm still looking for a mat that's not too course for 15's. Great doggie action shots BTW!

    1. David, I think this mat would work fine with 15's.
      Zoe and Annie say "Thanks!"

  4. I bought exactly the same doormat here a few months ago, Peter (even the rubber back side is identical!) for this same reason, and can atest that they do look awesome.

    I also really like that song by Sting, but had never heard this version, before. Deeply moving, as well.

    Cheers, my friend.

    1. Yep, saw them on some of your back posts now, Mateus! I think I am going to get another if they still have them.
      Eva's version of "Time after Time" is awesome as well!