Wednesday, August 3, 2016

2nd Quarter Painting and Expense 2016 Report

Here's the report for the 2nd quarter of 2016, a month late due to Historicon preparations, write ups, and recovery!

This unusually vivid rainbow appeared after a thunderstorm last week near sunset - and it has a double!

It appeared a little after 8 PM, and was gone by 8:20. Evanescent, but impressive!

April 2016
Litko bases (mostly 60 mm frontage Element bases)   $62.06
Michael's  (paint, grey felt for Snappy Nappy Deployment Zones  8.17
Joann's (White felt for table coverings) 10.19
Home Depot  (spray paint, primer)  12.70

May, June 2016 - nil.

2nd Quarter Total:   $93.12;   YTD 539.12 (on target for budget  of $100/month, but July and Historicon expenses will come up in the next report!)

April 2016
Murawski Polish Uhlans, General  18 (180 points)
BTD Egyptian Spearmen  24  (120 points)

May 2016
18 Hussite Infantry  (90 points)

June 2016
4 BTD Egyptian Chariots (160 points)
19 Hussite Infantry  (95 points)
[Plus 2 large Towers for Assyrian Army]

2nd Quarter Total:   645 points;   YTD 1190 points (well behind the 2015 pace, but that was driven by frenetic painting of Prussians for Ligny in the first half of the year)

Great Lead Pile Census (GLPC):
No additional surveys taken
No lead moved out of Part 1 Census stocks this quarter. 

Not gaming related, but I was named the physician honoree of the month for June by Western Connecticut Health Network, composed of Danbury, Norwalk, and New Milford Hospitals, and associated organizations, including over 1,300 physicians. As well as direct patient care and some medical student teaching, I also serve on the Quality committee of the Board of Directors of WCHN, and have done so for the past 5 years.  As I joked to my patients, it came with a free premium parking spot for a month at a hospital I don't usually go to, but getting a pat on the back is always nice!


  1. Congratulations, Peter, on the work award! Very nice! Painting totals look quite good and YTD spending is quite modest. You are under control on all fronts. Well done!

    1. Thanks, Jon. So far spending and productivity are both within reasonable parameters!

  2. Congratulations on your award. Your output is as always impressively high.
    Best Iain

  3. Congrats Peter!.... I admire your miniatures painting work load every year...amazing! ...about my Hernia....blah :o) blah...


    1. Thanks, Phil, and you're certainly no slouch in production, either!
      About that hernia - I had mine fixed after Historicon 2010, when it really got uncomfortable standing for hours at a time. Problem solved! :-)

  4. Oh there's no way i'd ever make my hobby expenses public! That's dangerous information! I have a healthy marriage and I intend on keeping it that way! ;-)

    Nice production, though

    1. 34 years for us this month, Iannick. :-)
      Although we have no secrets (she pays the CC bills anyway), if I ever wanted to hide something from my wife, here on the blog would probably be the safest place imaginable, LOL!

    2. Hahaha thats a good point!

      And Congrats! 25 more than us! ;-)

  5. Congratulations on the award Peter. :)

  6. Firstly well done on the award, and equally as impressive the magnificent effort with regard to the expenditure.

    1. Thanks, Lawrence. Expenditures will jump next quarter with HCon, but I have enough lead on hand in eras that I am actively painting that I hope to buy almost none more until the end of the year. Unless, of course, there's a good sale...