Friday, April 21, 2017

Stats for 1st Quarter 2017.... and Canaanite Army pictures!

More than a bit late with the report this Quarter ( the move to my new office and the unexpected and sudden transition to a new EHR this month (with a second such transition to follow in December) hasn't been kind to my free tiome!


January 2017
PDF copy of Impetus 2   $3.74

February 2017
Scarab beads, Sculpey, tools  26.05

March 2017
Old Glory Army Card $50
Old Glory Order (Elites for the French infantry in Bicorne, campaign dress, plus "energetic" bicorne set to use spare Bicorne command figures and Elites to make a 5th French Ligne in Bicorne), plus early Legere in side plumed shakos (to make 2 new early Legere units, using existing command figures) 2 x ECW Generals (add command figures for use with EXW TtS! variant), Assyrian 2-Horse Chariots (for Assyrian Generals), Phillistine spearmen and Libyan Bowmen (to bolster Canaanite Alliance troops)  $174
Scenic Express (Lots of Tufts, some Hay  bales) $88.83
Black Tree Designs (Early Imperial Roman Infantry - for now, as auxiliaries to Palmyran troops -30% off sale))  $123.83
HMGS  Renew Membership (for Historicon - 4 games submitted)  $25
Michaels (wood for hills and villages for Snappy Nappy Campaigns in a Day, foam paper, greenery) $80.52
Joann  $70.10  (felt for five 4 x 6 foot tables)

1st Quarter Total = $523.47

(well ahead of budget, but very little expenditure expected for Q2)


January 2017
8 British Cavalry Officers (Old Glory)  80 pts
16 British Hussars (Old Glory)   160 pts
Total 240 pts

February 2017
24 Canaanite Spearmen (12 rehab, 12 new) (? Foundry)  90 pts
1 Sphinx  30 pts
24 Spearmen (rehab) (? Foundry Hyskos)  60 pts
12 Bowmen (rehab) (? Foundry ? Hyskos) 30 pts
8 Slingers (rehab) (? Foundry)  20 pts
27 Hitite Axemen (rehab) (? Foundry)  68 pts
8 KGL Light Cavalry (Old Glory)  80 pts
Total 378 pts

March 2017
9 Assyrian LC (BTD)    90 pts
10 Canaanite Chariots (Rehab)  175 pts
2 new Canaanite officers  10 pts
9 Jugs
8 Prussian Landwehr Cavalry (Old Glory)  80 pts
Total 355 pts

1st Quarter Total = 973 points

Games Played/Run: 
Nil this quarter

Certainly the painting focus of the 1st Quarter was the Canaanite rehab project. Thus some Army shots are in order:

A very respectable sized force.... and Ken sent me a few more odds and ends last week!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Simple terrain for the Campaign in a Day

The Snappy Nappy "Campaign in a Day" is 1 week away. It will have seventeen (!) 4 x 6 foot tables, and use Daniel's 15mm troops. It looks like we will have about 14 to 16 players gathering at The Portal gaming space in Manchester, CT for the event.

Daniel is the GM for this event. Primary roads are grey in his maps, secondary roads are tan. I used Foam paper for the basic terrain, but Michael's didn't have any in grey. So I used black foam paper, cutting it into 1" wide strips.

I then  "stamped" them using a moistened sponge and grey acrylic craft paint.

The first of my four tables, roughed out. Unfortunately, the felt I thought was 4 x 6 feet is only 3 feet wide; it will have to do! The table tops are painted a dark earth shade anyway.

I have spray painted the wooden plaques etc from Michaels that I am using for hills brown, and the 1' wooden blocks that I am using for villages have been spray painted light yellow and the top faces painted light red.  At the bottom right is a fortress - the wooden walls and central Tower have been spray painted grey, and the top of the "Tower" painted red with some black "windows" painted on. Pretty minimalist terrain, but it's the right size and conveys he idea.  

The woods are cut out of green foam paper, and ornamented with some cut up Greenery squares, again from Michaels. I don't have any 15mm terrain otherwise, and this stuff is re-usable from event to event. Greg made up about 40 insulation foam hills and flocked them, and Daniel bought some 60 odd 6mm villages, so they are more than welcome to replace my items with theirs!

Another of the tables; you can see some of the Michael's "greenery" at the bottom of the picture before it is cut up.

The wooden plaque hills after spray painting, and some long hill lines cut out of medium brown foam paper. 

A third table; running low on plaques, some Styrofoam sheet is pressed into service as hills after painting. 

The mountain (ex Lemax  Christmas Village) represents impassable mountainous terrain. 

Some Daffodils for Easter - they just bloomed a few days ago. 

Likewise these Crocuses

and these Snow Glories!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

When the going gets Tuft,the Tufts get going...

Last month I took advantage of a sale at Scenic Express to replenish my supply of tufts, which were sorely depleted by all the Ancient era troops that have come across the painting table in the past year.

Spring, Summer and Autumn large tufts

Weed tufts, Spring Summer, and Late Summer varieties. 

There's leafy material in with the static grass clumps on these, as seen above.

Finally some flowering tufts for variety - one pack each of mixed white and heather, and also red and yellow. 

Heather and White Flowering Tufts, un-boxed, for the General!

Spring Weed Tufts

Late Summer Weed Tufts

Mid Summer Weed Tufts

Friday, April 7, 2017

Cheerin' when you're Beeren - Battle of Grossbeeren at HAVOC

I ran my Grossbeeren game with Snappy Nappy this past Sunday at HAVOC from about 10 AM to 2:30 PM. The weather on Suanday was as nice as it was bad on Saturdfay; driving home the temperature got up as high as 65 degrees near Hartford. This was the first time I have attended HAVOC on a Sunday (as a result of staying overnight at a hotel in Worcester with Greg on Saturday). Despite the much improved weather, attendance was exceptionally light. I'd imagine that most attendees for Sunday stay overnight on Saturday, so if they didn't come on Saturday...

Setup as of the start of the game. We played the game with all HAHGS members - Greg as Bertrand ("French", although the bulk of his troops were Italians and Wurttemburgers) at the top of the picture vs Brian as Tauntzein (Prussian), and James as von Bulow (Prussians) vs yours truly as Reynier (French and Saxons) at the near end of the table. 

Hal;f of von Bulow's Prussian Corps. If we had had three players, this would have been the command of a single player.

The other half of von Bulow's Corps. About 1/3 each Prussian regulars, Prussian Reserve regiment, and Prussian Landwehr for the infantry. 

Tauentzein's Corps deployed around the village of Blankenfeld, with Betrand's Corps ready to advance upon their positions. 

Tauentzien's troops are almost all Landwehr (except the artillery), so Bertrand has a qualitative if not quantitative advantage.

Bertrand's boys ready to move out. 

Reynier's Corps started in two bodies, Saxons to the left and French (with the Wurzburg Regiment of the Rhine Confederation) to the left. Given the small number of players, I decided not to throw in the possible reinforcements from Arrhiggi's small Cavalry Corps. Speaking as Reynier, they certainly would have been useful even late in the day!

Close up of the Saxons...

and French/Wurzburg troops. 

Bertrand's first move.

and Reynier's 2nd move - the artillery have forced the lone Prussian Jager battalion out of Grossbeeren (single stand with the white "casualty rings" on it. I made von Bulow's Prussians sit out the first move otherwise; historically, they arrived even later.

von Bulow's Prussians moving out. 

Tauentzien redeploys around Blankenfeld village. 

Battle is joined between bertrand (Greg) and Tauentzien (Brian)!

Reynier's French and Saxons set up a defensive line using Grossbeeren and the windmill hill (represented by the wheat field) as strong points. However, they are significantly outnumbered by their Prussian adversaries, and have but a single unit of Cavalry. Their open left flank is likely to prove a problem before too long!

Von Bulow's (James') Prussians move into position to begin their attacks, hampered by some traffic management issues!  Meanwhile the Jagers have reclaimed Grossbeeren... for now!

Bertrand and Tauentzien come to grips. 

Von Bulow's right flank column threatens the open left flank for the Franco-Saxon position, while the French artillery establishes itself on the Windmill hill. 

Prussian Traffic Jam inhibits von Bulow's ability to bring his superior numbers to bear upon Reynier's troops. 

Fighting near Blankenfeld. 

Saxon Jagers expel their Prussian counterparts from Grossbeeren for the second time.

von Bulow cites his guns carefully.

Pussian Landwehr cavalry manage to charge the flank of a French regiment. Even Landwehr Cavalry can win when hitting a flank!

French artillery fire routs the Prussian Uhlans. Von Bulow demonstrates the Bernadotte style of command, galloping off to get ahead of his routing troopers... and it works no better than it did for his new C-in-C, now styled as Crown Prince Johann of Sweden. 

Von Bulow's Prussian continue to maneuver to prepare their attacks. 

Reynier continues to hold the game objectives - the village of Grossbeeren and the Windmill hill... for now!

Uh oh; that Prussian Grand Battery on the French left flank can't be a good thing!

Bertrand and Tauentzien continue to duke t out; the superior quality of the "French" troops is starting to tell.

Close up of the hard fighting in the woods outside of Blankenfeld. 

Von Bulow's Prussians are breaking through the Saxon held center, and trying to turn the French left flank.

The Saxon Royal guard, resplendent in their red coats with yellow facings, prepares to throw back some Prussian regulars. Reynier (moi) had prepared a cunning counter attack to drive back the Prussians and buy some additional time; however,. I lost the initiative roll and the opportunity passed. With many (? most) of my units with 4 hits (Panicked), I thought it best to get out of town while I still could. Amazingly, not a single one of my units routed (removed from play); the same cannot be said for James, but he could much better afford losses than I could. 

Around Blankenfled, Betrand is gradually gaining thje upper hand, but is still too heavily engaged tio even think of trying to assist Reynier. At this point (about turn 9/12 max) we called the game, which had played out pretty close to the historical outcome - Bertrand defeating Tauentzien but not assisting Reynier, who was forced back by von Bulow after a long hard day of fighting. This battle ended French hopes to take Berlin and possibly drive the Prussians out of the war.

All in all it was a fun and colorful game, and helped James, Greg, Brian, and myself refresh our memories for playing Snappy Nappy in advance of the big "Campaign in a Day", coming in about 2 weeks (Sunday April 23, in Manchester CT).