Friday, August 4, 2017

Historicon: The Pyrates and some leftovers

While not as gobsmacking impressive as the the over the top Pirate extravaganza put on by the "Fistfull of Seamen" (ahem) folks several years ago, special mention has to be given to this game.

Arr, maties!

Star fort on the Horizon, Sir!

Looks like a tough nut to crack, but with derring-do and a touch of luck...

Native encampment, and a nearby town.

Make that a Port, complete with quays.

A rival Port.

Some intriguing ruins to explore.

Blurry shot.... doubtless too much rum consumed by the photographer...

Obviously I wasn't the only one impressed by the set up!

Great attention to detail!

Still more rum...

A variety of crafts were available for embarkation...

And now, a word from our sponsor...

In addition to being beautifully laid out, this game had a very prominent location - if you were in the main hall, even if just to go to the flea market, the tournament areas, the food court, or even the facilities, you couldn't help but walk past it (and gawk). I'd love to hear from some folks who played in the game(s)...

I also found a few more miscellaneous shots from Historicon that didn't make it into my other post, so I have added them here...

JUubilation T. Cornpone, now THAT'S a Cornfield!

ACW action; the rest of the table looks just as good!

One end of the Mr Franklin's War VSF (Voltaire Science Fiction) set up

and the other. 

Very handsome table for a WW2 game, troops standing by on the sidelines!


(note the sea serpent in amongst the ships)

One of many games in the Ancients Tournament area. I took this shot because of the incredible number of camel mounted troops fielded... there are easily over 100 camels on the table. 


  1. Peter, the pirate game is really impressive! What an eye-catching extravaganza.

  2. Wow great pics again, so much corn, so many camels! :)

    1. Yep the ACW game is "as corny as Kansas in August", and more camels than Ali Babba had thieves!

  3. Pirate game looks great and that's a lot of camels!
    Best Iain

    1. Agreed; If I were a horse i wouldn't want be anywhere downwind of THAT army! :-)

  4. More good-looking games, and that pirate set-up looks rather spectacular. It looks like it would be a fun game to be part of.

    1. Agreed; I was too busy to never check in on a game in progress!