Sunday, November 19, 2017

Wizard Kraft - the remainder of the Kickstarter product arrives!

    The balance of my large pledge for the Wizardkraft Kickstarter was delivered last week. Unfortunately, William has suffered from a variety of health and product ingredient problems that delayed his fulfilling the pledges as quickly as he had hoped. I was in no rush for the product (aside from the dry river beds/wadis that William had already delivered in time for Historicon in July, so it was never an issue to me; indeed, I suggested he fulfill my order among the last of them in order to get product out to other backers sooner. Here's what I received...

First up is my "Basic Box" ($75 pledge), which was a 1" river set with a number of special backer reward items.

This medium sized lake was a backer reward for pledges of $25 or more.

This small swamp was an early bird special for the first 30 backers of $25 or more.

This 12" river ford piece was an early bird special for the first 25 backers of $75 or more. 

These two Y pieces  were an early bird special for pledges of $150 or more. It is seen with  two 6"30 degree curve pieces (one with rocks) from the "Basic Box" set. I especially like the way that you can make islands using these pieces. 

This interesting piece with a river running through a swamp was part of the early bird special for pledges of $250 or more... 

as was this river originating (or ending)  in a swamp.

Two 12" river lengths were part of the Basic Box set; this is the 1" water width, blue water, temperate flock version of the set. 

Also part of the "Basic Box" were one each  4" and 8" segments; I find these very handy when setting up terrain for a historical battle.

Three more 4" curved sections, one with rocks, completes my "basic Box"  river set - 5 feet of rivers in all, not including the various extras. . 

Next is a different, new item - a plowed field set . I think the two angled fields were included by William as bonus items. William says they are deliberately sold without crops so that you can add your own (or not). I have some strips of "potato plants" that will look good with these.

A close up of the largest field to show the texture and mixed flock colors. 

With some of my leftover pledge funds, I got some more items - One large and one small swamp - "temperate" flock with muddy water. Very nice!

A really useful 1" to 2" transition piece, with rocks. 

Another transition piece, this one from dry river bed to blue water. 

A 1" to 2" 135 degree curved transition piece.

Four each 8" and 4" sections, 2 with rocks. I already have a great many 12" straight pieces. These help a lot with the flexibility of a river layout. The ability to add rocks top pieces is a new feature resulting from the Kickstarter. I like them!

I went a bit crazy with my Kickstarter pledge trying to get the project over the top, so there's also a whole  1" large river set, seen above. This one is to be donated to Jared's middle school Wargames club next month.  This set includes 1 each of the Small Straight, Small 45 Degree Bend, Small 45 Degree  Bend and Transitions sets. (In total, 3 x 12" straight, 1 x 8" straight, 1 x 4" straight, 1 x 12" bend, 2 x 6" bend, 3 x 4" bend, 1 x left and 1 x right fork, 1 center fork, and 1 x 12" section with Ford). Aside from a couple of small pieces on back order, the above, along with the large dry river set received in July , completes my Kickstarter rewards. 

Hopefully, William will finish delivering the last of the backer rewards shortly, and then will be able to resume accepting new orders soon thereafter at Wizardkraft terrain. 


  1. Very nicely done, great details and splendid colors!

  2. Wow, Peter! You picked up a lot of nifty pieces! I used mine for the first time in today's Mollwitz game.

    1. IT's a nice mix, especially added to what I have already. I hope your set worked well for your game today!

  3. They look good, and I especially like the swamps. Very effective indeed!

    1. The swamps are pretty cool, and they are one of the new types of items added by the Kickstarter.

  4. Nice river sections, I've been making my own but these look really good.
    Best Iain

    1. Maybe some ideas to try with your own rivers, then!

  5. I love Wizardkraft. William has been coming as a dealer to our annual convention for years. I probably spend $100.00 on stuff every year. I was tickled to see on the Kickstarter page a setup I did for a game back in 2014. It was the first time he had the dry riverbed sections. I bought several at the convention and used them for my game. I remember Will taking the picture after I set it up.

    1. I too stated buying Wizard Kraft products at a convention... Historicon, probably circa 2004. For several years, Jeff Grein brought it there, and I bought some most years'; the last time he came, i bought all of his remaining stock. I was able to order from the old website once, but only once. Obviously, I also love his stuff. You will see it in many of the battle reports non this blog!