Thursday, March 23, 2023

Birthday Booty, 2023!

Another Birthday came and went yesterday! Along with other more mundane items, there were some hobby goodies as well!

Some Old Glory WotR figures to round out the collection - 30 each Dismounted Knights, Longbowmen, WOTR Command, Peasants (for "Very Inferior" bands), and 20 WOTR artillery crew to serve the many guns I already have.  That should be enough to make 4 units of dismounted knights, 3 of Longbows, and 3-4 of mobs! As to when they will make it onto the painting queue, unclear!

Powercell Games had a closeout sale on their super dice pack - couldn't resist all of these for under $20 postpaid! I figure the assorted black die sets are especially suitable for SCi-Fi naval games!

Then there was this BIG box that arrived last week...

Enough magnificent new figures from Lucas' "Alps Aflame" Kickstarter for:

1 unit of 8 Bavarian Dragoons
4 units of 18 Bavarian Line Infantry 
1 unit of Bavarian Light Infantry
2 Batteries (4 guns and 16 crew) of Bavarian artillery
Bavarian High Command

3 units of Austrian Infantry, Firing Line
1 unit of Austrian Infantry, marching
1 unit of Carinthian Landwehr
1 Austrian Artillery battery
Austrian High Command

2 Tirolese Scutzen
2 Tirolese Landsturm
Tirolese Command
Tirolese Characters
Tirolese Sheep
Tirolese Cows

Plus the Free Kickstarter set of infantry officers, one each Bavarian, Austrian, and Tyrol.

Clearly, I have my painting work cut out for me! Meanwhile, Lucas is hard at work preparing for his NEXT Kickstarter, which will include more Bavarians and Austrians, plus the first of the 1809 French, including Line and Light infantry.


  1. Happy Birthday, Peter! With as many units as you are churning over, you need a big box of figure dropping on your doorstep. Looking forward to seeing what is in the box.

    1. Thanks, Jon. I was going to take some pictures of the bare lead, but with them in the bags I didn't think it was worth it.

  2. A good haul and look forward to seeing them coming off the painted production line :-)

    1. There may be some Bavarians by July; no Austrians until the Fall at least. I may need to do some WotR as a change up, though!

  3. Happy Birthday and best wishes Peter. Great haul of booty as well.

    1. Thanks, Carlo. Tghere's a real lot ion the painting queue, that's for sure!

  4. Happy birthday, Peter, and wow, that's a HEAP of new metal to keep you busy!

    1. Thanks Keith, and indeed it is; I almost hope Lucas takes a while before his next KS!

  5. A nice assortment of gifts there Peter. Happy Birthday.