Saturday, July 12, 2014

Galactic Knights: The Four Fleets

As I head down to the wire for Historicon next week, I thought I'd take the opportunity to post "group shots" of the four fleets I have for Galactic Knights (ex-Starfleet Wars):  Entomalians, Terrans, Avarians, and Carnivorans.

First up is the fleet of the Entomalian Empire. This was the smallest of the set a few months ago, but is now the largest. I haven't mounted them on flight stands, and I am not sure that I will. The Entomalian ships have more critical hits, making them more durable in combat. 

Frontal shot of the Bug fleet - coming right at you! In Galactic Knights, the Entomalian ships have heavy armor, but no shields.They also have Grav guns, which ignore enemy shields although they have reduced range and limited field of fire. 

Head on shot of the Terran Solar Federation fleet... a long, long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away!

Also not mounted on flight stands. In Galactic Knights, the Terrans have sort of all around ships, without any striking strengths or weaknesses. 

Final, rear view of the Terran Fleet, as it jumps out of hyperspace!

The Star Fleet of the Avarian United Worlds.

In Galactic Knights, the Avarians have superior fighters and fighter launchers, and also feature the powerful Rail guns, whose effectiveness is tempered by being limited to firing only in the forward 60 degree arc. 

A final shot of the Avarian fleet; they are mounted on my home made flight stands, using heavy washers, nails, and epoxy for their construction. 

The Star Fleet of the Carnivoran Republic. 

In Galactic Knights, the Carnivoran ships also have heavy armor, and their fighters are played differently. All but their largest ships lack shields. 

Carnivoran missiles temporarily disable the shields of the target, rather than causing direct damage. The Carnivoran ships are also mounted on my old, home made flight stands. 

The Terran Fleet, all packed up and ready to go to Historicon. The lack of flight stands makes them easy to pack and store. 

Likewise the Entomalian Fleet. I bought these tackle boxes back when I was a Resident, over 30 years ago, specifically for these ships. 


  1. Thanks, Joe. I plan to! Enjoy the Caope yourself!

  2. Thanks for the pics. Looking forward to an AAR!

  3. It should be forthcomming in a week or two!. Barry and I did a play test today and decided that we definitely needed to keep it simple and run the missions as straightforward one off scenarios.