Ships and Vehicles

1:1200 Napoleonic Ships
Great Britain
16 gun Brig  Swift
20 gun Brig Champion
38 gun Frigate Undaunted
44 gun Frigate Gladiator
64 gun SOL Vigilant
74 gun SOL Defiance
74 gun SOL Terrible
74 gun SOL Zealous
74 gun SOL Audacious
74 gun SOL Invincible
74 gun SOL Conqueror
98 gun SOL Formidable

16 gun Brig Sabre
20 gun Brig Senarmont
32 gun Frigate Xanthus
38 gun Frigate Saphire
64 gun SOL Trident
74 gun SOL Imperial
74 gun SOL Aquilon
74 gun SOL Mercure
74 gun SOL Orion
80 gun SOL Couronne
112 gun SOL Pierre

20 gun Brig Belgica
36 gun Frigate Utrecht
74 gun SOL Dordrecht
74 gun SOL Alexander
74 gun SOL Washington

36 gun Frigate Santa Cecelia
64 gun SOL San Juan
74 gun SOL San Leandro
74 gun SOL San Antonio
80 gun SOL San Rafael
112 gun SOL Real Carlos

15mm Renaissance Galleys, Galleasses, etc

Laternas (Large Galleys)  - originally scratch built by Bill Abrams
Crescent (Royal Blue)
Saltire (Dark Red)

Galleysoriginally scratch built by Bill Abrams
Lion (Green)
Leopard (Yellow)
Wyvern (Purple)
Griffin (Light Blue)
Seahorse (Orange)
Galleys - by Old Glory/Merrimack Shipyard
Black Pearl (Black)
Lonesome Dove (Turquoise)
Minotauir (Red)
Blue Bulls (Blue)

Other Ships
- by Old Glory/Merrimack Shipyard

15mm crew and soldiers
The Ottomans/Turks:
8 stands of Jannisaries, 12 stands of Archers, 6 stands of Swordsmen, 2 stands of Spearmen, 2 more stands of archers with different style basing and painting - probably need to be redone, Admiral stand and slave girl (!), 8 "Captains", and 18 assorted "crew" figures: 94 figures in all. 
Christian forces:
8 stands of Crossbowmen, 13 stands of Arquebusiers, 5 stands of Swordsmen, 12 "captain" type figures. 16 "crew" figures,  Admiral stand and 6 Pike/Polearm stands:   99 figures in total. 

Ancient Galleys

Superior Starfleet Wars Spaceships (aka Galactic Knights)

    Terran Federation: Part 1 and Part 2
Swiftsure class Stellar Destroyers (SD)
Samurai class Stellar Destroyer Leaders (SDL)
Ranger class Stellar Cruisers (SC)
Formidable class Galactic Basttlecruisers (GB)
Invincible class Galactic Dreadnought (GD)
Valiant class 2-decker Galactic Dreadnought (2GD)
Constellation class Galactic Attack Carrier (GAC)
10 Meteor class Attack Craft (starfighters)
20 Comet class Attack Craft (starfighters)
Mars class Starbombers (SB)

    Avarian United Worlds: Part 1Part 2, and Part 3
Hawk class Stellar Destroyers (SD)
Screech Owl class Stellar Destroyer Leaders
Falcon class Stellar Cruisers (SC)
Eagle class Galactic Battlecruisers (GB)
Condor class Galactic Dreadnoughts (GD)
Gryphon class Super Galactic Dreadnought (SGD)
Nest class Galactic Attack Carrier (GAC)
Vulture class Galactic Attack Carrier (GAC)
Turkey class Galactic Transports (GTP)
10 Bluejay class Attack Craft (starfighters)
30 Raven class Attack Craft (starfighters)
Buzzard class Starbombers (SB)
Sparrow class Star Armored Pursuit Ships (SAPS)
10 Talon CAPTAC missiles
2 Space stations, one Mace, one old ST model (SS)

    Carnivoran Republic: Part 1Part 2, and Part 3

Cheetah class Stellar Destroyers (SD)
Puma class Stellar Destroyer Leaders
Panther class Stellar Cruisers (SC)
Lion class Galactic Battlecruisers (GB)
Tomcat class Galactic Battlecruisers (GB)
Tiger class Galactic Dreadnoughts (GD)
Hellcat class Galactic Dreadnoughts (GD)
Jaguar class 2 decker Galactic Dreadnoughts (2GD)
Den class Galactic Attack Carriers (GAC)
Cub class Galactic Transports (GTP)
10 Bobcat class Attack Craft (starfighters)
30 Leopard class Attack Craft (starfighters)
Snarl class Starbombers (SB)
Dauntless class Star Armored Pursuit Ships (SAPS)
10 Fang CAPTAC missiles
1 Space stations, an old ST model (SS)

    Entomalian Empire: Part 1Part 2
Wasp class SD
Mandible class SDL
Hornet class SC
Scorpion class GB
Roach clas GB
Hive class GAC
Mantis class GD
Locust class GTP
3 Sting class SB
Louse class SAPS
10 Mosquito SF
10 Gnat SF
 1 Web class SS

    Aquarian Alliance:


4 Blue Moon Wagons (2 supply, one grain, 1 water/wine/beer cart)  Link1
4 Minifigs Wagons ( 2 supply, 1 forage, 1 French Napoleonic Ambulance)  Link2

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