Saturday, December 13, 2014

Piquet/Field of Battle : New PDFs and Holiday Sale!

My freind, Brent Oman of Piquet, Inc has been busy adding new items to those available in pdf format, AND is having a big sale on PDF's for the next week. I'll let Brent do the rest of the talking:

To help make your holiday funds go a bit further, I'm having a sale on all of the rule sets in PDF form.  From now until the end of day next Friday (12/19), all sets previously $15 are $8, and sets previously $12 are $6.    I may, or may not, extend or change the sale date and our prices after the 19th.   So act now!

I'm also adding new sets for availability:

Band of Brothers, 2nd Edition
Peter Anderson & Ken Baggeley

Archon, 2nd Edition
Eric Burgess

Eric Burgess

Chef de PK
Jim Getz

Din of Battle, 2nd Edition
Eric Burgess

Field of Battle: World War II
Brent Oman

The half price sale prices for all items are:

Archon 2nd Edition:  $8
Band of Brothers 2nd Edition:  $8
Les Grognards 2nd Edition:  $8
Chef de PK:  $6
Grand Piquet: $6
Blunders on the Danube:  $8
Hallowed Ground 2nd Edition: $8
Din of Battle:  $8
Barrage with Point of Attack 20th Century:  $8
Field of Battle: World War 1  $8
Field of Battle:  World War 2  $8
PKowboys:  $6
Theatre of War:  $8

As always, please pay via PayPal to me at .


Such a deal!  And with pdf's, no worries about delivery before Christmas!



  1. Is he planning to make FoB ed 2 available as a pdf?


    1. Brent indicated that it was a definite "matybe".

  2. Does anyone know if the basic rule set is available as a PDF.

    I am interested in the Band of Brothers - but understand I need the rules as well.


    1. No, the Master rules are not available as a pdf, and Brent indicated there were some technical issues with converting them to a pdf. OTOH, there's a whopping $5 for the print version! :-)

  3. Wow, that's a great sale. I hope folks take advantage of it.

  4. It is a *very* good sale, I agree!