Saturday, October 1, 2016

LANNES Campaign game for tomorrow: 1805

After a nearly 6 month long hiatus, the LANNES campaign is due to get back on track with the 2nd game, this one set in 1805. I set up the table for the game, and laid out some troops for effect - the actual deployment won't take place until tomorrow, using the campaign rules based on the system included in Field of Battle, 2nd edition. Barry will presumably be bringing his own Russians along as well.

The Atlas for this square indicated the presence of fences and ditches, in addition to the terrain depicted on the card, so I added some fields enclosed by fences to the terrain.  

The Fences will count as Class 2 terrain for movement and melee only; no cover from fire. The fields themselves are purely decorative.

View from the French side. Actually, my fellows will be allowed to deploy up to half way onto the field in one of the 4 zones (left flank, left center, right center, right flank), as a result of the pre-game process

View from the Russian side. One of Barry's commands will be late to the party, once again a result of the pregame process. 

Part of the Warplan 5/5 map card the battlefield is based upon (in district 23)

French Forces
Unit #Unit NameDDCDRouts CausedFinal UI lossRouted, etc?End Game Result
1Vendémiaire LineD6D12
2Brumaire LineD4D8
3Angoulême ChasseurD6D12
4Ardennes LightD4D10
5Bordeaux ChasseurD6D10
6Chaumont ChasseurD6D10
7Vertu 6# Ft ArtilleryD4D8
8Génie 6# FAD6D12
9Bouches-du-Rhône LightD8D8
10Frimaire LineD4D8
11Nivôse LineD4D10
12Côte-d'Or LightD6D8
13Rhône LightD6D10
14Morvan DragoonD4D10

GeneralNameLDSpecialHit?OutcomeYearEnd Game Result
C-in-CFrancois FauconD10-1799Hawk
ASimeon SourisD12Poltroon1799Mouse
BFabien LaFermeD8Fabian1800The Farm
C Rene RenardD10Fabian1799Fox
DHenri HibouD12Fabian1805Owl

Russian Forces
Unit # Unit Name DD CD Routs Caused Final UI loss Routed, etc? End Game Result
1 1/Alexapol D4 D10

2 3/Alexapol D4 D10

3 1/Ingermannland D4 D10

4 3/Ingermannland D4 D10

5 6# Battery #1 D6 D12

6 1/Smolensk D6 D8

7 3/Somlensk D4 D10

8 1/Simbriski D4 D10

9 3/Simbriski D4 D8

10 6# Battery #2 D4 D12
11 1/20th Jager D6 D10

12 1/21st Jager D4 D10

13 Siberia Dragoons D6 D10

14 Cossacks D4 D8

General Name LD Special Hit? Outcome Year End Game Result
C-in-C Boris Badenov D10 N/A

A M. Smartov D12+1 N/A

B Trembalalotsky D10 Epileptic LD Roll of 2 = no move; re-roll officer survival

C Boramirov D12 N/A

D Scardikatzky D8 Poltroon Down 1 for Rally Rolls


  1. Nice!....I like, according to the photos, both sides flanks are exposed/ opened for attacks.... I'm sure Cavalry will gallop to the flanks? :o)


    1. Id you look at the adjacent squares, that's pretty much the way they are, so I included a foot or so of each to reduce "edge of the World" effects.

  2. Good to see the campaign season kicking off again. Must have been a very long winter. On your Warplan map, how are you selecting on which sector to deploy? Is it randomized or does one player have influence over where the battle will be fought?

    1. Well, we've actually moved from 1799 to 1805, so perhaps it wasn't so long after all! we randomly generate 3 to 4 districts in order. If the first one is unsuitable (say, all or mostly water!), then we move on to the second, and so on. Actually, considering that bI have fleets, it wouldn't be such a bad thing if a district that was more than 75% water triggered a Naval battle instead!

  3. Great news. The campaign is back. Looking forward to reading about the game.

    1. Thanks, David. We'll roll some dice for you!

  4. Looking forward to following this as it progresses Peter. Great looking mat by the way!

    1. Thank you, Carlo. Just felt with lots of layers of splotches of spray paints in about 8 different colors.

  5. Look forward to following the campaign!

  6. Replies
    1. Should have a report up by the end of the week!

    2. Should have a report up by the end of the week!

  7. Russians are my favourite Napoleonic army, so I'll be looking forward to this Peter.

    1. It was a humdinger of an action, Lawrence! Film at 11...

    2. It was a humdinger of an action, Lawrence! Film at 11...

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