Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hostile Realms - Fantasy Battle Rules

Well, I finally found some time to do a quite extensive write up about Hostile Realms (by yours truly), which was published in 2009 by Piquet, Inc.

Hostile Realms Fantasy Battle Rules - Click Image to Close

These rules use a hybrid of the impetus system from Brent Oman's Field of Battle, and the combat systems form my own Band of Brothers, 2 nd edition, with the addition of rules for Spells and Magic,  various mundane and fantastic Beasts, Characters (Heroes and Champions, who may also be Wizards) who both lead their armies and enhance their abilities, Relics (powerful magic items that enhance the abilities of the Charcter or unit that they are bestowed upon -assuming they don't turn out to be cursed!), Flying, Poison, Disease, Regeneration, and much more! There are 18 "Army lists covering the gamut of fantasy archetypes, but the rules are not tied to any particular mythos, yet can easily accommodate most existing backgrounds and fantasy settings. 

Read much more about the rules on the now activated "Hostile Realms" page tab above, or use this link.



  1. Should the troops be dressed in white? Without attached grenadiers? Or brown coats with blue trousers? :)

  2. Hey now, we have standards (and flags, too!). This ain't Slaughterloo; no Fantasy Napoleonics here, no siree. Besides, we have the Kingdom of Naples if we ever want fanatsy troops for that era! :-)

    1. Naples = fantasy Yes, Indeed! I've heard them called "Chocolate-Box soldiers."