Sunday, May 5, 2013

Parliamentary Dragoons and Leaders

A few more troops from my English Civil; War Parliamentarian army are up for review today:

A large unit of Parliamentary Dragoons, intended to be Sir John Okey's regiment. Note the bibles on the black guidon.

The relatively drab, brown uniforms are probably closer to the reality of every day clothing!

The orange hat bands are all that mark them as supporting Parliament.

This venerable Minifig commander is supposed to be Sir Thomas Fairfax. 

I have not really painted him as such however, as Fairfax was nicknamed "Black Tom" for his black hair and swarthy complexion!

Once again, the black lining technique is very suitable to these cleanly cast figures. 

His companion is none other than Oliver Cromwell, nicknamed "Old Ironsides" as a commander; he was eventually to become Lord Protector.

Cromwell is a highly controversial figure to this day, so I will make no attempt to address his politics, etc! The bridge he is crossing was scratch built out of artist's board and popsicle sticks.

This is a trio of Roundhead troopers given to me by Joe some years ago; I think they may be Dixon figures.

They function as sub-commanders for my Parliamentary army as needed.


  1. Replies
    1. Their ECW line has held up very well, I think.

  2. Nice post. I like the bridge, as well as the figs. I'm sure you're right about the brown clothing; probably a lot of brown, gray, and black used to paint ECW armies.

    1. I have the framework already done for another bridge of the same kind - one of these days I'll finish it in a similar style, but don't hold your breath as I think I've had it for over 10 years, LOL!

  3. It's a strange coincidence, I have just googled ECW Minifigs and landed on your site to see these recent postings, just as I plan to build a retro ECW army using Minifigs and Hinchcliffe. Picked up a copy of 'With Pike and Shot'yesterday which features the old ECW Minifigs range (see my blog Mercurius Atticus). I like the 'newer' ones better, and they still have that real 70's look with the Roundheads in Lobster pots and disaproving expressions, and the Cavaliers all lace and lovelocks.

    1. Welcome! If I don't have just about every figure from the "new" Minifigs range in my collection, I'd be surprised.

      They do have the stereotypes re: the age and combatants, probably not as accurate as the more modern, "grittier" figures, but there is a marvelous "toy soldier" type vibe to them.

      I am coming to the end of this series in the next few months - I think there are only 2 more posts to go... that is, unless I put them through their paces on the tabletop!

    2. You'll have to start collecting the 30 years war range then!