Saturday, August 9, 2014

Historicon Loot

I'll conclude my post Historicon series with a short "show and tell" of my purchases, which this year included no troops whatsoever! I started to sit down at the booth to order some Perry metals (Napoleonic) but was pressed for time and didn't have my list on me, so after a brief perusal of the catalog I gave up and decided to do it all mail order! Thus, no budget busting purchases this year. The Empress approved of that!  :-)

It rapidly became apparent that I needed a lot more D10's for my Galactic Knights games; Will of Monday Knight Productions ran out and got the first bag for me, which I later purchased from him, and then I went back and got some more dice (seen in the second bag) in the Dealer Hall before I headed out Sunday morning. By the way, MKP also just came out with some nice decals for use with the Galactic Knights ships, one set for each fleet, and available in white, black, blue, green, and red!

I only made it to two of the Flea Market sessions, but I found a number of  useful second hand Ospreys at good prices on Sunday AM. This one should be useful for some additional inspiration for an actual Egyptian vs. Canaanites game next year.

With Waterloo in the plans for next year, the utility of this volume is obvious!

While I have other Napoleonic flag references, the chance to pick up all three of these volumes at a very attractive price was not to be passed over!

I picked up these two volumes for "In Her Majesty's Name" from Lon at the Brigade Games booth, as several of the Hartford area guys are planning some action using these rules (see Joe's Landshark faction, for example). Just need some pulp inspiration to go with the everyday Portuguese Colonials that would form the backbone minions of the Company!

I picked up a few minor items at Sgt Major Miniatures; I pretty much ran out of Vallejo Bronze between the Egyptians and the Entomalian ships, and I want to try to Vallejo red and Yellow to see if they have better coverage  than my normal craft paints when applied over dark colors, especially dark blue. I've had a hard time getting decent red sable brushes lately, hence the above purchase of some Army Painter brushes (which can also be ordered from Sgt Major above).The brushes have "names" - the white brushes with triangular handles seen here are from their 'Wargamer' range and are called (from larger to smaller) Character, Detail, and Psycho, LOL, instead of using the normal brush sizes, which is mildly annoying. They will be put to the test soon!

I liked these many wagon variants so much that I bought 4 different ones!  Just what I need to run my Klagenfurt 1809 scenario in the future...

All of these are from the quite extensive 28mm "Wagons Ho!" range by Blue Moon/Old Glory. Check them out!  The OG Army card discount applies to these, too!

Another picture of me at Tim's Latema Nek WW1 game. I think I'm smiling because I haven't yet figured out that Tim will be drafting me to command those darned Khaki clad Rhodesians!  :-)   Now Jared's going to have me play in a Russian Civil War game (with FoB2), and in 15mm no less. You stretch the rules once, and before you know it , whoops, there goes the neighborhood, LOL!

The above picture came from Gabriel's Historicon 2014  blog post, which has many more excellent photos. He is a MUCH better photographer than I will ever be! 

See some of you next year at Historicon 2015!



  1. Finally! A photo of the Great One, himself! Excellent!

    You came away with a lot of cool loot from Historicon. You can never have too many D10s, can you? I keep trying to pick up Qadesh on the cheap off of eBay but no luck yet. I'll keep trying.

    1. "TGO"... hah! Gabe did take a pretty good photo of me, though.

      Qadesh was just a a lucky find. I think that on was from late in the Saturday Flea market session when the crowds had thinnd out enough to be able to flip through the titles to see what was in there.

      Mostly I have matched sets of polyhedral dice, because that's what Piquet/FoB uses. But D10's are handy. heck dice collecting is another secondary aspect of our hobby, isn't it? :-)

    2. You know, I just checked the bookshelf and guess what I find? Yep. Qadesh! I should remove that from my Wish List...

    3. Just like finding old lead you'd forgotten about. Speaking opf which,. I have some Italian Wars foot and Gendarmes that are still unpainted - they should become part of the Marginano project for next year!

  2. Nice haul especially the Ospreys

  3. More Perry mini's? Really? What French units do you not have? ;-)
    The Osprey book on the Belgians is excellent, as is the one on the Dutch units. I have Perponcher's division covered, but there is a brigade out of Chasse's Division I did not plan on painting. But that is really for late at Waterloo.

    Although since you're painting Khaki now ( you know you want to explore all fifty shades of beige!) you'll be hard pressed to worry about sword knot colors.


    1. I still lack the Eclaireurs and Marins of the Guard, of course!

      The Perrys are (will be) for 1-2 Highland units, quite a bit more British cavalry, probably a couple of units of Belgian infantry if you don't have any already, the Belgian Carabiniers (which will be painted as the Italian Honor guards), probably a Nassau infantry unit, maybe some British Footguards, probably a Wurzburg regiment. Are there any Dutch cavalry in youir collection, Joe?

    2. I did paint Merlen's Brigade, and Tripps (Heavy) Brigade is primed and in the Queue. Tripp's include all three of the Dutch-Belgian heavy units. I have the 2nd Nassau Infantry Regiment done, and the Orange Nassau Regiment, and also have Bylant's Brigade, consisting of a Belgian line, a Jager and three miiltia battalions.

      I don't have the Guards Brigade, do have the Union Brigade.

      Plenty of British light cavalry units to do!

    3. My goodness, you must have one of the most extensive Dutch-Belgian-Hanoverian-Nassauer collections trhere is!

      Looks like I don't really worry about them. I'll be doing a spreadsheet soon to just be sure what is needed, but looks like I mostly need to to British/KGL LC and infantry.

  4. I can't believe you managed to get all three volumes of the "Men-at-Arms" Napoleonic Flags in one fell swoop. I have been chasing these for years and haven't managed to find anything other than the second volume. Well done with the "Belgian Allies" book as well.

    You have a very keen eye, Peter.

    1. As you likely know, Napoleon would ask "Is he Lucky?" when evaluating generals. :-)

      I just got lucky. The Flea market vendor (who was also happily a past participant in several games of mine) was selling off their Napoleonic Osprey collection, so I was able to snap up some of the (few) titles I didn't already own. I've never seen all three volumes together before either!

  5. Nice loot, I must say that I favour the AP brushes myself.


    1. I'll get to try them out soon, so I am glad to know that you like them, John!