Thursday, June 16, 2022

Bill's Medieval Bills!

More troops from the collection of the late and certainly lamented  Bill McHugh.

These figures required rebasing and minor touch up and paint conversions.

Evidently the broad noses mark them as Essex Medievals; they are certainly not found on their Renaisance era figures. 

Their polearms are a bit thick, but they are sturdy, and for Wargames figures I think that's preferable. 

With their green and white theme, perhaps they are the Irish Brigade! 

Quite nice figures, really, and the bulk of the paint job is Bill's

Here's the second unit of Bill's Bills. 

Once again, rebasing, a little touch up, and some minor paint conversions were all that was needed,

The Yellow and Blur theme surely marks these fellows as the Ukranian Brigade!

Shield transfers!

We will likely press at least some of these chaps into service for the various Test of Resolve Wars of the Roses games Tim and David will be running at Historicon. 

I think this is my favorite unit of the three. 

The Third and final unit of Bills from Bill's collection.

These figures sport a dark red theme. 

Let us them term them the Burgundian Brigade. 

Once again, only rebasing and minor touch up and paint conversions were needed.

The two figures in the left r3ar were equipped with Polearms from the proverbial "Bits Box".

A little mood music - Song of the Vagabonds.


  1. “Bill’s bills” I like that. I am sure Bill would approve.

  2. These should again fit in nicely with the rest of the collection. The Ukrainian colours work particularly well.

  3. Very nice Peter....the touch and rebasing seems to have served them well.

    1. Thanks, Ross. Only minor changes were needed.

  4. Another really nice bunch of men in tights :-)

  5. Great looking bunch of billmen, even better that they needed minimal effort on your part!
    Best Iain

    1. Thank you, Iain, and timely for the WotR games planned for July!

  6. Flags of the Ukraine. Who knew?