Sunday, February 12, 2012

Starfleet Wars: Cost of ships then... and now!

Here is a brief comparison between the prices for the Superior Starfleet Wars ships in my old ALNAVCO catalog (dated August 1979), and the current prices (as Galactic Knights). I chose to make this analysis based on the Entomalian Starfleet, but it would be similar for any of the factions.

Model NameClass1979 pricing1979
unit price
20ll single price2011 bulk price2011 bulk
unit price

Using a web based inflation calculator based upon the Consumer Price Index (admittedly an index that tends to exaggerate inflation somewhat), $1 in 1979 is worth roughly $3.35 in 2011 dollars. Thus in absolute terms, the cost of these ships is pretty comparable to what they were back then... and these prices include bases as well. In real terms, these ships actually cost *far* less today than they did 22 years ago!

If one bought a bulk pack of each of the items above, save the SGD (which seriously imbalances the game if more than one at most is used), it would come to only $133. Admittedly, you'd probably want a few additional ships and a lot more fighters, but you'd still come in under #150 for 30+ ship with fighters. Pretty hard to beat that!

Once again I have no connection whatsoever with the company, and have yet to purchase anything form them, but after the above analysis I think that may change shortly!



  1. Yes, I worked out a small ship fleet OOB with fighters through Cruisers, just under $100 with two carriers, no battle cuisers or Dreadnaughts. The games I envision are more raid, attacks on convoys or stations. We've got to get the rules first.

  2. Check out the weight comparison chart I made for SFW and GK at: