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Starfleet Wars: Terran Ships Part 1

The second of the five factions covered by the Starfleet Wars  (now Galactic Knights) miniature space ships is the Terran Federation. The ships of these humanoids certainly rather strongly resemble those belonging to an Empire found in a Galaxy "long, long ago, and far, far away"! My friend Paul painted most of these ships, and obviously had that in mind by the color scheme he chose.

These are three Terran Swiftsure class Stellar Destroyers (SD);  painted in white with a grey/gunmetal/silver color scheme overall. 

Like my Avarian ships, each individual model within a class has a "facing color" which differentiates it from its fellows.

Here are the Starfleet Wars stats for these Swiftsure class Stellar Destroyers (SD):

Power    Max Beam    Max Shield   CIDS Factor    Attack Craft    PW Factor  PW reloads
    30             2                     2                24%               none                2                  8

By combat philosophy, these Terran ships have the vast majority or their armament facing forwards.

Next up is this quartet of Samurai class Stellar Destroyer Leaders (SDL).

These are mildly up-gunned from the base SD's, and were a later addition to the Starfleet Wars line.

Here are the stats for these Samurai class SDL's:
Power    Max Beam    Max Shield   CIDS Factor    Attack Craft    PW Factor  PW reloads
    38             3                     3                24%               none                3                  8

The squadron of Stellar Destroyer Leaders exiting for parts unknown at full thrust (max speed of "5").

Here is a pair of Ranger class Terran Stellar Cruisers (SC). Although maintaining a similar overall design, they are bigger and broader than the previous ships. 

The forward facing armament characteristic of Terran ships is prominent once again.

Here are the stats for these Ranger class Stellar Cruisers (SC):

Power    Max Beam    Max Shield   CIDS Factor    Attack Craft    PW Factor  PW reloads
    60             5                     7                32%               none                2                  8

The Terran Particle weapons are described as "Neutron Torpedoes"; as with the Avarians, this distinction has no effect upon the rules or the game.

Here is a flight of Terran Mars class Starbombers (SB); these combine light lasers for anti-fighter use and particle weapons for attacking Capital ships as explained in my post about their Avarian equivalents.

Here are the ratings for these Terran Starbombers: 

Light Laser Factors      PW Factor         PW reloads

                                                       6                           4                        8

Although Paul didn't purchase any and hence I have no pictures for you, but the Terran version of the Star Armored Pursuit Ship is the Dauntless class (SAPS):
Light Laser Factors      PW Factor         PW reloads

                                                       10                           0                        0

Also missing from Paul's collection is the Terran version of the Galactic Transport, the Havoc class GTP:

Power    Max Beam    Max Shield   CIDS Factor    Attack Craft    PW Factor  PW reloads
    21             1                     1                12%               none                1                  2

The second and final post on the ships of the Terran Starfleet will cover the bigger ships, as well as the Terran fighters, the main strength of their Battlefleet.


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