Monday, August 5, 2013

"Very smartly done, Mr. Christian!"; Pyrates take Historicon by storm!

    Beyond question the outstanding event of Historicon 2013, was the massive "Pirates in the Caribbean" games; this extravaganza alone probably took up about 10% of the entire floor space in the main gaming hall! It was deservedly awarded "Best of Show". Run by "Mr. Christian" and his scurvy band of (costumed) sea-dogs, I'll borrow the blurb they posted to TMP about the games:

"Our Crew is bringing the largest Pirate game in the New World to the Virginia Colonies to be run for two sessions on Saturday the 20th of July. 700 square ft of playable Terrain containing 14 separate island locations, 22 ships, 6 game masters, and all the elements of an epic Caribbean adventure. Using the "Fist Full of Seamen" rule set, this sandbox-style-game puts you at the helm of your captains destiny collecting gold and glory to become the most notorious scalawag on the high seas. The two sessions will be held at 11am with any experience gained to be used for the 5pm session later that evening.  Check out the blog for more pictures, list of ships, or the Pod Cast of the misadventures of the Muse on Mini's guys'."

There is a description of the events and a lot more pictures, background, etc on the "Fistfull of Seamen" blog"Fist full of Seamen", eh?  I'm not touching that with a ten foot.... hmm, maybe not best choice of words, LOL. Despite the title, evidently not designed for solo play. I'll simply link to one obligatory joke on the title and move on. Really!  :-)

Starting our tour at one end of the FOUR very long tables, we have this burgeoning Caribbean metropolis.

"The Ship's Bell", used to signal the start of a new turn. I was running  a game immediately adjacent to the Pyrates, and it was a pretty LOUD bell, LOL!

Long view to give you an idea how BIG these tables were (boxes in the background are for tansporting the huge model ships).  That's the same town off in the distance!

I believe this is the "French" Island...

Close up of the same island; note the attention to detail!

Close up of yet another island!

And even closer - still more detail becomes apparent!

Yet another amazing locale for adventure and avarice!

A settlement nestled among the cliffs. ...

Some of the great many large sailing ship models used in the game.

Uh-oh... it's the King of the Cannibal Islands!  "How may we serve you, Milord?"

And yet another gorgeous island settlement, this time the Dutch.

A Dutch ship under way.

The hidden temple, perched high upon a bluff, and accessible only by a [perilous path...

Rope bridge and waterfall; inspection of the rear of the set up disclosed an apparatus for generating mist during the game!

Landing party!

A pagan idol hidden in the jungle. Hmm, I wonder what happens if you take...

"X marks the spot?"

Chatting with the architect of this fabulously over the top set up between games, "Mr. Christian", he commented that it took him four years to assemble and create all of it. Not hard to believe at all. Yo-ho-ho, and quite a few bottles of Rum, I'd imagine!



  1. Impressive, thanks for the pictures.

  2. Thanks all, Impressive or awe-inspiring really is about all you can say about this setup, and the game looked like the players (and GM's)had plenty of fun time as well.

  3. It was pretty amazing to see the terrain in person. It was definitely the Best In Show.

    1. Agreed. I was glad that I was able to inspect it in detail, which might not have been possible in the midst of a game!

  4. That was a pretty amazing set up. Not just huge but high quality, too.

    1. Absolutely; at least as much the quality as the scope of the presentation!