Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Entomalian Fleet - Part 2

    With the Historicon rush over, and the blog posts completed, I can actually paint whatever I feel like for a while before starting to firm up my plans for next year! I have actually gotten everything packed away from Historicon already - a record for me! So... I painted a batch of Entomalian starships for Galactic Knights to go with the group I did last summer. I'd like to try some more GK, as well as Star Navy 5150, both of which I have. I am particularly interested in seeing how easy or difficult it would to be to use the scenario and campaign generation system in 5150 for Galactic Knights....

Anyway, here are some pictures of the new ships, with their stats from the original Starfleet Wars rules, set on my new 4 x 6 foot GK 2" starfield hex mat:

First up is this pair of Entomalian Galactic Transports (GTP).

If you think these models bear a certain resemblance to a well known smuggling freighter from a Galaxy long, long ago and far, far away.... you might just be right!

Transports are limited to a maximum speed of "4", unlike military ships which have a top speed of "5".

Here are the stats for the Entomalian Locust class GTP:
Power    Max Beam    Max Shield   CIDS Factor    Attack Craft    PW Factor  PW reloads
   20                    1                    1                10%                  0                     0                   0              

Somewhat blurry view of the underside of the Locust GTP's.

Next up is a trio of Entomalian Star Armored Pursuit Ships (SAPS)

SAPS are usually used as "Flak ships", protecting their own fighters and adding close in support against enemy fighters. They are quite fragile, however.

Any of these Star Armored Pursuit Ship is destroyed by a single hit by an offensive beam factor or particle weapon, or 4 hits by light lasers and/or CIDS factors. 

Here are the stats for the Entomalian Louse class SAPS:
Power           Light Laser Factors                    Particle Weapon  Factor           PW reloads
  N/A                                 10                                                      0                                   0                   

Like fighters, SAPS have superior speed and mobility to partially offset their vulnerability.

Last is this squadron of Entomalian Starbombers, coming soon to a Quadrant near you!

Starbombers are hit and destroyed in the same fashion as SAPS, so they too are rather fragile.

These SB's pose a major threat to larger ships, unlike the SAPS, because they carry a heavy load of Particle weapons - close range weapons that pack a punch and ignore enemy shields.

This threat generally tends to make them high priority targets!

Here are the stats for the Entomalian String class Starbombers:
Power           Light Laser Factors                    Particle Weapon  Factor           PW reloads
  N/A                           4                                                      4                                          10                   

View of the detailed undersides of the SB's - typical for the Superior Starfleet Wars/Galactic Knights ships.

More for my own reference than anything, here are the colors I used for painting these models:

Base Hull color - Delta Ceramcoat (CC) Brown Velvet

Superstructure:  CC Light Chocolate

Mandibles - Valejo Copper

Larger/Rounded gun turrets - Valejo Brass with silver barrels/highlights

CIDS turrets (small)Valejo Silver

Engines - Valejo Bronze with CC Bright red


CC Seminole Green

CC Straw Paille Yellow

CC Pumpkin Orange

Finally a few pictures form last weekends wedding:

Leaving dinner after the rehearsal on Friday evening - it poured rain much of the day - except it stopped whenever we were outside, including the rehearsal itself!

The Emperor and the (now ex-) Princess Imperial...

with her Prince!

Now THAT'S what I call "eye candy"!    :-)



  1. And that's what we call 'proud papa.' ;-)

  2. Lovely wedding pics, congrats to your daughter.

    The space ships Peter, are they for full thrust? my friend Jamie has a large collection of similar looking craft.

    1. Thanks, Paul.

      While the ships can be used for Full Thrust, they were designed (30+ years ago!) for the Superior Starfleet Wars rules (or vice versa), and now Galactic knights rules:

      There are FT stats for them here:

      with links to the other 4 Fleets.

  3. Congratulations to you and your daughter, Peter!! I wish her and her husband a long, prosperous and happy marriage!

  4. Nice looking Bug ships. And congrats on your daughter's wedding.

  5. Thanks on both counts! Oh, and BTW... she HATES bugs, LOL!